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    [–] Gwynne Shotwell's Ted Talk is up. Fizrock 1 points ago in spacex

    That would get insanely heavy very quickly. That would probably be beyond the lifting capacity of a single launch.

    [–] A Mage got uppity after I called them out. There was just one problem: Fizrock 278 points ago in wow

    did you mean to type /r/MurderedByWords ?, I'm a bot beep boop and this action was performed automatically

    [–] Unknown booster spotted leaving the Cape Fizrock 8 points ago in spacex

    Extremely unlikely that it could have been wrapped up that fast.

    [–] Netflix The WITCHER TV series news: 8 episodes, 2020 air date, will adapt the first two books and will film in Poland. Fizrock 3 points ago in television

    The new book is not a continuation of the story. It takes place after The Last Wish. The story is done.

    I really don't get how you think the ending with Geralt and Yen is not concrete, but ok I guess.

    Also, it's Season of Storms.

    Also, it isn't the end of the books either. He's writing another one. Probably a spin off like SoS.

    [–] TESS | Landing Fizrock 5 points ago in spacex

    Really interesting on that landing how it stopped a bit off the deck, then cut engines and fell the last few feet. You can see that the engines are way closer to the deck than normal too because of how crushed the legs are.

    [–] Will I enjoy this game? Fizrock 3 points ago in witcher

    Playing the previous games and reading the books will increase your enjoyment of it, but you most certainly do not need to do either of those things to enjoy it. The story is separate from the previous stories, and it explains itself well. You'll be fine. Most people jumped into 3 without prior knowledge.

    If you want, you can watch some lore recaps. I'll toss you some links if you want.

    [–] People are crowdfunding a new couch for Elon Musk, who owns five mansions Fizrock 2 points ago in EnoughMuskSpam

    There was a sleeping bag too. I don't think we have much of a reason to believe that he's not. He's known for doing this kind of shit.

    Just because you can afford something, doesn't mean you spend money on it. There was that gif on the first page the other day of Bezos driving around in his shitty Honda when his net worth was $10 billion.

    [–] Tess succesfully launches into orbit Fizrock 3 points ago in space

    Yeah, that picture doesn't show the moon, but that part at the start of the purple line where it goes at a weird angle is the lunar gravity assist.

    [–] Tess succesfully launches into orbit Fizrock 34 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in space

    It's still in the coast phase as of this comment. Going to to the final burn in 10 minutes. The trajectory that it's taking is super wonky.

    edit: Final burn is complete, and TESS has been released.

    [–] Asmongold duels troll "Asmonsuckz" Fizrock 23 points ago in LivestreamFail

    I'm pretty sure that's a trial character.

    [–] One Fatality Confirmed From WN1380 Fizrock 9 points ago in aviation

    I highly doubt sucked out the window. More than likely they were sitting in the seat next the the window, and got knocked in the head by whatever shattered the window.

    edit: CNN says someone was seriously injured by debris, so I would assume that person died.

    [–] TESS Press Kit Fizrock 5 points ago in spacex

    Cool. A patch with a landing Falcon on a mission where a Falcon actually lands, unlike some recent ones.

    [–] Koenigsmann: This TESS booster is planned to fly again on the next CRS mission pending NASA approval. #SpaceX Fizrock 57 points ago in spacex

    He explains it in the tweet, but basically if they tried to fly all the way back to land, they would have less fuel left for the re-entry burn, meaning that part of the flight would be much harder on the booster.