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    [–] Statement from Neyman Fencing ForTexi 7 points ago in wma

    Here's the text pasted:

    "To all customers of Old NF who still waiting for their orders.

    Time to come clean
    Yes, I know this is very late, but I want to let everyone know what exactly happened with Neyman. You might notice that this post is written a bit differently – that's because I asked a friend to write it for me. And friends are also the reason I'm writing it in the first place, as I wanted to keep my private life out of the company, but they are simply too intertwined.

    First, the most important thing: I intend to honor all orders. There have been some bad business choices and a lot of misfortune going on, which has left me with basically no money. However, I have sold my house, and once I get the money, I will be able to fulfill the orders. This should start happening around september.

    Now to explain some of the misfortunes. Many mocked the information that the owner of Neyman is ill, but hopefully some more information will let the community know that there are people behind Neyman that really did not want things to go the way they went.

    First, the business decisions. We put a lot of money into developing the Armadillos, and those didn't turn out as they should have. Then, there was the Danelli partnership, which was also not cheap, but we couldn't bring to fruition. We were counting on recouping the investement when we could actually start selling the products, but that didn't happen, and that was our fault.

    However, afterwards is when things really started to go south. I got Herpes Simplex Encephalitis – an inflammation of the brain, to put it simply. It was so bad that death was a realistic option, and I needed Paulina, my wife and co-owner of Neyman, to take care of me. This meant that the company was suddenly without its leadership. This lasted for almost three months, and the people who made the decision in that time were either not HEMAists or did not have any business experience. Due to my illness and the lost money, many employees started thinking that the company would sink and left. And that is what happened. We had to close the company, and we opened a new one. We still owe a lot of people, and will try to make it right.

    This, combined with some personal issues unrelated to Neyman Fencing, has wrought a heavy toll on us. When I said that one of the owners of Neyman is ill, I meant my wife. She has slipped into depression and attempted suicide. She is in therapy now.

    As you can imagine, this has left us with basically no money. This means we can’t get the materials needed to finish old orders, even though I would like nothing more. That is also why you might have been hearing that current orders are more on time – not all of them, since most of my employees are gone, but I am trying as hard as I can. When I can, I get materials for old orders and try to ship them out as well.
    So please, I understand why you don’t want to order, but know that I never meant to, and still don’t mean to, steal money from anyone. I really cannot give you a refund; but I will make your order. I know that at this point, it is a lot to ask for patience, but I truly have no other choice. The money from selling the house is planned to come to me in September, and that is when I can truly try and pay at least the majority of Neyman’s debts.


    [–] What about instead of a Guild Wars 3 we would get a Guild Wars 1.5 set in Cantha ForTexi 0 points ago in Guildwars2

    And here I thought downvote was not a "disagree" button.

    I just like toying around with ideas, hopefully these thoughts sparked someone's imagination. Sorry they did not hit home with you.

    [–] What about instead of a Guild Wars 3 we would get a Guild Wars 1.5 set in Cantha ForTexi -4 points ago in Guildwars2

    Yeah I agree that excessive nostalgia jerking has been problematic. However, if thinking about a new game, I think many would prefer it to be anchored somewhere familiar. Elona and Central Tyria has already been explored in GW2, so Cantha seemed fitting. Also the city-emphasis would be cool, since current gw2 cities are awfully small.

    [–] What about instead of a Guild Wars 3 we would get a Guild Wars 1.5 set in Cantha ForTexi -3 points ago in Guildwars2

    Yup mobile will do that. Removed the other posts.

    Dunno why I'm getting downvoted though, maybe because the triple post?

    [–] Looking for a good quality longsword ForTexi 1 points ago in wma

    I think they do make them sharp too, you just have to ask them: see, e.g.,

    [–] Hmm... ForTexi 19 points ago in witcher

    Its not in the books.

    [–] Twice the pride double the fall ForTexi 3 points ago in wma

    How do I double-upvote this?

    [–] Share your tips regarding heat maintenance when sparring! ForTexi 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in wma

    I'm often confused about what fabric material breathes the best. Often I read that natural fibers like cotton breathe better than plastic-based polyester (especially concerning bed linen), but other times I hear that polyester is much better.

    I'm definately gonna look around for some reliable comparisons of different fabrics now.

    Edit: Apparently cotton is more breathable, but also retains more water (=sweat). That's why polyester is better when you're sweating a lot.

    [–] Made out of Nekker Ballsack™️ ForTexi 1 points ago in witcher

    Is there yet a mod to replace Nilfgaardian armor in Witcher 3 with the ones from the show?...

    [–] Hey guys I just started the game and got 1k cc for 20$and this was the multi my questions are is if you pull a toon 4.5*and then turn it into a 5*is basically the same thing as getting the 5*but without having to do the grind basically!?The other question is with the 🎫 I got Suzette was that good!? ForTexi 1 points ago in AnotherEdenGlobal

    Just a tip: If you have paid stones and want to be as efficient as possible, you should save them for quaranteed 5* summons that are available every now and then with paid stones. You cant use free stones for them.

    Free stones are quite plentiful, especially when you're starting the game. You should always save up to 1000 for a 10x summon with a quaranteed 4*.

    I think you got a great starting team! Good luck, and have fun!

    [–] Tsubame Naruto runs ForTexi 14 points ago in AnotherEdenGlobal

    Nice try WFS ;P

    [–] Another Eden crash thread ForTexi 2 points ago in AnotherEdenGlobal

    I posted a while ago that Morgana and Joker can cause crashes if they are in your team:

    So if you're burned out by the crashes, you might try to play without them in your team and see if that helps.