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    [–] Air Force smallsat to fly on upcoming Falcon 9 launch Fizrock 3 points ago in spacex

    I'm pretty sure one county's satellite touching another country's satellites is technically an act of war, so there are definitely some crazy circumstances that would have to be in play for the US to be casually dropping people's satellites back to earth.

    Imagine the flex, though. Deorbiting a country's satellite over that country, so bits of debris rain down on it.

    [–] Air Force smallsat to fly on upcoming Falcon 9 launch Fizrock 4 points ago in spacex

    This new form of satellite espionage/warfare we've started to see over the last decade or so is fascinating. I'm genuinely curious to see where it goes. Zuma probably would have been a next step in that, but we'll probably never figure out exactly what that was supposed to be.

    [–] Weedkiller 'raises risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 41%' | Business Fizrock 19 points ago in news

    It’s only a study of people repeatedly exposed to large doses, ie the people applying it. The study specifically excludes low doses like you get from eating food that was sprayed with it.

    This study is really not all that interesting, tbh. I don’t think anyone is very surprised that high doses of something designed to kill things is bad for you.

    [–] Apparently, grid fins have been around for a long time. Fizrock 14 points ago in SpaceXLounge

    They are currently used on some bombs, and the Soyuz uses them for the abort system.

    [–] Judge voids Paul Manafort plea deal, says he 'intentionally' lied to law enforcement Fizrock 5 points ago in news

    Or he’s just an idiot. Defrauding the government so you can keep a few extra million on top of he tens of millions you’re getting anyway is amazingly stupid. We also already know that he’s completely deranged based on his daughter’s texts that got leaked a while back.

    [–] @SciGuySpace "Officially NASA doesn't believe StarShip SuperHeavy are real... SpaceX really will have to build it first." Fizrock 13 points ago in SpaceXLounge

    The second stage certainly isn't built, and that is one of the few NEW items.

    The second stage for the first SLS flight was finished 2 years ago.

    [–] This 'meme' unironically posted to TP's Facebook has Soo much wrong with it you could dedicate a college course to it Fizrock 2 points ago in ToiletPaperUSA

    Literally the only man-rated rockets ever built that don’t use kerosene are the Space shuttle and China’s manned rockets, which use hypergolics. The space shuttle is the only man rated rocket ever to only use hydrogen. Hydrogen is not inherently safer than kerosene. The decision of what fuel to use is normally not based on safety.

    [–] This 'meme' unironically posted to TP's Facebook has Soo much wrong with it you could dedicate a college course to it Fizrock 5 points ago in ToiletPaperUSA

    ⁠Even if they meant the Saturn V moonrocket which used kerosene they phased out kerosene for hyrdolox for efficiency and saftey reasons on most launch vehicles decades ago.

    That is not even remotely true. The SpaceX Falcon 9, ULA’s Atlas V, and the Russian Soyuz are all still using Kerosene.

    [–] IRS: Average tax refund down 8.4 percent so far in 2019 Fizrock 6 points ago in news

    Also, probably less, but I'm more interested in seeing what the middle and lower classes paid.

    [–] What if we are the first? Fizrock 1 points ago in space

    Yeah, but the other things I linked do. You were arguing that we have no idea how life can come from non-life, and I pointed out that we do, in fact, have a very good idea how it happens.

    [–] What if we are the first? Fizrock 1 points ago in space

    So what exactly is your point?

    [–] What if we are the first? Fizrock 2 points ago in space

    We created the first synthetic cell with man-made DNA back in 2016, which was itself an improvement on another synthetic cell made back in 2010. We've also been experimenting with creating complex biological molecules from the simulated conditions of early earth for a while, too. A lot of these molecules are common enough that they've even been found on meteorites. We also found and amino acid and some other molecules on 67P.

    [–] What if we are the first? Fizrock 0 points ago in space

    The thing that people don't consider is that we have no idea about what makes a non-living thing into a living thing.

    That's not true at all. We have a pretty good idea. We may not know the exact conditions, but we can replicate making some pretty complicated biological molecules from nothing.

    [–] One year ago today, I was able to capture this while watching the livestream of the Roadster being launched into space. Fizrock 13 points ago in space

    It's not that. Just looked like camera glare or a thruster firing to me. The sparkles are just bits of ice. They are present all the time in these videos.

    [–] Crew Dragon delayed to NET March Fizrock 65 points ago in spacex

    Isn't this news a week or so old?

    [–] METHOD 10/9 Fizrock -1 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Method ended up having a higher average ilvl in the end.

    Nope. Limit still has higher ilvl, even after the kill.