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    [–] A man guards his family from the cannibals during The Madras famine of 1877 at the time of British Raj, India Fireplum 1 points ago in pics

    Rentseeking behavior is the issue for a lot of that. We add more and more middlemen that don't produce anything, add really no value but want to skim off profits. It's infuriating really.

    [–] Gavin got his green card! Fireplum 2 points ago in roosterteeth

    I'm going through this right now as well, I married a US citizen and we filed finally in September last year. When I got the first update on the case in January of this year, which is comparably already insanely quick, I cried at the bar we were at when I got the text lol. It's such a huge relief even not being denied and have the process rolling because you keep finding hundreds of things in your head that could go wrong and why they'd deny you.

    [–] German Politicians Call Trump's Ambassador A 'Brat' And 'Total Diplomatic Failure,' Demand Immediate Expulsion Fireplum 112 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in worldnews

    I assume they mean her comments at the women's summit, not entirely sure though. The questions were about her father and whom she represents and she waffled around a lot.

    [–] Local Walmart is closing down. The gaming section was picked clean, save for one. Fireplum 1 points ago in gaming

    The most American thing I have ever seen living here in the States was a Walmart in my city closing down, a church buying the property and moving into it and then Walmart building a bigger Superstore behind said church. I then took a pic of all of that from a McDonald's drive-through cause 'Merica lol.

    [–] [USA]My[25/M]GF[F/24]of 4 years, her F1 visa is going to expire ~1year... I don't know what to do... Fireplum 1 points ago in relationships

    Usually the supporting evidence is photos, any shared bills, birthday cards to each other, letters that your friends specifically write up to attest that you guys are in a bona fide relationship, your lease together for example is a good one too. Anything that can build the case that you're actually living together and ideally also sharing your finances.

    Parents can be sponsors, yes. Being a sponsor is a big potential responsibility if you need to go that route so make sure you read up on that and tell your potential sponsor about the responsibility they're taking on.

    I personally paid about $2000 flat for the entire process just for the attorney (the adjustment of status package and a required medical exam and other things also cost all together at least another $2k), but that highly depends on your region and the attorney itself. It can be much more expensive than that too. I also tried to go cheaper first and that attorney was terrible so you also get what you pay for. There are resources online, a few of which I will link, that make it technically possible to adjust status entirely yourself without a lawyer. I'm personally happy we did hire an attorney though because it does give you peace of mind and she told us about a few things along the way I would not have been aware of. USCIS is very strict and picky about the paperwork, so it's not a bad idea to have at least that consultation. Also depends on if you have any hiccups or a straightforward case.

    Here's a basic rundown about adjusting status from F1 to green card.

    There's also helpful online communities like Visa Journey and Immihelp that are also focusing on helping people through the process.

    [–] [USA]My[25/M]GF[F/24]of 4 years, her F1 visa is going to expire ~1year... I don't know what to do... Fireplum 1 points ago in relationships

    In regards to marrying, yes you can marry simply at the court house. Once you're married you start the process of adjusting her status, including filing forms of you petitioning for your now wife to stay in the US and sending in a lot of supporting evidence that your relationship is indeed a bona fide marriage. You will also have to file paperwork abojt your financial setup which has to be a certain amount above the poverty line, otherwise you will need to involve a sponsor.

    Since she is on a visa already and you're probably getting married relatively close to it expiring you want to make absolutely sure you have your ducks in a row proving that you have a legit relationship with pictures and friends writing supporting letters and so on. And I would absolutely suggest involving an immigration attorney at the very least for a consultation. I am currently going through the green card process by adjusting status through marriage myself and it takes quite a bit of time, money and diligence.

    Should you decide to get married, I wish both of you good luck! 🙂

    [–] What did you not understand as a kid, but you now understand as an adult? Fireplum 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I've loved that guy for years and years and neve got to se him live even when I was still in Europe, was super excited when he came to the US last year and I got tickets. He was fantastic. Basically an hour and a half of rambling about life with loosely connected threads throughout. Loved every minute of it.

    [–] Bratty cousin stole my Netflix password and when I changed it he wants me to it to him. Fireplum 6 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Yeah my friends have given me their Netflix login and Hulu too anytime when I didn't have a sub. If they told me they need the device and to get off it I wouldn't dream of arguing about that. A long while ago they got rid of their subs for a while to save money and almost apologized that I wouldn't have access anymore and I was like are you nuts don't you dare apologize lol.

    [–] [ELI5] what causes your stomach to "drop" when you get scared or nervous? Fireplum 15 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    I had consistent panic attacks like that basically from 16 to my early 20s. Doc put me on beta blockers eventually because it would happen like clockwork every single night. It started the same way as for you, watched TV one night and BOOM. In my case by the time I got to the ER it was 2 am on a Saturday night. The first thing they asked was what kinda drugs I did lol and I was offended but next day I was like duh a teenager coming in with these symptoms at that time and day, yeah.

