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    [–] Its all about PERSPECTIVE! Fireplum 2 points ago in funny

    He's my favourite doctor as well but definitely does not seem to have the universal appeal or something. I loved his doctor and no matter who came after just wasn't the same.

    [–] YouTube just banned supremacist content, and thousands of channels are about to be removed Fireplum 3 points ago in worldnews

    You might wanna look up Orban. Also making the argument that being a high ranking member of a government can't mean you're far right is sort of hilarious.

    [–] Actual wait time for Green card ? Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    I came to the US on a visa waiver, a European tourist visa but without visa so to speak. I married a US citizen but we got divorced before we filed any adjustment of status paperwork. I overstated my visa and was out of status for years while living in separation. Then met someone else, got divorced and remarried. Then we filed for adjustment of status and the time linei described kicked in.

    [–] Actual wait time for Green card ? Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    About 20 minutes long, asked my husband about two questions about if the address and his job listed are still accurate. All the other questions where toward me and were complete softballs. I had been married and divorced in the US before as well and they didn't even care about that. It was all about their standard list of questions and our living arrangements in its most basic form, ie we're living with the in-laws right now and they wanted to know who else is in the household and stuff. No set up questions to intentionally trip us up either. We also did come prepared with supporting documentation for everything we claimed though, like for example a signed letter by said in-laws confirming we live there and such.

    We could have gotten lucky with the interview but honestly with what I heard from our attorney and from other people's cases similar to ours the interview is generally one of the easiest parts. By that point you've proven everything else with documentation and as long as you're not trying to keep up flat out lies or deceptions you're fine.

    [–] Actual wait time for Green card ? Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    I filed out of Milwaukee. Initial filing date was September 19th 2018, received notice they're going to set up an interview in January 2019. Got my EAD mid February 2019. GC interview happened on April 16th 2019. Got notification of documents being produced the same afternoon of the interview. Card got to me a week and a half later tops.

    The longest is really the wait between initial filing and first contact for interview scheduling. After that it went very quickly and constant updates. Hope that helps.

    [–] Sponsor Surveillance Fireplum 2 points ago in immigration

    I am the immigrant spouse in my scenario and my husband is the US citizen. When we went to our interview they asked my husband about two questions, one about the address we live on and the second about if his work is still correct. Everything else they addressed at me and even those were absolute soft balls.

    I was like you, incredibly aware and careful to not get anything on my record officially or unofficially. And nobody ended up carring. As long as there's no arrests or otherwise record of criminal activity of the immigrant and as long as the immigrant isn't in public record claiming government benefits you're absolutely fine.

    [–] A "caravan" of Americans is crossing the Canadian border to get affordable medical care Fireplum 1 points ago in politics

    There's a bit more to the difference, like not having access to the US govern job market or welfare. Not that I'm saying Green Card holders necessarily should have access to welfare programmes, just saying it's a lot more than just voting rights.

    [–] Waiting on EAD and Green card. who has gone through the process? Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    Yes, the moment you hold the EAD in your hands you can start working immediately that day. It took me about a little less than a month to find a job after getting it but obviously that'll depend on your industry and such.

    [–] Waiting on EAD and Green card. who has gone through the process? Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    Hey, I'm also in Wisconsin and recently went through the whole process. Filed everything in Mid-September 2018, EAD came in February 2019. That was the worst part of the wait. Interview for Green Card on April 16th 2019 and got my Green Card in the mail about one and a half weeks after the interview which was incredibly quick.

    Especially EADs have been delayed at least at the time I did it and I assume it hasn't gotten much better yet. But you'll get there.

    [–] TIL that, after becoming the first white man to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds, French sprinter Christophe Lemaitre received a formal letter of invitation from the Ku Klux Klan. He did not respond. Fireplum 0 points ago in todayilearned

    If you check this guy's post history a little farther back, he's got a few more problematic comments in there and doesn't really seem worth a good faith argument. Also as a German, his user name smells faintly of white supremacy but that's just a hunch together with his post history.

    [–] The Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" was associated with a 28.9% increase in suicide rates among U.S. youth ages 10-17 in the month (April 2017) following the shows release, after accounting for ongoing trends in suicide rates, according to a study. Fireplum 5 points ago in science

    Also German and went through the German high school system, Lord of the Flies never again, abysmally boring book imho. But I absolutely loved Kabale und Liebe and Emilia Galotti. It really all depends on personal taste, how you present it and yeah like you said the choices of what to read. Generally I actually like Goethe but Werther is definitely not up there.

