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    [–] Frost meet fog! A magical day in the forest in outskirts of Trondheim, Norway. [OC] [1800x1497] Fishermang 5 points ago in EarthPorn

    Hello everyone, I would like to share a moment of a very special mix of elements: frost and fog. It creates some really unique formations and decorates every surface. Haven't quite seen this more than a few times while living in Norway. I think it happens much more frequently in colder places in the world which are closer to damp water surfaces.

    Here I was exploring an area higher up in a nearby forest called Bymarka. Wandering for hours and taking pictures, keeping myself naturally warm due to all the walking and with good help from some brie cheese hehe. One of the last pictures I took before I went back home. Note that the photo is a "panoramic" blend of two shots to cover the bigger depth of field. This is pretty much how it looked like in reality - even the blue tones in the sky. The sun was constantly trying to break through the fog, hence these colors.

    Photo data: 16mm/ƒ/16/1/15s/ISO 100. Canon 5 D Mark IV and EF 16-35 mm lens, tripod. If anyone's interested, you can view more on my webpage or instagram.


    [–] Weekly Skeptics Discussion - March 11, 2018 Fishermang 1 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    Ah okey, then it refers to the really high levels where formue skatt kicks in. That is a part I didnt catch.

    I guess "virksomhet" would mean that you spend a considerable amount of time on it each day doing the actual trades. So much that it could count as at least a part-time job. Hence the word "systematic" they used. I guess bot trading would be a perfect example too.

    [–] Weekly Skeptics Discussion - March 11, 2018 Fishermang 1 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    This one:

    Regarding trading between cryptos: "Handel med virtuell valuta (trading) - Normal sporadisk handel med virtuelle valutaer vil ikke bli ansett som en virksomhet. Dersom handelen skjer regelmessig og det gjennomføres et betydelig antall transaksjoner vil handelen kunne anses som en virksomhet."

    It's an overall difficult text to read. It seems the key in this part is what "virksomhet" implies for the tax report.

    Anyway, this seems like what me and my friends also concluded, but never were 100% sure.

    Regarding the 1. january refers to "formuebeskatning": "Bitcoin er en eiendel i skattelovens forstand og er skattepliktig formue. Verdien fastsettes til omsetningsverdien i norske kroner pr. 1. januar året etter inntektsåret, jf. skatteloven § 4-1. Omsetningsverdien skal oppgis i skattemeldingens post 4.5.4 "Annen skattepliktig formue". For å finne riktig markedsverdi kan du for eksempel bruke sluttkursen fra markedsplasser der bitcoin omsettes, og offisielle kurser på USD/NOK fra Norges Bank."

    I have no idea how much tax you have to pay for "formue" which you are holding in crypto.

    [–] Weekly Skeptics Discussion - March 11, 2018 Fishermang 1 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    Norway or Sweden? I have been reading up on Norway tax law for crypto and actually it looks very much the same as in the US. Tax is calculated on your cryptocurrency holdings on January 1st. I am however confused how much you have to pay because it doesn't seem to count as something you gain, just something you own. If you on the other hand cash out in fiat - you have to pay standard tax.