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    [–] I love my dogs but seven dogs can be costly. I made new dog beds instead of buying them. Flaming_gerbil 35 points ago in Frugal

    Fark I never considered this! Had to throw out my dog bed as it was ruined (she's had it 3 years and it only cost £5 so not bad) but I also just chucked out my daughters old cot bed mattress as it had outlived it's use, now I wish I'd kept it for the pup instead of shelling out another £10 on a new bed!

    [–] What show did you start, give up in the middle and never finish? Why? Flaming_gerbil 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Came to say this, after the death of the governor it all felt pretty samey. The odd stand out episode, but for the most part it became stake for me. I also enjoyed the characters less and less and the realist in me was thinking that after 5 years most of the zombies should have rotted away to nothing, especially in and around Georgia.

    [–] Not sure if this is a dog or a Pokémon. Flaming_gerbil -5 points ago in rarepuppers

    Not sure, but if it was anymore inbred, it'd be a sandwich.

    [–] I was raised as an only child Flaming_gerbil 1 points ago in Jokes

    Whoops so it is haha oh well

    [–] I was raised as an only child Flaming_gerbil 1 points ago in Jokes

    1 nowhere near

    2 funny idea, but nowhere near either lol.

    [–] I was raised as an only child Flaming_gerbil 3 points ago in Jokes

    A man is approaching the middle of a field. He knows when he gets there he will die and there's nothing he can do about it. Why?

    A woman is hanging from the ceiling, dead, in a room that is locked from the inside with no other way in or out. The only other thing in the room is a pool of water. How did she die?

    [–] Other 70s/80s kids ,what is the weirdest thing you remember being a normal thing that would probably result in a child services case now? Flaming_gerbil 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Shandy was always 50/50 when I was a kid and in my 20s as a bartender. Was perfectly acceptable for kids to drink half a shandy or 2 with a meal, and technically its still legal in the UK, bu only if you're over 14 in a bar, or, I believe 5 in your own home.

    [–] Day 1 of lifelong friendship Flaming_gerbil 1 points ago in aww

    You shouldn't get down voted for this, while puppies/kittens etc are adorable, and letting them play with human babies is great, caution should always be exercised.

    Supervision and ensuring the child is safe, as well as the animals is paramount.

    As well as the risk of toxoplasmosis from faeces getting into a babies eyes, there's also the risk of a small child inadvertently harming a baby animal too.

    Animals and children can mix, but as responsible adults, we need to ensure both are safe and well looked after.

    [–] Men of Reddit, what was the moment that instantly made you lose your crush on someone? Flaming_gerbil 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Random fact for you, 'nothing' was a slang word for a vagina around Shakespearean times, much that same as pussy is now, so the play was a double entendre as it was about chasing skirt and nothing in particular.

    [–] As self driving cars become the norm, the term “self driving” will flip to describe someone still driving themself manually Flaming_gerbil 9 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Manual car has a 3 pedals including a clutch, and a gear shift.

    Semi automatic has 2 pedals and tiptronic or similar paddle shifters.

    Automatic has an 2 pedals, a lever to choose 'drive' or 'reverse' or 'park' and is usually seen with an American behind the wheel. /s

    It's not that complicated!

    [–] What are some “guy secrets” girls don’t know about? Flaming_gerbil 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Because you gorge on pizza and burgers instead of healthy leaves duh.

    [–] Green screen tattoo Flaming_gerbil 3 points ago in gifs

    You have 1 bad tattoo and no friends.

    [–] I'm in hospital and just had to draw the latest NHS look! Flaming_gerbil 4 points ago in pics

    No, and why would you want to? Then if you got ill you'd have to pay full costs of anything and that's just stupid expensive.

    [–] I'm in hospital and just had to draw the latest NHS look! Flaming_gerbil 2 points ago in pics

    Yes and those people don't pay national insurance as they opt out and pay private insurance instead. I had a job a few years ago that provided private healthcare insurance and I did not need to pay national insurance contributions as a result. The NHS is far from perfect, but it's a decent system.

    [–] I'm in hospital and just had to draw the latest NHS look! Flaming_gerbil 6 points ago in pics

    It's not a tax because you can actually opt out and go for private insurance instead. Get your facts straight.

    [–] I'm in hospital and just had to draw the latest NHS look! Flaming_gerbil 4 points ago in pics

    Depends how much you earn as to how that compares vs uk. We pay a percentage of our income. If you earn minimum wage you barely pay a penny, but get the same exact healthcare as a millionaire would on the NHS. You can get private insurance here too for higher quality healthcare, but most people don't.