    [–] AOS interview coming up, do we have enough proof? Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    Oh yeah I somehow missed the having a child together part, yeah you're completely fine. I was still super nervous for the interview cause ya know it's an important step and lots depends on it but you're absolutely good.

    And yeah being conversational is one thing but those legalese forms are a different animal that can be quite frustrating. I've been here for 12 years myself and still learn new words and terms every day!

    [–] AOS interview coming up, do we have enough proof? Fireplum 2 points ago in immigration

    Honestly unless you get someone whose coffee spilled in their lap that morning I'm sure you'll be fine, especially since you don't sound like she arrived with a wedding dress in her suitcase and you didn't get married virtually yesterday. You clearly share finances and live together. I know they'd ask more questions if her English were basically non-existant and you did not speak her language at all cause then it becomes a question of how do you have a relationship. But it doesn't sound like that's an issue.

    Our attorney's test interview with my husband and I where she actually separated us had way tougher questions and more in depth stuff than anything the official asked. Good luck! 🙂

    [–] Success stories with marriage based EAD (how long did it take) Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    Sent AoS package end of September 2018. Got EAD mid February 2019. Was also told that EAD is backed up recently and jut plain takes longer. Got Green Card just last week in the mail, interview was April 16th 2019.

    [–] AOS interview coming up, do we have enough proof? Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    Just went through my GC interview this April, we had maybe half of your list, we don't share a car loan or a utility, my husband pays for both our phone plans, we live with his parents for now and pay rent so we got a signed letter from them stating that and then we had my bank account that he is cosigned on and I am an authorized user on his credit cards. Since I didn't work while being processed for AOS we don't have any of the things that are traditionally used to show you share finances.

    Our interview took about 20 minutes and was incredibly painless. They asked questions mostly about the current work situation and some family stuff you would know if you're married. Granted I know that heavily depends on what officer you get, some of the ones at our USCIS center separate couples right off the bat as well, we didn't have one of those.

    You should be more than fine with that list. 👍

    [–] The IRS Commissioner Has a Stake in a Trump-Branded Property Fireplum 1 points ago in politics

    I just went through the process of getting a Green Card. If they found out I lied about anything on those forms they'd rescind it. I would barely even get a say in it depending on how grave the infraction was. And I got to pay for the privilege of all of that. Love how the rules don't apply to some people.

    [–] Currently waiting for EAD after I-485 Submission Dec/14/2018 Fireplum 1 points ago in immigration

    I'm from a different area, Chicago, but we filed mid September 2018 and my EAD came in early February 2019. The processing times have been increasing in the past years.

    [–] Two Armenian women pose with their rifles before going to war against the Ottomans, 1895 Fireplum 4 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    German reporting reporting in, they also have commited genocide. Man that shit seemed to go around didn't it?

    [–] Democrats win special election, flip Pennsylvania state senate seat in Trump country Fireplum 1 points ago in politics

    I live in Milwaukee proper and in a supposedly relatively progressive neighborhood. Yet the Facebook town hall group and such are full of Trump supporters and otherwise at least center righters. It's baffling.

    [–] A man guards his family from the cannibals during The Madras famine of 1877 at the time of British Raj, India Fireplum 1 points ago in pics

    Rentseeking behavior is the issue for a lot of that. We add more and more middlemen that don't produce anything, add really no value but want to skim off profits. It's infuriating really.

    [–] Gavin got his green card! Fireplum 2 points ago in roosterteeth

    I'm going through this right now as well, I married a US citizen and we filed finally in September last year. When I got the first update on the case in January of this year, which is comparably already insanely quick, I cried at the bar we were at when I got the text lol. It's such a huge relief even not being denied and have the process rolling because you keep finding hundreds of things in your head that could go wrong and why they'd deny you.

    [–] German Politicians Call Trump's Ambassador A 'Brat' And 'Total Diplomatic Failure,' Demand Immediate Expulsion Fireplum 110 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in worldnews

    I assume they mean her comments at the women's summit, not entirely sure though. The questions were about her father and whom she represents and she waffled around a lot.

    [–] Local Walmart is closing down. The gaming section was picked clean, save for one. Fireplum 1 points ago in gaming

    The most American thing I have ever seen living here in the States was a Walmart in my city closing down, a church buying the property and moving into it and then Walmart building a bigger Superstore behind said church. I then took a pic of all of that from a McDonald's drive-through cause 'Merica lol.