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    [–] How do you handle family members asking for handouts/borrowing money? Flablessguy 9 points ago in financialindependence

    I see OP’s question is answered, so I’d like to piggyback off this thread.

    I’m worried about one of my parents and also one of my wife’s parents not having a retirement set up. I’m 26 and and just started my retirement account 3 years ago. However, I’m already worried that retirement money isn’t just for me and my wife. How do you guys handle retirement age parents that didn’t save up?

    My wife’s dad is beyond fucked. He is getting scammed out of all his money and refuses to accept the truth. My wife thinks he’s going to drink himself to death before we have to worry about it, but I’m not that lucky. How should I handle this?

    My parent I’m worried about shouldn’t have any issues saving, but she spends rather lavishly and blew through her new husband’s savings account in a year. So I’m pretty certain she doesn’t have a retirement account. I want to talk to her about it, but I’m not sure how to approach it without coming off like an ass. I know she’s a grown woman and it’s not technically my responsibility to take care of her.

    Obviously I shouldn’t have to take care of these two, but I won’t let them rot on the streets.

    Right now I don’t know their financial situation entirely. My wife’s dad could have money saved up, but I doubt it. He’s an alcoholic, former drug addict, very impulsive history. He sends $100’s a month to this “woman” in Nigeria or some shit. At first he was supposed to send $10,000 to get her “millions of dollars released from the bank.” And now he’s $30,000 short of making the release mark. I don’t know how the fuck he’s falling for this. My wife has tried talking to him about it. He just won’t have it. Because he’s gonna be rich. I don’t want him to come visit us. I don’t know how to word why. I just don’t want him coming around, sending money to Nigeria, and then come of retirement age and expect us to take care of him.

    My mom just likes spending money. I have no idea what her situation is. I just know she buys a ton of shit she doesn’t need. I think it would be easier to talk to her, I’m just not sure what I should say.

    [–] Not wrong though Flablessguy 1 points ago in dankmemes

    /b/ isn’t a thing anymore. It’s just a glorified, confused /pol/ with a lot of gay furry porn. You get some edgy retards in there that are liberal af, but call people faggots at the same time. I think it’s just one big summer Reddit now.

    [–] Man pays for attacking taunting skater kids Flablessguy 0 points ago in JusticeServed

    You need to give people a chance to back off. Coming up and attacking someone with a weapon after they’re down is simply not self defense.

    [–] Planning to propose today. Wish me luck friends. Flablessguy -1 points ago in pics

    That’s funny I don’t remember saying yes.

    Or being a woman.

    Yay us!

    [–] Man pays for attacking taunting skater kids Flablessguy -10 points ago in JusticeServed

    You’re right, that’s the point of self defense. Match the level of force, and stop when they stop.

    What was he doing when he was trying to get up? Speculation is speculation. Until that man gets back up AND tries something again, he’s not a threat.

    I work in physical security and it’s literally my job to know this stuff.

    [–] Man pays for attacking taunting skater kids Flablessguy -19 points ago * (lasted edited 21 hours ago) in JusticeServed

    Technically the kid also escalated the situation by going from fists to a weapon. The man can be charged with assault, child endangerment, and possibly other stuff, but the kid can be charged with aggravated assault or worse. Since the man was faced faced with such a retaliation I would imagine the kid may have it worse off than him. I’m not totally certain. I’m a little drunk so correct me if I’m wrong. :)

    Downvotes and no replies means I win. 🍻

    [–] Man pays for attacking taunting skater kids Flablessguy -10 points ago in JusticeServed

    The hit with a skateboard was not self defense. The man was no longer posing a threat after being knocked to the ground (which he deserved), but it was unnecessary to hit him with a skateboard. I’m secretly rooting for the kid because fuck that guy, but he was still wrong to do that.

    [–] True power Flablessguy 6 points ago in dankmemes

    Nice try mods. I don’t do reach arounds.

    [–] "Don't bring your screaming kids to a movie for teens and adults" should not be a controversial opinion. Flablessguy 2 points ago in unpopularopinion

    if you can’t keep your kids quiet for 3 hours

    This is why I don’t take my kids to the movies. My kids don’t usually scream or act out even though ones an toddler and the other is an infant. I still won’t risk it and take them to the movies.

    [–] Well said! Flablessguy 1 points ago in JonWinsTheThrone

    Hoes in da door

    [–] [Request] Make this the camera! Flablessguy 43 points ago in jailbreak

    What if it levitates, turns, and snaps pictures telepathically

    [–] [Request] Make this the camera! Flablessguy 40 points ago in jailbreak

    I think a side button would be better. I find tapping the screen sometimes can jostle the camera just a petabetagillionkilopicomillimeter and it loses focus when the picture is taken.

    [–] Can Valofe bounce back? Flablessguy 1 points ago in FantasyWarTactics

    I know what a sunk cost fallacy is lol

    [–] Unpopular opinion time. Dont @ me Flablessguy -1 points ago in USMC

    Damn that’s some serious senior staff NCO burn right there lmao

    [–] Parents, what's something your kid has done that made you go "No DNA test needed. That kid is mine."? Flablessguy 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My daughter also stays up 3 hours past bed time and then sleeps like a rock. Literally neither her nor I wake up for shit.