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    [–] Albie with the casual card trick.. Fizrock 7 points ago in LivestreamFail

    I’m pretty sure Lennart Green invented this trick, along with about a billion others.

    [–] Blue Origin New Shepard NS-3 Launch Thread | Flight #3 | High-Altitude Escape Test Fizrock 1 points ago in BlueOrigin

    Any healthy, trained person shouldn’t, but Joe Shmoe could easily lose it at that, even if it’s only for a second or two.

    [–] Blue Origin New Shepard NS-3 Launch Thread | Flight #3 | High-Altitude Escape Test Fizrock 0 points ago in BlueOrigin

    I don’t think the 10gs is during the burn. I’m pretty sure it’s when the capsule is reentering from the higher altitude.

    [–] What happened to the post about Starliner? Fizrock 6 points ago in SpaceXLounge

    That could only be used during a tiny window of the launch.

    [–] Tesla Model 3 unmanned on Autopilot travels 1,000 km on a single charge in new hypermiling record Fizrock 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in technology

    The title doesn’t say it holds the overall hupermiling record though. It just says it holds a record.

    Also, it definitely matters if it’s a production car. It’s easy to make a custom car that can do crazy stuff. It’s a different thing to make a production car that’s actually useful that can do that. Just as an example, there are custom, gas powered cars that can do 1000+ mpg.

    [–] The puzzle door in snow veil sanctum originally shows two birds and one snake (Two nightingales + a traitor) Fizrock -2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in skyrim

    The metrosexual fruitcake.

    You guys are jerks. and Bethesda fanboys. Does it feel good constantly mocking true gamers in your little shitsub? Does it make you feel important to praise Bethesda for creating shitty games? There is a reason for the critique you know. You see, Fallout 4 is an okay game, it is not just a good Fallout game. Nobody said ANYTHING I MEAN ANYTHING about it being a shit game. IT IS A SHIT FALLOUT GAME YOU IDIOTS. Like stated before, if you are expecting an RPG, I would suggest playing The Witcher 3 instead. That isn't a smug opinion that is a fact, just compare the games. Characters, story, graphics, gameplay and lore are all subpar in F4. The Witcher 3 is better, deal with it you cunts. Superior to F4 in every way, and that isn't just my opinion. It is a measurable fact by the deepness of both gameworlds. I am not going to link to the studies comparing the two but check your facts. Fallout 4 is as shallow as a pool for kids, TW3 has incredible story depth and character depth. STOP PRAISING BETHESDA BLINDLY AND PLEASE LOOK AT THE FACTS. The morality of the game isn't Bethesda and childish, but takes a wide array of colours. CDPR deserve the praise they get. But you sit there jerking off to people telling the truth about a good game like its a sin? Yes, The Witcher 3 is that good. Deal with it. Sorry that it hurt your little Fallout fanboy arsehole. But we true gamers who know what true RPGs are all about won't be silenced, especially not by such a shitty sub as this one.

    EDIT: wtf stop downvoting my comment and stop making fun of me you guys are silly losers. You know what? you guys aren't even worthy of being recommended TW3, so I take it back... I mean, Fallout is probably a good game for you to keep playing, for your minds seem to be as shallow as the Commonwealth.

    you know whats funny? I dont even care how much you downvote me. At the end of the day, people are going to be playing and giving TW3 the praise it deserves, Fallout 4 is going to suck and be forgotten and you guys are going to sit here throwing around your pathetic little jokes. It doesn't really matter, truth will prevail. I'm out.

    [–] Tesla Model 3 unmanned on Autopilot travels 1,000 km on a single charge in new hypermiling record Fizrock 8 points ago in technology

    Having a million karma myself, I can tell you that learning the ways of reddit and getting regular and repeated content earning tons of upvotes is extremely easy. You get to the point where you can literally just glance at a piece of content and tell with a high degree of certainty if it will head towards the front page. It definitely doesn’t take a genius.

    [–] What the Thai Cave Rescuers really thought about Elon's Submarine Fizrock 5 points ago in videos

    They retweeted the two not from themselves. Don’t know if you can see that with the link.

    [–] how dare you low-IQ simpletons taint MY pure memes?? Fizrock 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    He's right, at least with the picture linked above. His lips were smoothed out, at the very least.

    [–] My bag doesn't fit Fizrock 18 points ago in WTF

    Well, I said "what the fuck" under my breath when I saw this gif, so I guess it counts, according to the sidebar.

    [–] My bag doesn't fit Fizrock 71 points ago in WTF

    It is now.

    [–] Megathread: Mueller indicts 12 Russians for hacking into DNC Fizrock 11 points ago in politics

    Don't need to hack the voting machines if you just hack the people voting. Hell of a lot easier to do that as well.