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    [–] “Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.” FaustVictorious 1 points ago in atheism

    Science leads to the atomic bomb, a bottle of liquor fights off existential dread and gives purpose to some people's lives. Come on now liquor is an easy target but let's not start bashing it meaninglessly, have a point in mind.

    [–] “Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.” FaustVictorious 1 points ago in atheism

    If a non-student adult is the one randomly shooting up the school, I guess that'll help. Otherwise any actual school shooter is going to just walk right in... As a student. There is no way to stop killings except to address the mental health of the students more effectively.

    [–] I do feel empathy for the Christians that come in here FaustVictorious 5 points ago in TrueAtheism

    Definitely something that makes it tougher for non-believers. Many communities are still set up around religions and there are not many good community options that are secular or non-spiritual. Especially widespread ones. Not saying that they don't exist, but you really have to look. In some localities, there just isn't anything local. I think some day this problem will be solved as more people realize it's ok to be unconvinced by religious claims, but right now there is still a lot of stigma around atheism, coming primarily from the the religious, but even from apatheistic types that think questioning superstitions is militant and don't want to be associated with the term 'atheist.' As "no religion" subgroups start to admit their atheism and merge, I think the larger group of non-believers will grow quickly and more options for community will become available. At least there is still the internet.

    [–] Religion is just taking misinformation people had 2000 years ago and treating it like it's some kind of wisdom. FaustVictorious 6 points ago in atheism

    I must disagree entirely. Differing mythologies and superstitions are one of the key dividers of people. Having nebulous old myths that are interpreted many different ways by countless sects is what keeps people from ever reaching common ground, especially when every sect believes they have the "truth" and also happens to believe everyone else can be looked down upon for not having "faith" in the same interpretations of the same obsolete stories. If every human could finally accept that those stories are not true, that the barbaric commands of the Abrahamic God were never actually given, the same way that people now accept that fairies aren't real and maintain their skepticism on the existence of dragons, there would be far less reason for groups of people to be violent and willfully ignorant toward each other. Even racism is made dramatically easier by the schisms created by religion. As long as faith, or suspending the standards by which we determine reality in order to preserve unsubstantiated beliefs, is protected from criticism, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists will never co-exist peacefully with each other, let alone people who don't believe.

    [–] Religion is just taking misinformation people had 2000 years ago and treating it like it's some kind of wisdom. FaustVictorious 23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in atheism

    "For me the Jewish religion like all others is an incarnation of the most childish superstitions. And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong and with whose mentality I have a deep affinity have no different quality for me than all other people"

    "I believe in Spinoza's God, who reveals himself in the harmony of all that exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind"

    -Albert Einstein (Actually)

    [–] Mormon missionaries now permitted to phone home once a week. Missionaries have previously been permitted to phone home only twice a year, on Christmas and Mother's Day. Loud and clear: if your church dictates when you can contact your family, you are in a fucking cult. FaustVictorious 246 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in atheism

    Religions are brand-name cults. Sectarian churches are like cult franchises. They've only been watered down by time and war and by being so heinous, contradictory and implausible as to easily fragment into warring sects and lose true believers, even considering abusive practice of indoctrinating children. It took hundreds of years of torture and death and forcible conquest along with many, many, many religious wars for mainstream society to abandon enough barbaric Abrahamic practices to have 'moderates' in the last couple centuries.

    That said, moderate followers are not harmless. They carry the label but don't practice most of the religion, so their misrepresentation of the religion as moderates amounts to a form of marketing for the cult. "See, these people are believers and they don't want to subjugate women, stone gays to death and kill all the unbelievers like God says to. We're the good guys, see! No True Christian/Muslim/Jew! " Meanwhile, any true believer in an Abrahamic religion would find themselves quite justified murdering an atheist or stoning a child to death for disrespect, or trying to infiltrate the government to pass laws that favor their religious beliefs while curtailing the rights of others (women's health/abortion, gay marriage). Moderates and their obfuscations, interpretations, and apologetics legitimize the true believers who still practice the religion to the letter.

    Abrahamic religions are a violent death cult, made-up over centuries by fearful, ignorant desert despots, which got way way out of hand and infected the entire world, splintering into three Super Cults that all hate each other based on relatively minor semantic differences in superstition. They are the ultimate collective manifestation of human mental illness. Also worth mentioning that the definition of "cult" is carefully contrived to exclude religions by including the arbitrary modifier that their beliefs are not in the "mainstream:" The mainstream which is 80% full of people born into Abrahamic cults.

