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    [–] r/lowkeyterrorism is no longer accepting mod requests Fox_Scoopz 1 points ago in lowkeyterrorism

    could i be a mod since i inspired this sub with my carpeted kitchen post on r/shittysuperpowers?

    [–] man said "kitchen carpet" Fox_Scoopz 3 points ago in lowkeyterrorism

    I made this post that inspired this sub on r/shittysuperpowers

    [–] You can carpet any kitchen floor you see. Fox_Scoopz 1 points ago in shittysuperpowers

    Shit guys this blew up. Silver, too. Thanks guys

    [–] HD Gridlock Portrait Fox_Scoopz 0 points ago in Rainbow6

    Mate this is one of the coolest dlc operators i have seen in a long time (since jackal imo). This isn't because i am australian, but because of how fucken awesome this cunt looks. Fresh mad max vibe, looks like a funny character, absolute legend

    [–] US Presidents Alignment Chart Fox_Scoopz 3 points ago in AlignmentCharts

    i would put trump on chaotic neutral, he is not evil, nor too good

    [–] CB Bingo Fox_Scoopz 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    thanks for the exposure. Check my post history. You made a better version of mine

    [–] Virgin Slenderman vs. Chad Mothman Fox_Scoopz 16 points ago in virginvschad

    although 76 was not the greatest game (although i really fucking love it) the design for the cryptids, especially mothman, were mad

    [–] Talented artist reiqinstagram on Instagram, some perfect doom artwork for you to enjoy Fox_Scoopz 2 points ago in Doom

    we need a doom game for kids where you play as the Lil' Doomguy and you have to share your love and support with the demons by using your hands and your friendship emitters

    [–] The "better" record starter pack Fox_Scoopz 7 points ago in starterpacks

    dopesmoker sure is good, but who can find a riff better than the one in dragonaut, both bass and guitar

    [–] Albums that are overused in starter packs Fox_Scoopz 1 points ago in starterpacks

    all of these are correct except for the beach boys....

    [–] You see comrade, furries can ruin everything, even the red army! Fox_Scoopz 1 points ago in YouSeeComrade

    As soon as a comrade sees a furry commie, they turn to mussolini and ask for help