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    [–] Creating a continent Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in Worldpainter

    You could make a grayscale image in photoshop or a similar program, and import that as a heightmap. White is high, black is low.

    [–] 'Total Massacre' as U.S. Drone Strike Kills 30 Farmers in Afghanistan | Amnesty International said the bombing "suggests a shocking disregard for civilian life." Fantasy_masterMC -1 points ago in worldnews

    Hand up if you called this.....

    The very concept of remote-control killing machines dehumanizes the targets, which makes it much easier for both commanders and pilots to authorize attacks like this "on the off chance" they hit a target.

    [–] I didn't feel like doing the puzzle... Fantasy_masterMC 2 points ago in gaming

    Hey, if the game mechanics allow for it it's a genuine solution. Fuck puzzles.

    [–] When pets are old and sick, society expects us to put them to sleep to prevent suffering. When people are old and sick, society expects us to suffer through it until we die. Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Same here. I'd probably look around a bit to see if there's experimental treatments that stand a chance of curing it or severely slowing its effects, but otherwise I'm going to spend my retirement funds on a world tour not giving a shit about my safety, with cyanide pills or some other backup with me for when I start noticing that things don't add up anymore.

    Ofc I've still got about 40-odd years before I have a reasonable chance of that, so it may never be needed, but I'd still avoid it like the plague.

    [–] This guy with a pair of spoons and a series of tubes makes electronic music on the streets Fantasy_masterMC 5 points ago in videos

    I mean there's a slight element of truth to it, some people will have an easier time learning a certain skill, but almost everyone forgets that all you're born with is potential. It doesn't matter if you were born to be this generation's Mozart, if you spend a few hours messing with a piano you're not suddenly composing orchestral pieces of staggering complexity.
    It took me way too long to learn this.

    [–] Here is a Minecraft creation I finished a few weeks back. Fantasy_masterMC 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in Minecraft

    Damn that terrain is incredible... (Don't look at me my main specialty in minecraft is terrain, ofc I focus on that. The rest of this build is simply straihgt up beyond me.

    Then again, to some extent i've come to expect next-level terra from you by now...

    Still haven't gotten close to this level of terrain, but mostly because I still lack the patience. Nevermind the rest of this massive masterpiece.

    [–] Water found in a habitable super-Earth's atmosphere for the first time. Lead author: "This planet [is] the best candidate for habitability that we know right now." Fantasy_masterMC 3 points ago in space

    Im not concerned about the earth so much as I am about our own lives. And Corn wasnt the only thing alive on the planet, it was the only crop that could survive the dust storms. Dust storms that are very plausible in persistent drought situations. Ofc the movie exaggerated it by a lot. I'm just really not looking forward to more extreme weather that will force people to change their lives drastically. Anyone that lives in hurricane country can testify to how shitty your life can become because of drastic weather. Nor am I looking forward to a situation where drinking water will become scarce in western europe. The ground water levels have been falling steadily the past few years here, even in the Netherlands, which is as wet as it gets. Combine that with pollution of the surface water and some ground water sources, and water will soon become more expensive simply because it needs to be filtered more and more.

    [–] Water found in a habitable super-Earth's atmosphere for the first time. Lead author: "This planet [is] the best candidate for habitability that we know right now." Fantasy_masterMC -3 points ago in space

    It's already near impossible to turn back, but right now we're in the stage where damage control can still save civilization as we know it. 2050 is when we'll be spiraling towards an Interstellar-type earth scenario.

    [–] Pope Francis 'not afraid' of schism with US Catholics - The pope has responded to attacks from conservative Catholics who criticize his stance on social issues and climate change. Fantasy_masterMC 3 points ago in worldnews

    ofc there have. From my perspective a lot more bad ones than good ones. I'm just referring to how the system works. The Pope is the one that supposedly speaks for God. So anyone Catholic that spouts "God wants you to do this" or "God forbids that" but goes against the Pope's statements in doing so is a hypocrite of the highest order.

    [–] Which is better? Fantasy_masterMC 11 points ago in Minecraftbuilds

    different style builds, cant really compare.

    Also, may I recommend you try to vary the level of detail in your builds? Have areas with low detail (maybe just a flat color, color gradient or noise of colors) and areas of higher detail? Because builds as detailed as this tend to hurt the eyes if you look at them for too long, and take gargantuan amounts of time compared to simpler builds that look justr as good if not better.

