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    [–] Why do you like ntr? FlemingArmor 2 points ago in netorare

    It’s a step up from rape. I don’t like ntr where the girl is cheating on a guy willingly the whole time. I like the humiliation aspect of the girl being forced to do things while also trying to somewhat fight back. So for me, it’s the rape/ blackmail aspect of netorare that I like and not entirely the cuckholding part.

    [–] Faith Marone (@faiithmarone) FlemingArmor 2 points ago in InternetStars

    What’s the specific name for the stocking she’s wearing?

    [–] Perfect body FlemingArmor 2 points ago in thick_hentai

    CYCLET] Fukushuu no Onna Shikan Heine ~Karada ni Kizamareru Inyoku no Program~

    [–] Bow WoW FlemingArmor 16 points ago in JessicaNigri

    Sign...unzip pants

    [–] Big thighs FlemingArmor 1 points ago in JizzedToThis

    Ashley Resch