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    [–] Awh, they're bonding FightingRobots2 4 points ago in freefolk

    I’m all for it.

    [–] Cheaters never win FightingRobots2 5 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    In Florida I follow the Texas plates.

    At the very least they make a hole.

    [–] Git gud FightingRobots2 1 points ago in gaming

    You seem to be r/JohnCena

    [–] What is this used for FightingRobots2 1 points ago in Whatisthis

    Nah that’d be similar to retaining ring pliers but with 2 prongs on each side instead of 1.

    [–] WW1 Machete. Trust me, it’s $6000 I know what I’ve got. FightingRobots2 1 points ago in delusionalcraigslist

    It does.

    I have to keep it a little sharper than I would a machete and you have to pay attention to what part of the blade you strike with but it’s been great for brush and for cutting hay off of round bales for my goats.

    It also looks pretty sweet and that’s what actually counts.

    [–] WW1 Machete. Trust me, it’s $6000 I know what I’ve got. FightingRobots2 17 points ago in delusionalcraigslist

    I mean I bought a kukri to use as a machete just because it had a thicker and heavier blade.

    I want a cane knife though.

    It’s like a short machete with a blade two or three times as wide.

    [–] this snail with a wasp nest on it FightingRobots2 6 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Pretty much.

    That type of splitter is just notorious for partially hanging out of the plug though.

    It would also expose the terminals. This would let small objects (think a quarter) if they fell in just the right way to touch both terminals at once causing a short.

    If the breakers catch it it’s probably ok. If not you’ll have a lot of sparking and risk of a fire.

    If it’s a trailer none of the wiring is done very well. The receptacles tend to use vampire style connectors that cut in to the insulation with thin sheet metal instead of the industry standard outlets with a wire tightened down by a screw.

    That alone will cause higher amperage to be used, more heat and in the long run a higher power bill.

    [–] My $500, 21 mpg, one tire fire fun machine FightingRobots2 1 points ago in s10

    Let me know after you drive it at night a few times. I’m interested to know how the brights do vs dim and how they are compared to normal headlights.

    I have a 97 I might try them on.

    [–] Gas door rusted off, not bad for $20 solution FightingRobots2 1 points ago in s10

    94-2000 I know all of mine were all metal.

    Could have been on the X-treme model. I think they were made lighter.

    [–] Incorrect gun FightingRobots2 1 points ago in CCW


    [–] Incorrect gun FightingRobots2 6 points ago in CCW

    shoot anything from PEOPLE to class 3 rifles

    Easy there bud

    [–] Incorrect gun FightingRobots2 2 points ago in CCW


    I believe you mean entirely constitutional

    [–] Don't like my food? Here, have the hottest hot sauce in the world! FightingRobots2 2 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    To add to uh u/StinkypieTicklebum yup that’s a username

    My wife and her sister have a long family history of emotional and physical abuse going back generations. This includes alcoholics and addicts and just plain evil people going back over a hundred years. They’re family had some of the most demented, malicious and narcissistic people I have ever met.

    While they both share some of those qualities they’ve both made HUGE strides away from it and are doing everything they can to not act like their family members.

    They’re both making a difference in other people’s lives and have found meaning in doing so. You can do the same. My wife found out about the conditions for some of the kids in our church so we’re wanting to help the youth group more. It doesn’t even have to be anything big. Just showing those kids an adult trying to be good to and do good for others makes such a difference for them.

    You can do the same.

    [–] Clock FightingRobots2 5 points ago in DiWHY


    [–] Varys ominously talking about Jon and Daenerys's relationship: "Nothing lasts". 🙊 FightingRobots2 -2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in freefolk

    Jonsa better not happen

    Edit: I stand by my previous statement

    [–] Could've sworn this engagement announcement said 'Butt Time' FightingRobots2 2 points ago in CrappyDesign


    All those kids don’t even count. Gotta call a mulligan and start changing their last names*.

    *to Snow

    Because winter is coming Sunday.

    [–] The time has come... FightingRobots2 29 points ago in AmericanHorrorStory

    That’s what, 2 days from now?

    r/freefolk is spreading