    [–] Nederlandse journalist heeft straks toestemming nodig om te werken in terreurgebied Fantasy_masterMC 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in thenetherlands

    Het probleem is dat de definitie van een gebied onder controle van een terroristische organisatie besloten wordt een "algemene maatregel van het bestuur". Volgens een andere comment (van /u/visvis) is dat de regering zelf. Het parlement heeft er geen zeggenschap over.

    Dat betekent dat de regering kan besluiten dat een gebied onder controle is van een terroristische organisatie en dan alle nederlanders kan verbieden hierheen te gaan.

    Nou denk ik niet dat ze dom genoeg zijn om daar drastisch misbruik van te maken, maar het geeft ze opeens veel meer invloed over waar nederlanders heen mogen gaan. Om nog maar niet te beginnen over wat voor schade dit de persvrijheid toebrengt.

    Het is bijvoorbeeld theoretisch gezien mogelijk dat de Nederlandse regering, onder invloed van China, besluit om de georganiseerde protesten van HongKong een 'terroristische organisatie' te noemen en dus alle nederlandse toeristen, deelnemers en journalisten uit HongKong verbieden kan.Dit is een extreem voorbeeld dat de politieke consequenties van zo'n beslissing negeert, maar het is een voorbeeld wat zo'n slecht verwoorde wet kan toestaan.

    In mijn mening zou het beter zijn geweest om een wet te maken die nederlanders die een waarschuwing over terroristisch gebied negeren geen steun van de regering kunnen verwachten. Ik denk dat deze wet ontworpen is voor 2 redenen.

    1. om mensen die mee willen doen met terroristen te kunnen bestraffen zelfs als ze er niet in slagen om bij de organisatie te komen, zolang ze het grondgebied in gaan.
    2. Om de politieke consequenties van Nederlandse staatsburgers in zo'n conflictgebied te verminderen. Als blijkt dat er Nederlanders betrokken zijn bij zo'n conflict, ongeacht de 'kant' die ze kiezen, heeft dat gevolgen voor de hele staat.

    Mijn suggestie om regerings-steun te ontzeggen aan mensen die dat gebied in gaan zou betekenen dat als een journalist gegijzeld wordt, de regering er niets aan zou doen. Maar het zou in elk geval niet illegaal zijn om uberhaupt voet te zetten in het grondgebied.

    [–] Extremely satisfying stripping all those logs. Creating a floor for my massive sorting system. Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in Minecraft

    Interesting how it's staggered. I personally would have had it going 'over' and 'under' alternatingly, but you seem to have gone for 1x 'over' 2x 'under' for one, and 2x 'over' 1x 'under' for the other color.

    [–] A website that lets you explore levels from different games! Fantasy_masterMC 39 points ago in InternetIsBeautiful

    Yeah it's really interesting for me (as someone who has an interest in games from both player and designer perspective) to see how DS levels are actually built up. Firelink shrine is such a huge area overall with such a tiny area where the player actually spends time, the rest is environment only.

    [–] A glitch happened in Gears 5 and it put me in 1st person Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in gaming

    I wish I could report comments to get them cleared of unearned downvotes....

    [–] A small world in a huge world Fantasy_masterMC 3 points ago in Minecraft

    I think the dizzy comes because the player has their FOV set to "quake pro". which does weird stuff to rendering maps

    [–] The map shop. What do you think? Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in Minecraft

    Wait there's concrete powder stairs now? Or is this modded?

    [–] A Mediterranean-themed town I am building, feedback? Fantasy_masterMC 2 points ago in Minecraft

    It's always nice to see my work used as part of a quality project like this.
    (for those wondering, I created the base terrain this user is building their town on. I've seen the pics and it looks quite fitting.

    The base map in question, for those that want to give this a try themselves.

    [–] Minecraft needs to decrease the spawn rate on drowned. I can’t go into a single body of water without finding them. Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in Minecraft

    What I think the main problem might be is that Zombies are programmed to turn INTO drowners when in water for a certain amount of time. Since drowners don't burn during the day, they slowly build up their numbers. It's like if every zombie wore a helmet.

    [–] Bij controle in West-Brabant: bijna 400 boetes voor mobieltje achter het stuur Fantasy_masterMC 7 points ago in thenetherlands

    Ik durf niet eens 5 seconden op mn mobieltje te kijken als ik in onbekend gebied te voet aan het lopen ben (tenzij ik stil sta uiteraard). Laat staan op de fiets, laat zeker staan in een motorvoertuig. In die 5 seconden kan ik makkelijk een drukke weg op lopen zonder het door te hebben.