    If you don't think religions are cults, you haven't been reading about all of the families throwing out their children for not believing, cutting them off for being born gay, or actually killing them in the case of "moderate" Islam. What group that isn't a cult kills cartoonists for drawing their 'prophet'? A non-trivial proportion of Christians believe so strongly that abortion is "murder" that they will aggressively resist a 10-minute Google search to learn about basic stages of fetal development, then go angrily vote for an anti-abortion fanatic running on a platform of oppressing the rights of others. Based on nothing other than superstition and willful ignorance. Seems pretty culty to me.

    [–] Stop forcing your pets to smoke weed FaustVictorious 10 points ago in Drugs

    Some big cat species have been known to eat psychedelic plants intentionally.

    [–] Test your drugs FaustVictorious 13 points ago in Drugs

    Physical dependence happens with almost every drug. Try stopping anti-depressants cold turkey sometime!

    [–] Google joins Apple in probing Saudi app that lets men control where women travel, as pressure piles on the tech giants to kill the service FaustVictorious 3 points ago in technology

    It depends what those laws are based on. Are they based on some alternate interpretation of data and ethics? An attempt to solve a problem and contribute to the greater good? Fine, maybe this is a gentlemen's disagreement and my opinion should be labeled as such.

    Are those "laws" just imported wholesale from a book of obsolete superstitions like the Quran? Are there clear winners and losers? Say, straight Muslim men VS women, homosexuals, Jews, cartoonists and non-believers? Then you are still sitting at the kid's table intellectually and I stand by my condemnation of your "laws." They are invalid - May as well base them on The Lord of the Rings. Society transcended that type of nonsense during the Enlightenment, It took hundreds of years to purge those despotic dynasties from Western governments. You think that's just my personal opinion? No, it's a fact.

    Theocratic shitholes run by despots who gain their legitimacy from fairytales are an unfortunate holdover from the past. Religions do not provide an equally valid system of laws to a secular society based on Enlightenment ethics and science. Nor do they provide a mandate to govern in comparison to a democratically elected government, as they are, in fact, made up. Is there a good reason to oppress women like this that some ignorant desert raider didn't pull out of his ass in the 7th century? Probably not.

    [–] Google joins Apple in probing Saudi app that lets men control where women travel, as pressure piles on the tech giants to kill the service FaustVictorious 2 points ago in technology

    Yeah, you are not the only one deeply disturbed by this behavior. Cultural diversity is great until it becomes moral relativism. When a culture comes with some great art or food ways, all the better, right? Everybody wins. What about when it comes with slavery, racism, sexism, the murder of cartoonists and authors and an undeserved ancient superiority complex from a time when it violently raped its way across most of the desert? What if it spawned multiple terror organizations, has 1.3 billion members and pretends to be an "oppressed" minority whenever someone raises concerns? People are generally condemned for practicing strict forms of Christianity that result in violence and oppression based on an outdated understanding of ethics. Why not Islam, then?

    Why should any person who believes in freedom or equality support a belief system that hates women, hates homosexuals, hates non-believers... hates dogs!? Because they are a minority in the US? Good! People who believe such backward savage nonsense and walk around with such a stunted worldview should be a minority. And such cultures should be condemned by everyone.

    Islam was born of violence, and shares many beliefs with other groups that are rightfully condemned, like the Nazis. The Islamic final solution is the Caliphate, which is a holy Islamic empire where all non-Muslims are exterminated and even other Abrahamic religions are subjugated and taxed. That is what "peace" means in Islam. At least the Nazis treated women better than cattle.

    [–] Google joins Apple in probing Saudi app that lets men control where women travel, as pressure piles on the tech giants to kill the service FaustVictorious 2 points ago in technology

    So a bunch of cultists who believe in harmful superstitions from the 7th century must not be wrong because they also conquered a piece of land and forced those superstitions on everyone else?

    No. A court of savages doesn't somehow legitimize their backward savagery by making it "official". It's embarrassingly easy to see that a law based on a fantasy book is illegitimate, especially when it oppresses large segments of the population.

    [–] Mark My Words: The 2020's will see the revival of psychedlic drugs in modern society FaustVictorious 18 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in Drugs

    Also Mindfulness in Plain English, which makes a great practical introduction that omits the magic stuff. The Mind Illuminated is good too, but if you're a pragmatic sort, you may just want to learn the mechanics of it and practice. That's the best way to learn, in my opinion. The spiritual language used by Eastern meditation gurus can get in the way of understanding the mechanics and execution. I wasn't sure if I was "doing it right" till I read MIPE.

