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    [–] Victoria transit to move to smartphone fare purchasing Filligan 31 points ago in VictoriaBC

    Progress in Victoria transit is painfully slow and likely always will be.

    [–] Super Mario Maker 2 Switch June 2019 Filligan 4 points ago in AmiiboCanada

    From the r/Nintendo thread:

    Let's see what's new here:

    • ⁠SLOOOOOOOOOOOPES • ⁠Gusts of wind • ⁠Evil Sun (+ Desert theme) • ⁠Snow Theme (edit) • ⁠Snake Blocks • ⁠Water in non-water levels. • ⁠On/Off Switch Blocks • ⁠Modifiable autoscroll direction • ⁠Ant Trooper enemy • ⁠Chompy big Piranha Plants • ⁠Mario 3D World Theme and Items (Climable? tree and cat bell) • ⁠Piranha Creepers • ⁠10 Coin coins • ⁠Those blocks that create other blocks • ⁠The short pipes from 3D World • ⁠Another new theme from 3D World + Background Bullet Bill hazards • ⁠Tilting platform • ⁠Vertical autoscroll Level • ⁠Jungle theme • ⁠Colored Pipes • ⁠Parachutes (I think these are new.) • ⁠Colored (Red) Yoshi. • ⁠Boom Boom enemy • ⁠Luigi is in the title screen - does it have Luigi mode now? Mario's holding a little cat luigi in the title screen... • ⁠Saw a red/green player icon next to the Mario ghost. Does that switch between Mario/Luigi or possibly do coop? • ⁠Looks like all game styles from the original (SMB, SMB3, SMW, NSMBU) are still present too.

    [–] Super Mario Maker 2 Switch June 2019 Filligan 7 points ago in AmiiboCanada

    The only people saying this are those who expected a fully-realized 3D platformer maker and that's so unrealistic it's hilarious. The amount of creativity people could squeeze out of OG Mario Maker's toolbox felt never-ending for a long time.

    [–] I’m ready for Nitro-Fuelled Filligan 1 points ago in gamecollecting

    A redesign effort that failed miserably.

    [–] I’m ready for Nitro-Fuelled Filligan 5 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in gamecollecting

    There isn’t a Wii exclusive Crash game.

    [–] The rarely seen twister mouth Filligan 15 points ago in TheSimpsons

    Also, in the earlier seasons when this occurred, Bart likely got the lion’s share of them because he was the star of the show back then.

    [–] BC transit, I'm looking at you Filligan 2 points ago in VictoriaBC

    Because beeping gates are annoying!!!

    [–] Home Alone in 1990 vs 2018 Filligan 5 points ago in pics

    Yes, THE IRISHMAN. It’s costing Netflix a fortune but they just offloaded $100M for Friends so whatever, I’m sure it’ll be great.

    [–] Home Alone in 1990 vs 2018 Filligan 7 points ago in pics

    He’s only semi-retired. He’s in Scorsese’s next flick.

    [–] Marth, Captain Falcon, Ganondorf amiibo @ BestBuy Filligan 3 points ago in AmiiboCanada

    Oh my god I don't believe it I finally got Ganondorf for retail.

    [–] What's your comfort TV show/film? Filligan 1 points ago in AskReddit


    -Classic Simpsons


    -Everybody Loves Raymond



    -30 Rock

    -The Office

    -Bob’s Burgers

    -American Dad


    -As Good As It Gets

    -Punch-Drunk Love

    -Something’s Gotta Give

    -Die Hard

    -Fantastic Mr. Fox

    -Spirited Away

    [–] Turkey got the best of them Filligan 1 points ago in aww

    this ancient argument is irrelevant in our world and has been for centuries. clearly, yes, humans were very willing to kill animals for sustenance. then we developed ways to ease the process and not everyone has to do it. so what really is your question? if we stripped civilization back several hundred years, would i kill a turkey myself? yeah no doubt—they’re slow and dumb and i gotta eat. would I kill a turkey today? no. would you stitch everything you wear? would you build your own house?

    be a vegan, love all animals equally, you be you. but the second you try to shove your worldview down other people’s throats, you’re an asshole and you delegitimize everything you stand for in the eyes of others.

    [–] Turkey got the best of them Filligan 4 points ago in aww

    lol username checks out. it’s not hypocritical if you value birds less than dogs, which almost everyone does. it’s only hypocritical when someone like you eats a turkey because you’re the only one who cares.

    [–] Turkey got the best of them Filligan 11 points ago in aww

    whoa I must’ve missed the memo on the PETA convention

    [–] Starbucks is replacing Finnerty Express Filligan 18 points ago in uvic

    Don't be surprised if more corporations invade campus what with the way fees have been climbing annually.

    [–] Carbon emissions are acidifying the ocean so quickly that the seafloor is disintegrating. Filligan 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in worldnews

    You’re talking about a lot of things here. Adoption is prohibitive in many ways but so is having kids biologically. To be clear on one thing, a finalized legal adoption cannot be reversed or altered by the birth parents alone. Not sure what you’re referencing with that but it absolutely should not discourage anyone looking into adoption—just ensure the legal legwork has been completed. And in a perfect world, there ought to be income requirements on having kids at all, but that’s a whole other conversation. In the context of this discussion, if someone wants kids and thinks adoption is the globally responsible option, they’ll do their research and proceed when they’re ready. If someone with that mindset is denied an adoption, I doubt they’ll then go, “Welp, screw it, guess I’m getting pregnant!”

    [–] Carbon emissions are acidifying the ocean so quickly that the seafloor is disintegrating. Filligan 175 points ago in worldnews

    I see this sentiment in every climate change thread and can I just place an addendum to it? If you're worried about climate change but you want kids, how about adoption? Those kids already exist -- you're not stretching anyone else's resources or dooming non-existent humans.