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    [–] Turn Failure and Impostor Syndrome Into Your Next Landscape Photography Breakthrough Fishermang 0 points ago in photography

    the goal should never be to just take photographs. that is like having sex but being asexual while you do it. you have to like your scenery to take a picture of it that means something behind pixels.

    [–] Glad u liked my rubihorn pic. Here is the next one: Schrecksee - Alps. This time at sunset [6000x4000px] [OC] #nofilter Fishermang 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    The point is that every camera does a bunch of processing when it captures the photo. If your camera by default adds a boost in saturation, you can't say it is natural. That is actually a very lazy way of photographing, because your job as a photographer is to present a scene, and not let the camera do it for you. OP says he adjusted the exposure (lighting the darker areas) which by default already changes the colors - you can't affect any part of the image by using whites, black, shadow, exposure sliders without technically affecting the colors, but I am getting very technically picky here. It just pisses me off when people use the nofilter-tag as if it is something to brag about.

    [–] Liangelo Ball isn't even the top rated player out of Lithuania on ESPN's Best Available list Fishermang 7 points ago in nba

    that vote movement is actually just reddit jumping back and forth between syncs, or something like that. You can see that by observing the percentage, sometimes you will have 50 votes and it will say 100%. You reload and got 48 votes and the vote says 97%. You reload again and now it shows 52 and the percentage is once again 100%. It can't be one 100% if someone has downvoted it. Get it?

    [–] Best horror film of the past decade Fishermang 1 points ago in horror

    +1. loved everything about it, scared the hell out of me but at the same time inspired and motivated me, creatively among others.

    [–] Ethereal twilight reflecting on wet sands in Portugal [OC] [2048x1332] Fishermang 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    thanks! i used a 10 f-stop filter from lee (they call it big-stopper) to cover the whole scene

    [–] Saw this beautiful scene next to the road when driving around and had to stop for it. Took a very long exposure and this was the result! Italy (OC)[1920x1280] Fishermang 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    I disagree. I think this shot is edited too much to be considered realistic, because it adds a very strong element which obviously wasn't there - the spot light on the tree. I am glad someone is asking those questions, because it seems to me only people who have experience with processing photos are able to spot when something is edited a lot. Others click on it, accept what they see and move on. Without questioning that the light in the center that also magically adds a good boost of saturation would only be real if it was lit by a football stadium lamp.

    I am all for doing this sort of editing, but the photographer should explain what has been done without being called out for it. Unfortunately that standard doesn't exist. I guess it is a bit overreacting being critical to this when only two of hundreds of commentators care about this, but I think it is principally wrong to pass a shot of a scenery as "real" when it involves elements that weren't there.

    [–] Ethereal twilight reflecting on wet sands in Portugal [OC] [2048x1332] Fishermang 2 points ago in EarthPorn

    Yeah, it is so awesome to just follow the coast, so many interesting things to see, the beaches keep changing and views that get revealed are sometimes really epic. I am going back for another trip later this summer, can't wait!

    [–] Ethereal twilight reflecting on wet sands in Portugal [OC] [2048x1332] Fishermang 12 points ago in EarthPorn

    What's up Earthlings. This is a scene from the wild beach in Portugal, called Praia Da Adraga, near the Sintra area.

    I did a long exposure - a total of 150 seconds. It was done with a dark glass-filter placed in front of the lens which reduced the amount of light going into the camera. It is seemingly impossible to do a long exposure on sand that recently was soaked in water, unless you place CDs below the tripod legs (tip from Thomas Heaton). I managed to pull off only two long exposures during my trip in Portugal, and both were with tripod placed on a rock.

    Post-processed off one capture but through two sets (one to lighten up the black areas a bit). Plus various luminosity and levels adjustments to contrast, colors and light.

    The camera settings were like this: 16mm, ƒ/16, 150s, ISO 100. Camera is Canon 5D Mk IV.

    In case any one is interested, more of this kind of scenery is on my wepage, otherwise feel free to comment here, i love discussing photography and all things random.

    [–] Artists that sample choirs and other ethereal vocals? Fishermang 1 points ago in DarkAmbient

    lustmord - word as power: many different kind of vocals, chanting, choirs and ethereal

    metatron omega - sanctum (and others from the discography i think), but i am not sure if they have any female choirs going on

    [–] The Milky Way rising over Lake Tahoe [oc][2002x2644] Fishermang 3 points ago in EarthPorn

    this is what i would call a good astro shot. so tired of seeing photos that try to make it into something that it isnt. this one i can relate to you know? beautifully handled sky.

    [–] the upside down in lofoten (norway) [oc] [1200x1800] Fishermang 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    no idea how to define it technically. but i am referring to the difference in light one can percieve at the same time - our eyes can see a certain range of light and dark. cameras can't do that to the same extent, so you can't see a full detail in light of the sun and a darker shadow.

    [–] the upside down in lofoten (norway) [oc] [1200x1800] Fishermang 2 points ago in EarthPorn

    No camera exists that can do that, since our eyes perceive more depth in the light range than any camera can capture. The camera can't properly guess the correct colors either.

    [–] the upside down in lofoten (norway) [oc] [1200x1800] Fishermang 2 points ago in EarthPorn

    it theoretically can't, because the camera in raw collects all the information, but shows very little of it - the photographer has to do all that work that camera does personally. I think it is way more fun that way, and I totally agree with your point regarding how it feels like being there.