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    [–] TIL that Bedrock was just stone, but with the contrast increased Fantasy_masterMC 5 points ago in Minecraft

    a LOT of the old textures were re-used. I still remember discovering cobble, glowstone and endstone were recolored versions of the same thing. Hell, even sandstone was similar.

    [–] Almighty High Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in funny

    Hardly, but that's basically why we're only 'borderline' idiotic instead of full-on idiots as a collective.

    [–] Almighty High Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in funny

    Well, we haven't actually blown ourselves up yet despite having had access to the technology to do just that for 3/4 of a century.

    [–] You can transmit signal downwards with walls without using pistons Fantasy_masterMC 14 points ago in Minecraft

    so ehm, Im not exactly seeing the difference in the lamps, but I assume the observer has something to do with it?

    [–] Any one ever have a great idea for a game, but sat on it too long? Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in gamedesign

    I've had so many 'great ideas' that ended up being used in successful indie games of 0 relation with me, but since I never even STARTED on them I really can't complain.

    Right now I'm just trying to gain enough skill and discipline to be able to actually make just a basic cliched game work smoothly. I can work on unique concepts after that.

    [–] TIL that in the 1920s, a man convinced his wife to pull out all her teeth and then refused to buy her dentures because it was ‘cheaper to feed her soup than solid food’. The wife took him to court and the man was told to get her two new sets of teeth and at least a beef steak a week. Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in todayilearned

    What I would recommend is to look into 1. expanding your diet to stuff that has tons of different nutrients in it or 2. getting a lot of food supplements.
    It might be best to consult with someone specialized in nutrition science (I know people like this exist but idk where to find them, used to be medical professionals but those aren't around in my country much anymore) as to what you'll actually need, but I'd expect about half again as much of most vitamins and minerals. After all, the child's body has to come from SOMEWHERE.

    [–] Musical Trees Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in worldbuilding

    I love how this is actually a plausible design. Considering the sort of weird shit we have in the physical world, I can actually see this being a thing. Amazing job on that.

    [–] Tried making new armor. What do u guys think? Fantasy_masterMC 2 points ago in Minecraft

    It's slow going though, I have little experience with Blockbench so far. Only my overall 3D modeling experience is helping me out (and its kinda basic).

    [–] Tried making new armor. What do u guys think? Fantasy_masterMC 80 points ago in Minecraft

    Sounds like a challenge to make 3D models out of these... I've been looking for something to practice that on, this seems like a cool idea.
    Gonna bookmark this thread so I can refer to it if I actually complete them.

    [–] LPT: A job is just a job. It only becomes part of who you are if you let it. If you are unhappy at a job and can not see it getting any better - quit. It is not worth your sanity or mental health to stay in a job you hate. Fantasy_masterMC 2 points ago in LifeProTips

    Quit or work towards quitting. If you're tied down to it for financial reasons or something similar, start looking for ways to move on to another job without significant impact on this issues.

    As soon as you've set yourself the goal of leaving that job you'll find that at least part of the stress will lift. It's seeing endlessly more of the same stressful shit in your future that really tends to burn someone out.

    [–] I missed 10 days of work due to our whole city being in a state of emergency. (Newfoundland, Canada). Where do I go from here? Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in personalfinance

    I left a while back. There was no written agreement (I was a complete noob desperately looking for a place to live, I know now how idiotic that was), I joined what was effectively a student house. The rent wasn't particularly a problem, it was the way he was constantly harassing us and demanding to enter our respective rooms on a whim without having the decency to make an appointment ahead of time. The only reason he got away with it is because of the stupid lack of written agreement. I eventually left because the 3 months of welfare I applied for when I burned out from freelancing, attempting to have it tide me over to getting a wage-paid job, was first delayed and then denied on a technicality. 3 months of no rent was a bit much for him, and I wasn't going to get kicked out so I moved before it came to that.

    [–] I missed 10 days of work due to our whole city being in a state of emergency. (Newfoundland, Canada). Where do I go from here? Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Im sorry but im not paying market price for a place that has electric wires hanging from the walls and ceiling as well as a leaky roof and a fuckton of other neglected maintenance things. He wanted us to start paying like we lived in a high-end apartment BEFORE starting to fix that. Fuck that.

    Oh and let's not forget to mention it was halfway habitable because the people that lived there before I joined had spent the last decade or so performing minor fixes as part of paying lowered rent (repairing walls and windows and door frames and repainting them).

    [–] I missed 10 days of work due to our whole city being in a state of emergency. (Newfoundland, Canada). Where do I go from here? Fantasy_masterMC 47 points ago in personalfinance

    Exactly. Even my asshole of a new landlord that wanted nothing more than to find an excuse to kick us out, revamp the whole place and charge 3x more rent didn't more than verbally complain if I was late for rent once.

    [–] TIL that Chiune Sugihara, often referred to as "Japanese Schindler", was a Japanese diplomat who helped 6000 Jews flee Europe by issuing them transit visas through Japan to escape the Holocaust. Fantasy_masterMC 1 points ago in todayilearned

    The question is, was the guy an actual Nazi or was he simply a German official under the reign of the Nazis?While I'm sure the Nazis had a significant core of support among the Germans, at least before the Holocaust took off (and probably during it due to ignorance), as well as a large portion being too afraid to not support them, I highly doubt every German in any position of power was completely sympathetic.

    If he was sympathetic to the "Nazi Cause" it was probably about casting the Jews out of the nation and/or curbing their economical power.

    It's how the entire thing started, after all. The Jews held significant economic power for a small minority, and this was used to encourage fear and hate, and blame them for the nation's poor economy as opposed to the reparations Germany had to pay from WWI, thus getting the support of a lot of the nation's poorer people that suffered from the economic depression.

    I'm not sure what caused that to develop into full-on genocide, but the same tactics as I just described are still used plenty today, we're just more aware of them because of the near-instant global communication.

    [–] ELI5: How is that sometimes you feel tired after sleeping many hours but well enough after sleeping just a few hours? Fantasy_masterMC 11 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    That said, if you sleep less than 6 hours, your fatigue will generally catch up to you later in the day. Trust me, I've had moments where I naturally woke up after 4.5 hours, felt better than I ever did with 8 or 10 hours, then crashed less than 6 hours later.

    [–] The western United States has experienced such intense droughts over the past decade that technical descriptions are becoming inadequate. In many places, conditions are rocketing past “severe,” through “extreme,” all the way to “exceptional drought.” Fantasy_masterMC 11 points ago in science

    Better yet, combine the two.
    Instead of random adjectives, use comparisons to previous time periods and necessities.
    Such as "There has only been half as much rain as last year" and "The groundwater reserves are only X years of drought like this away from completely drying up".

    Gives sufficient emotional impact while still quantifying to something people can comprehend.

    [–] [image] everyone has value Fantasy_masterMC 2 points ago in GetMotivated

    The trick is to make the grinding down to nothing bit last beyond retirement or preferably beyond death.