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    [–] Had a helicopter dad do something annoying at the park the other day. [Rant] FifthRendition 1 points ago in daddit

    Each person thinks that what they're doing is right. I don't think you were right or wrong. And I don't think the other day was right or wrong.

    Im still learning playground ettiquete, to each their own.

    [–] My 18 month old trying on her costume, because it's never too early to prepare for Halloween! FifthRendition 1 points ago in daddit


    We need to get on it asap. Unfortunately I'll be gone for a work trip during Halloween, but she won't be going to anyone's homes I think anyways.

    [–] PPD FifthRendition 1 points ago in daddit

    So there's a lot of reasons why, but if you first start ooking in the forum here. Read through and do lots of searches for PPD, etc.

    My wife went through it, but wanst till our daughter was 4 months old. Couple of therapy appointments, Mommy groups, and working through the problem helped her out the most.

    [–] 21 days, Fresh into this thing. Nobody told me what to do with all the poop & spitup clothes! FifthRendition 2 points ago in daddit

    Yeah, we've had quite a few "good" ones get messed up quickly. Which is funny later on cause I know we lost some ones to a Code Brown, but for the life of me I can't remember what it said.

    [–] Blacking out emblems FifthRendition 1 points ago in 4Runner

    Make sure you put the can in the sun for a little bit. Heats up the dip and makes it easier when it gets applied to the surface.

    [–] Trying to find blackout overlays. FifthRendition 1 points ago in 4Runner

    eBay has a ton. Or just buy PlastiDip and do it yourself. MUCH cheaper this route. It's like $70 I think for the blackouts.

    [–] SR5 + future mods vs $$$ upfront for TRD trims FifthRendition 3 points ago in 4Runner

    "Rims" do very little for you going off road, to me they're more about looks.

    I bought the SR5, slightly wish I got the OR for the rear locker, it is what it is.

    I personally like to get stock and then upgrade things for what I want and figuring out what means more to me than getting the PRO.

    Even when getting rims, just go used. There's no point in spending a ton of money on brand new wheels when you're going to dent them up anyways. Save up for other ones later on. People are always selling their wheels because they're getting what they want later on.

    My philosophy is starting to change where I buy used first and then later on buy new. Saves me money from buying something later on where honestly it doesn't matter and people really don't know the difference.

    [–] County Fair With 4 Month Old FifthRendition 1 points ago in daddit

    Depends on when the naps are. You're probably at 2 a day I'm guessing?

    We would have done a nap in the car there and then a nap on the way home. You could always put him in a baby carrier, but they usually fall asleep in those too. And with the sun, they'll probably get super tired anyways.

    [–] The perfect "I'm going to meet Robocop" Shirt. FifthRendition 1 points ago in pics

    Seriously an awesome remake! Totally looked just like the real one. Great job!

    [–] 21 days, Fresh into this thing. Nobody told me what to do with all the poop & spitup clothes! FifthRendition 2 points ago in daddit

    Yeah, you just throw them away. They're so cheap and they go through them so quickly, there's just no point in washing and cleaning them over and over.

    [–] Protip for PlastiDip. Also TIFU FifthRendition 2 points ago in 4Runner

    Leave them out in the sun or warm them up somehow. Some people run warm water over the can heating it up. I prefer the sun route, 15-20 is good I think, but I've done less. Paint comes out and onto the surface better.

    Practice first too. When I spray from left to right or right to left I make sure I lift my finger off the tip. Holding it there at the end for that fraction of a second leads to more dip on the edge, leading to more bubbles, etc.