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    [–] What is your favorite smell, and why? Forcipate 1 points ago in AskReddit

    The perfume of a girl I used to have a crush on really catches me off guard The smell of cooking doughnuts takes me back to when we used to go on holiday by the seaside There's some kind of plant I haven't identified yet (maybe I could sniff it down and post a pic?) that takes me back to where my friends used to skip class back in high school. It must have grown there. I wonder if they would recognise the smell, I would 100% grow some in my garden (:

    [–] What’s an unspoken rule that is universally accepted? Forcipate 8399 points ago in AskReddit

    The internet is forever, so be damn fucking careful what you put on it- especially if your real name/face/details are attached. People will find them and bring them up at the worst possible times. A few seconds of thinking about if it's really a good idea to post that comment or whatever can do a lot of good.