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    [–] Alt text: “Your faith in mother aya is weak/Thank god it wasn’t me” FaustVictorious 1 points ago in RationalPsychonaut

    MDMA is seretonergic, so toxicity is a concern. Avoiding cocaine, regular amp sulphate or adderall in reasonable doses may not be as dangerous combined with psychedelics: Especially tryptamines, which produce less monoaminergic variables than LSD does. LSD has pretty broad-spectrum effects. Not that I'm recommending it or anything.

    [–] Surveys of religious and non-religious people show that a sense of "oneness" with the world is a better predictor for life satisfaction than being religious. FaustVictorious 1 points ago in science

    I wouldn't push a button and send Indian kids to hell for being Hindu. Their language, their customs, their writing is so different from mine. But who is to say they know God any less?

    How loving of you to resist the temptation... I know you are trying to signal inclusiveness, but your post is dripping with typical Christian arrogance. Yes, even an atheist feels something, but he or she probably also realizes that it is a biological process they are experiencing and not Jesus tickling their prostate or some concept of god "as the universe" which they always assume is the same god explicitly described as "not the universe" in their literature. They might even wonder why they feel that way, instead of assuming that it's a deity consistent with whatever religion they were indoctrinated into. I understand the need to move god far enough away that he can still plausibly exist, as long as he's now invisible, divorced from time and space and essentially a non-interventionist Deist god. I don't see the point in working so hard to connect that concept with the Abrahamic god, though. I see this from Christians a lot.

    The thing is, your religion does actually hate other religions. As a Christian, do you just not believe in the very first of the first set of commandments attributed to your god? That's the one about having no other gods before Yahweh. Because that would definitely put Hindus in breach of your god's laws and therefore fair game for another holy genocide, just as your religion has historically done when encountering any competing set of superstitions held by another group, from Constantine to crusades and inquisitions and right up to the trail of tears and subsequent "re-education" efforts of Native Americans less than 150 years ago.

    How can you ignore major underpinnings of your religion and still pretend the rest is true? Furthermore how can anyone with even a sterilized version of history think Christians peaceful? The behavior of Christians has never been peaceful unless you're already living in conquered territory. And in that case, you simply have to live in fear of your own nature to avoid breaking your god's arbitrary rules and being punished for eternity in a lake of imaginary fire. No problem. And if that isn't enough to make you a "good" person, there has historically been brutal earthly torture and execution provided by your god's holiest followers awaiting anyone suspected of being un-Christian. Even now, complete social isolation is the price for being born gay in certain heavily Christian places or for simply letting anyone find out that these myths haven't convinced them and that they remain atheist.

    That's because religion divides people. It doesn't unite them. Almost every religion looks down upon the others while trying to spread as far as possible through loving means such as violent conquest and indoctrination of children. Every religious sect is literally a line of division between groups of people, based on differing equally unsupported beliefs which can never be reconciled because they occur in the imagination. In other words, every religion is a scar through the "oneness" of humanity that is inoculated against reason and nearly impossible to heal.

    Actions speak louder than words, and it's awfully clear that Christians don't respect other religions or cultures at all, or even (especially) people with no superstitious beliefs at all. Moderate believers supporting these double-standards and wielding No True Christian fallacies legitimize the "fundamentalists." Not to pick exclusively on Christianity. It's just a peculiar case with its contradictoy rules and forgiveness loopholes.

    [–] Illinois House Passes Bill to Limit Warrantless Location Tracking, Hinder Federal Surveillance State FaustVictorious 4 points ago in restorethefourth

    The NSA needs to have their extra-constitutional authority removed with sturdy legal precedent. There are other credible threats out there and they do still serve a national security purpose. The US still needs sigint. The problem is that the Constitution should be stopping them from violating the rights of the citizens they are supposed to be protecting. The Patriot Act and similar unconstitutional legislation has allowed the surveillance apparatus to become truly dysropian. Muzzle the NSA. If you want to abolish an agency, abolishing the DEA or ICE would accomplish more good for Americans than dissolving the NSA.

    [–] Important information: The combination of psychedelics and MDMA increases neurotoxicity. FaustVictorious 1 points ago in RationalPsychonaut

    Curious if you employ harm reduction supplementation with the MDMA (ala,alcar,mag,green tea catachins, vitamin c)? Maybe evidence such regimens are mitigating neurotoxic effects?

    [–] Legit MURDER on the floor of the US Congress during the net neutrality debate FaustVictorious 1 points ago in MurderedByWords

    No human has ever died from eating psilocybe mushrooms. They are not a poison in any realistic circumstance.