    Meditation skills are indispensable for advanced tripping at stronger doses. Having even a basic practice of meditation will shield you from many otherwise difficult situations.

    [–] Netflix Has Saved Every Choice You’ve Ever Made in ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch' - A tech policy researcher used GDPR to request information about all of his choices from Netflix FaustVictorious 2 points ago in technology

    You can accomplish a lot by researching privacy extensions for your browser of choice (Firefox.)

    If, however, you happen to be reading James Joyce to confuse the people watching you, be sure to check out his love letters to his wife Nora. They are the absolute fartiest!

    [–] Porch pirate steals boy's rare cancer medication FaustVictorious 3 points ago in news

    Stalin was way way way worse. Stalin is responsible for something like 15 million deaths once you figure in gulags, starvation, etc. Wounded Knee and Jonestown combined would be a drop in the bucket for Stalin. There aren't too many people in history with a personal body count that high.

    [–] Atheists and Non-Believers Could Soon Receive Civil Rights Protections Under Portland Law FaustVictorious 1 points ago in atheism

    If that's true, your country doesn't understand the term. That's not surprising, considering the breadth of people who are eager to use the term agnostic because they think it means they aren't an atheist. This is common everywhere. Regardless of knowledge, if you believe in a God at all, you're some kind of theist. By definition. If you don't know whether or not a God exists, it's arguably impossible to believe in it, making you an atheist. Almost all agnostics are atheists.

    [–] Atheists and Non-Believers Could Soon Receive Civil Rights Protections Under Portland Law FaustVictorious 1 points ago in atheism

    My friend, there are no gods anywhere in your description. Natural laws don't require or imply any gods, making you an atheist unless you believe in a God independently.

    [–] Atheists and Non-Believers Could Soon Receive Civil Rights Protections Under Portland Law FaustVictorious 2 points ago in atheism

    No it doesn't. Agnostic means "no knowledge." It would be applied to Bigfoot except we don't have people claiming that not being convinced of Bigfoot is the same as making a positive claim that Bigfoot couldn't possibly exist. Whether you "know" or not, atheism still applies to anyone who doesn't believe in a God. Don't have a God but still want to sit on the fence? You're an agnostic ATHEIST.

    [–] What's going on with Ellen Page and Chris Pratt being anti-LGBTQ? FaustVictorious 29 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    A religion is a giant gathering of people around a system of beliefs. Isn't that the whole point? When they import those beliefs from 3,000 year-old stories written by bigoted, ignorant, superstitious ancient men, what do you expect to happen?

    You are insinuating that bigotry is being added to the religion. It's exactly the opposite. Religion is allowing people to preserve the superstitious bigotry of the past far past its expiration. There is no reason to hate gay people or atheists in 2019 except superstitious reasons drawn from myths. No reason to subjugate women.

    Religion is cloaking otherwise empathetic people in bigotry. It takes place entirely in the imagination with no touchstone in reality. Basic questions and standards for truth are waved away with tautologies. Therefore two people scarcely agree on any one interpretation. It would be great if people kept their spiritual beliefs to themselves, but that is incredibly unrealistic because beliefs inform actions. Do you expect someone to be quiet when they are taught by their uneducated pastor that abortion is murder or that God sends hurricanes to punish people for being gay? Or that we don't have to take care of the environment because Jesus will sort it out?

    The only thing all religions agree upon is that faith (or believing something someone tells you without evidence), is a virtue. Nobody wants to admit that this obviously isn't true anywhere else in life. That's probably because they were all indoctrinated into some religion or another from birth. The truth couldn't be more obvious, really.

    Religion will never unite people and bring peace because that is not what religion does. Religion divides. It divides, and divides and divides until everyone belongs to a hundred different sects with a thousand superstitious reasons to hate each other masquerading as "morals" and "values", which of course can't be questioned because of "faith."

    Nothing is going to get better until the entire planet makes an effort to condemn the concept of credulously believing in extraordinary claims without any evidence. Not just the obviously bad ones, but all of them. Because the innocuous superstitions appear alongside the bad ones and legitimize them. Religion is harmful. It is addictive like a drug and spreads like a virus. It is at the root of almost every war. Giving up curiosity and empathy to achieve personal comfort leads to stagnation, bigotry and division. It should not be considered virtuous.