    The only time I ever called 911 was when it got to the point that I had an attack all night and it wouldn't stop so it got to 4 am and when they arrived I literally could not even walk to the door cause my legs were too weak. My heart felt like a gigantic sore muscle all next day, after using a cold washcloth to calm down my chest all night.

    The cool thing is even if I rarely still get one of those attacks I can talk myself through them pretty quickly cause of all that experience lol. 👍

    [–] Americans of Reddit, what is something you didn't realise was typically American, until you went abroad? Fireplum 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I am also German and live in the States and I get it, the first few years were a culture shock for me of with you can just go into a store and wear sweat pants and shit? I got used to it of course and I never judged anyone for it cause hey different country different ways but it's still hard for me to go outside in not at least jeans. I also don't have the problem many seem to bring up where they feel uncomfortable in jeans. I genuinely enjoy wearing them and feel good in them. My compromise now is opaque leggings and boots outside haha.

    I constantly got comments for being uptight or overdressed though and was thinking hey if I don't judge you for your clothes why are you doing it to me? As if my choice of dress somehow implicitly judged them and they got defensive? I dunno.

    [–] Ivanka Trump, who receives millions for existing, says Americans don’t want guaranteed living wage. “I don’t think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something." Fireplum 3 points ago in politics

    What's the purpose of a comment like that? Seriously what do you hope to achieve? At no point did the poster you replied to make any kind statement that defends being spoiled or entitled. Hooray you or others had it worse? Better off people can't have problems at all? Just what is your issue?

    [–] Measles returned to Costa Rica after five years by French family who had not had vaccinations Fireplum 3 points ago in news

    It was required in my immigration medical to apply for a green card. There were several different shots checked if they were up to date and I needed a Tdap refresher because my tetanus was out of date. Makes sense either way, why risk it.

    [–] Itin Number and Tax Return vs. Greencard application Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    As others have said, the IRS does not care about your status. I am almost done with the green card process through AoS after visa overstay and then marriage. I have had an ITIN for years and filed for one long after I had overstayed. I also renewed it as recently as last year when it expired without a problem. Getting your ITIN is worth it and filing your taxes jointly is one way of proving you're meshing your finances as a couple. Do it.

    [–] Forecast was for freezing rain, but had to go check it out... Fireplum 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in funny

    I'm with you on the have some empathy when stuff like this happens and the first thing I'd do no matter what would be checking if he's OK.

    Now, on the it's somewhat of a woman thing. My father in law does the exact same thing. It's infuriating. I have no idea what the ratio is on what gender does it more but damn is he infuriating with that shit. He has carpeted stairs and socks and the smaller part of the stairs gets slippery and the wider part of them is packed full with random crap so can't walk there. Happened a few times that I just slipped down the last few steps and once even hurt my tailbone. His reply every single time afterwards "Be careful and slow down!" Murder becomes a thought.

    [–] TIL of the Son of Sam laws that state convicted criminals cannot profit in any way from their crimes whether it be from books, tv, film, etc. All proceeds from these deals go directly to the victims or their families. Fireplum 23 points ago in todayilearned

    Not who you replied to but that still logically fucks me up. So you get tried twice for essentially the same crime. Criminal court says you didn't do it. Civil court makes you pay damages as if you did. I understand there's legal reasons and don't argue the legal concepts here, just from an everyday person standpoint that has never made sense to me. Without a criminal conviction, the entire base of the civil lawsuit is gone imo.

    [–] ‘Always been dirty’: Nearly every organization associated with Trump under investigation Fireplum 6 points ago in politics

    Actually especially as a foreigner who has been living here for over a decade and has seen it from the outside and inside yeah this all not super obscure stuff. No one is saying the media is blameless. It's just not 100% at fault. The people eventually have to snap out of it. And many do and have. You're ignoring the point I made and I assume you won't see it so eh.

    [–] ‘Always been dirty’: Nearly every organization associated with Trump under investigation Fireplum 12 points ago in politics

    That is really only a decent argument if everyone fell for it. They don't. I understand we need to lift people up and fund education, all that good stuff. But the person above you is right, it isn't as easy as pushing blame away from the people.

    [–] MRW Budweiser spends millions of dollars bragging about how they don’t use corn Fireplum 2 points ago in reactiongifs

    First time I went to a Walmart in the US I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a pack of regular white sugar that said "A naturally fat free food!" on the label.

    [–] no offense Fireplum 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    In fairness she also released Ka-Ching which was a scathing indictment of consumerism. Not sure if it was as big in the US but in Europe that shit was on repeat on all the music channels. And it was great.

    [–] Like father, like son! Fireplum 3 points ago in blackpeoplegifs

    OK that's the cutest fucking shit right there.

    [–] me irl Fireplum 26 points ago in me_irl

    Some people can't or don't want to use hormonal birth control. That'd be one reason and if that's a fresh hell I as a woman would reconsider the relationship.