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    [–] Honk honk! Fox_Scoopz 3 points ago in honkler

    that probably couldn't pick up a brick

    [–] Last post was 5 days again! Fox_Scoopz 18 points ago in lowkeyterrorism

    Mate then post some shit.

    I suggest looking at subs like r/mildyinfuriating and sometimes r/hmmm

    [–] In honor of the top post on r/conspiracy regarding the 'circle of diversity', I made a few edits to make it more relevant to the current state of their sub. Fox_Scoopz -2 points ago in TopMindsOfReddit

    ok listen here shitlips i am not putting up with your phony cunt shit you fucking worthless degenerate piece of shit. You should fucking go lay underneath a fucking holden monaro and willingly fucking let it run you over until you have nothing left of your worthless, shilled, pathetic excuse of a human body, you absolute fucking wank stain of a cunt