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    [–] 25 Billion Isk Enyo lol. Another Great Deal of the Day! FourdubStudios -13 points ago in Eve

    Whatever you need to believe, so you feel better about yourself :p

    [–] 25 Billion Isk Enyo lol. Another Great Deal of the Day! FourdubStudios -63 points ago in Eve

    awww, the only people crying RMT, are the poor. Just because you cant believe anyone is this stupid, makes you fall into the same category as the Victim. well almost the same category, we know you cant afford it :p

    [–] First Test Drive of Stretched X-Maxx Lambo Powerwheels. 47inches. 8s. RWD Test. Skip to 2:10 for driving! FourdubStudios 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in radiocontrol

    This is a test run. Just making sure it had the power to move the body. The tires are the stock v2 x-maxx tires and a bit too tall, going any faster would've made them rub on the body. you can actually hear it rubbing already. I didn't want to hurt the vehicle, so this is the first test run. Next test will be with Hostile Racing 5t Slicks. Smaller tire so less rubbing, can hopefully get on the throttle more. (v2 x-maxx has a kush drive, nothing on the front of the rear diff, is losing power also, getting two center driveshafts, cut and welded to the length I need, that will fix the "whine" you hear)

    [–] Northern California Knowledge FourdubStudios 2 points ago in Prospecting

    sweet! glad there was some.

    Hope you can meet some cool people at those events/meetings.

    [–] Northern California Knowledge FourdubStudios 3 points ago in Prospecting

    Hey there if you don't mind paying a little for access, you could join a club.

    is a list of official California clubs, but there may be just as good ones not on this list if your area.

    the club I belong to, you get access to their claims, and/or if they/you are gpaa they can also goto any gpaa claim with them.

    Gold Prospectors of America Association. go there put in your zipcode or whatnot and see if they have any claims in your area. benefit over a club vs gpaa, is the clubs usually meet once a month somewhere in town for a meeting. gpaa has big centralized events, might be far away. ect ect.

    here by san Bernardino mountians, I'm in a club and gpaa for more areas to hit.

    just a start, also get on google for rock shop or prospecting gear sellers in your area or nearby. go check em out. see if the rockshop holds events.

    hope this helps!

    [–] Crushing some rocks my friend inherited. Sore Thumb Rock Crusher in Action! Sorry we don't know where the mine is! FourdubStudios 2 points ago in Prospecting

    Yes, the specks and flecks and streaks of gold on the outside, were the reason why I hit them with the metal detector. I would for sure hit any rock your suspicious of with a metal detector. I used a "Falcon md-20" to detect there was gold in them. the rock in the middle is an example of what some of them looked like. you can see the gold vein right on the surface of the rock.

    if you go on ebay and type in "gold specimen" you will see a lot of listings of rocks with a fleck or small vein of gold running thru them. these pictures can help you identify the ones by eye. I don't trust my eyes anymore, I use the metal detector.

    hope this helps, ask me any other questions and I will try to respond!

    [–] What's the craziest thing you've seen your pet do? FourdubStudios 1 points ago in AskReddit

    walking in the house, to see the dog on top of the fridge, eating cereal out of the cabinets.... He ate some pizza on top of the stove, climbed up there, ate the doughnuts on top of the fridge, climbed up there, opened the cabinet door starting eating cereal.. I walk in, he looks over his shoulder at me, and falls to the kitchen floor. he was ok. edit: 65lb german shorthair...