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    [–] Why no show times from 19th to 24th April in Victoria? Filligan 9 points ago in VictoriaBC

    This looks like Cineplex’s website. And it’s because showtimes are released weekly, usually Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. The only reason the week after the 24th is live is because you can pre-purchase Avengers tickets.

    [–] Langford Costco now has six self-serve checkouts Filligan 2 points ago in VictoriaBC

    Supply and demand is a nice idea until half your population can’t afford to live in your city anymore.

    [–] Langford Costco now has six self-serve checkouts Filligan 5 points ago in VictoriaBC

    Your original post warranted my genuine reply. Sorry if you were offended.

    [–] Langford Costco now has six self-serve checkouts Filligan 8 points ago in VictoriaBC

    Sorry, is your solution to pay people pennies because it doesn’t matter if people can’t make ends meet so long as they’re technically employed?

    [–] Scottish Pokémon trainer Filligan 5 points ago in gaming

    if you say so... ya silk-wearin' buttercup.

    [–] Scottish Pokémon trainer Filligan 17 points ago in gaming

    oh boy, i hope you've never seen the simpsons

    [–] Hey Victoria, we need to talk.. Filligan 3 points ago in VictoriaBC

    I just found the previous comment worthy of such an obtuse response

    [–] Hey Victoria, we need to talk.. Filligan 39 points ago in VictoriaBC

    1. Stop being an asshole and don't litter


    Huh? The Best Buy is in Country Club Mall. There’s also an EB Games there too. There’s also another mall called North Town Centre.

    [–] Thousands of Firings Expected After Disney Closes Fox Deal Filligan 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in movies

    Netflix and Amazon are certainly players, but their business models are harder to track. Amazon is massive because its streaming department is one minuscule part of its empire. Netflix consistently goes into debt to finance original work in preparation for when they can’t license much from studios anymore. Both are not pushing into cinema’s space with much gusto, and when they do, it’s for smaller films seeking awards. In other words, apples to oranges.

    I think you missed my point about taking losses. Disney never wants to lose money on any venture, but once in a while they do. But they have so many other ventures, they’re not in danger of feeling that loss very hard. Doesn’t mean they won’t try to make a hit next time, but it does mean they’ve got more room for failure. If May fails, they still win June, whereas if Warner fails in May, they may not get another hit until September. And Disney’s bulging portfolio makes this truer and truer with each acquisition.

    Yes, every major company purchases external IPs. Not every company eats another studio for 71 billion dollars. Yeah, Fox, Sony, and Disney got pieces of Marvel—weird point to make when Disney just absorbed Fox and Sony just relinquished a Spider-Man license. Remember when Disney didn’t get everything?

    I agree that Disney could look very different a decade from now, but if it does it’ll be because of folks who refused to let it grow any bigger, not because Black Panther 6 flopped and Amazon released a neat Lord of the Rings prequel. We’ve been living in the age of huge corporations for a while now. They will find a way to keep growing until they’re stopped.

    [–] Thousands of Firings Expected After Disney Closes Fox Deal Filligan 10 points ago in movies

    If we’re just talking about films here, then I’m not sure why you’re talking like it’s 2005. Disney has smashed global box office earnings for the past three years and 2019 is shaping up to be no different. And no other studio operates quite like them—absorbing other entities to gain more and more valuable IPs, which can then be exploited for 10+ years for billions in return. It’s silly to think a few stumbles from Disney plus a few hits from DC will change anything. When a DC film falls short, Warner is going to feel it. When a Star Wars film falls short, Disney will make it up next month with another Avengers instalment, or vice versa. This kind of dynamic has never existed in my lifetime where one company dominates almost every month of the year. Just because other studios continue to exist and see success doesn’t mean Disney isn’t a behemoth we should all be wary of.

    [–] Victoria transit to move to smartphone fare purchasing Filligan 35 points ago in VictoriaBC

    Progress in Victoria transit is painfully slow and likely always will be.