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    [–] Non-profit rent-to-own housing could solve poverty and the affordable housing crisis Fermi_Amarti 1 points ago in povertyfinance

    We'd have alot more small houses if government loosened zoning regulations, and fixed their bearocaratic inefficiencies

    [–] "It's time for this dream to end." [Plastic Memories] Fermi_Amarti 2 points ago in anime

    Lol. I think that's better than me. We went from your lie in april to white album 2.

    [–] Wolverine as an organ donor would have saved much more lives than being an X-man. Fermi_Amarti 18 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Also for tricking Zeus into accepting the entrails of animals as offerings instead of the meat. And for refusing to help Zeus figure out which if his offspring was fated to overthrow him.

    [–] Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things Fermi_Amarti 2 points ago in simpleliving

    No. It means you should stop talking shit about people whose lives you know nothing about. We have to live with it. I want to try to improve it. For you settle if you also stopped pushing around false information and saying an entire generation is entitled when it was clearly yours that was entitled by an uncompetitive global economy and highly government subsidized loans, new infrastructure, and government subsidized affordable higher education.

    [–] Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things Fermi_Amarti 2 points ago in simpleliving

    I'm perfectly happy with my lifestyle getting overpaid for a cushy job. I just mean have some empathy for others and look at data based trends. On average my generation is significantly underpaid compared to historical. A part time job use to be able to put someone through college. 1 full time middle class job use to be able to support a family. Now it takes 2 on average. 10 dollars use to be a lot more. And we have had a negative immigration rate with Mexico for like the last decade.

    [–] Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things Fermi_Amarti 2 points ago in simpleliving

    Ha. Take a look at housing prices adjusted for inflation. Then take a look at minimum wage adjusted inflation. One of those went up while the other went down.

    [–] My mother recently told me that I have to move out after graduating high school. What steps should I take? Fermi_Amarti 1 points ago in personalfinance

    You've been defending her, so I think you should contact your siblings and have a discussion with them and her about this. You suddenly moving out is not the best solution to anything. If she really cares, she should be willing to let you stay until August like you planned. You can rent the room from them or just pretend you are in a house with strangers if they just think you should be by yourself. You can live there without being in her hair. Just cook your own meals and stay out or in your room most of the time. Technically depending on state, it is probably illegal to actually kick you out without more notice. Have a discussion and figure out a plan together. Understand what she is thinking and there are any misconceptions about what life is like now from your siblings.

    [–] A Guide to Efficient Banking Fermi_Amarti 1 points ago in personalfinance

    Not sure about availability, but I recently switched to SOFI money 2.25% "checking" account for the simplicity of not having multiple accounts.

    [–] Anon predicts Bitcoin price Fermi_Amarti 56 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    Monkeys and dart boards,