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    [–] Moronic Monday - Your weekly stupid questions thread Fettywack 4 points ago in Fitness

    I’ve been having an odd tingling sensation in my forearms during workouts. Mainly when I do push-ups or pull-ups. It’s on the posterior side of my forearm and runs right down the middle. It starts just below my elbow and goes into my hand. It’s not painful just feels odd. (Almost like my forearm/hand is asleep but not that severe). It’s only when under tension. It’s been on my mind the possibility that this isn’t good but I’ve mostly been ignoring it because it’s not painful. Any feedback is helpful. Thanks

    [–] Daily Roster Management - March 27, 2018 Fettywack 1 points ago in fantasybaseball

    I am in a 9p h2h league. I get 2 keepers and I’m trying to fill the last spot deciding between bumgarner, stroman, and archer. Thoughts?

    [–] Bovada Sportsbook Review Fettywack 1 points ago in SportsbookReview

    For withdrawals do they just send you a check?

    [–] Official: [Roster Management] - Monday, 04/03/2017 Fettywack 1 points ago in fantasybaseball

    I'm in a 10 person H2H league with 2 keeper slots. I have Bumgarner and my first keeper and for my second I'm stuck between Harper and Machado. Let me know what you guys think!