    By realistic, I mean: In rats, the ld50 (point at which half of subjects died) was estimated to be 280mg/kg for psilocybin (IV). Given the median amount contained in the mushroom fruit bodies is roughly 1%, it would require more than 1.7kg of dried mushroom material (17kg fresh) consumed within a period of 4 hours or so to risk killing an average (relatively small) 60kg person. If you imagine the volume of mushroom material that weight would represent, it's easy to see why this has never happened.

    It's borderline physically impossible to achieve. A person could basically stuff their face with as much mushroom as they could possibly fit in their stomach at once and never get close to that. They would then vomit themselves inside out and become one with the universe for several hours, probably mostly immobile and unable to continue eating more. A person that could eat that much would probably weigh enough to push the killing dose even higher, unless that person is a Kobayashi-like hyperspecialized competetive eater or something.

    That said, physical safety is one thing, mental safety is another. Higher than an eighth of an ounce or 3.75g dry would be unwise for the inexperienced.

    [–] White supremacists are trying to recruit American teens through video games FaustVictorious 12 points ago in trollfare

    Wow, a sane person who enjoys video games can't even call themselves a gamer anymore. Is there anything these conservatives haven't ruined?

    [–] Police release body-cam video of Willie McCoy killing, showing him asleep in car FaustVictorious 0 points ago in news

    Everyone knows the penalty for illegally possessing a firearm is getting rudely awakened from sleep and shot 25 times by a group of fat trigger-happy racist thugs.

    [–] Police release body-cam video of Willie McCoy killing, showing him asleep in car FaustVictorious -12 points ago in news

    Easy to do when those people are disarmed at the mercy of a dystopian nanny state with cameras monitoring their every move while their government makes porn illegal and tries to leave the EU. That's not what being treated like a person should be like. I'd rather live in the shitty US, and that's saying something.

    [–] ‪Saying the world is going to shit, because people are becoming less religious is not acknowledging all the shit that religion has brought into the world. ‬ FaustVictorious 1 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in atheism

    The Catholic Pope literally shields pedophiles from the law, relocating them from atop his pedothrone, using the billions collected from their flock of rape supporters and people who can't read to pay the legal expenses of serial child rapists. There are thousands of reports of abuse and hundreds of credibly accused pedophiles in every diocese that investigates. As Catholic priests frequently say when interrogated about the huge amount of pedophiles raping Catholic kids with impunity and the full support of the Pope (many Popes): "the Bible doesn't say anything about not having sex with children." You are part of the meatmarket in the world's largest and most ancient pedophile organization. The whole thing is a scam. The right thing to do would be to leave. Loudly. To beg anyone, especially with children, to leave. Loudly. Sounds like you're in denial. You must be Catholic.

    [–] Nearly 400 Predator Priests Identified in Illinois FaustVictorious 3 points ago in atheism

    2.3 million Catholics in Illinois, which means at best we already have at least one known pedophile priest per 5750 Catholics. And that's just Illinois. Stay classy, Catholics.

    [–] Nearly 400 Predator Priests Identified in Illinois FaustVictorious 7 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in atheism

    The Abrahamic afterlife is nothing other than eternal slavery. Being enslaved to a jealous and violent being like the one depicted in the Bible, who kills children with slow painful means like plagues and bear attacks, whom I can't even escape in death, is actually a truly terrifying prospect. Aside from the atrocities Abrahamic cultists are willing to commit in the name of their approving sky father, that is the worst aspect of their version of the afterlife. It brings great relief to know that at least Yahweh/Allah isn't real. His 'virtuous' followers are worrisome enough.

    [–] Pakistani student murders professor over proposed co-ed party: police FaustVictorious 9 points ago in news

    There are just so many Islamic terror groups to choose from that they have to be clear that the religion inspired him to violence independently. It seems awfully disingenuous that they didn't do a much better job.

    [–] US Muslim advocacy group to Trump: 'We hold you responsible' for increase in Islamophobia FaustVictorious 0 points ago in politics

    Yes, the Jews of the 1930s with their strict supremacist belief in a violent religion which tells them to murder anyone who draws a picture of their prophet, multiple terrorist organizations, several theocratic countries that subjugate women and practice religious capital punishment, and a stronger predictive correlation with terrorism than even sex. That's right: a terrorist is more likely to be Muslim than male. Yes exactly the same as the Jews...

    It's tragic that this attack happened, but Islam is a violent religion with over 1.2 billion followers known for killing people over cartoons or other perceived slights against their superstitions. The Jews did nothing of the sort and their religion allows them to interpret away the more genocidal parts, unlike Islam which is far stricter and less "contextual" about its repeated calls for violence, oppression and supremacy.

    The victims of this crime were innocent, but they support an ideology that is just as bad as the Nazis, which advocates repeatedly for the genocide of non-Muslims. It's not fair to the Jews to give Islam a pass because something bad happened to Muslims this time. There is no ideology that even comes close to the body count of Islam. Not even white nationalists.