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    [–] The scotsmans wife vs doom Fox_Scoopz 1 points ago in whowouldwin

    The slayer has the praetor armour, which is the ultimate suit of armour. He also is the doom slayer.... he wins

    [–] cursed_themepark Fox_Scoopz 1 points ago in cursedimages

    Luna park is the fucken best. Love going there.

    [–] The virgin Doom Song vs The Chad Doom Song Fox_Scoopz 14 points ago in virginvschad

    and the thad Doom Song (Doom City by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard)

    [–] Be like Stuart Little Fox_Scoopz 15 points ago in GamersRiseUp

    this is not fucking right. israel is not a nation, but stuart little is a FUCKING LIAR AND A PIECE OF SHIT THAT RAT FUCKING DOESNT PAY TAXES AND IS A CRIMINAL. HE STOLE MY KIDS AND WIFE AND SET THEM ABLAZE INFRONT OF ME... i will get revenge. Just wait and see you piece of shit. I got my m1911. I swear to god. My pistol holds 7 + 1, more than enough to kill your tiny pathetic body that is made of pure hatred and all 7 sins. Next time you see me, my .45 will be in one hand and the hatred, anger and fury of all of your victims IN THE FUCKING OTHER ARGGHHHHH

    [–] me_irl Fox_Scoopz 3 points ago in me_irl

    i am really tall so i have to walk up two stairs at a time. odd stairs are evil

    [–] Antifascists strike again Fox_Scoopz -12 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    y'know, these "anti fascists" in the image were more right leaning and hitler was a socialist...

    [–] My eyes after I was in a car accident... They were like this for about a month Fox_Scoopz -49 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in WTF

    Hmmm... I saw your other picture you posted here and did a bit of research

    Your other picture doesn't look like the original image. One has freckles and the other doesnt. Also the eye "shapes" on the recent one is not the same as the other. Sure they are swollen in the original but the new ones are a different shape entirely.

    I also did some research on the eye shit. Subconjunctival hemorrhages usually go away in less than 2 weeks, but some last for around 2-3. You say a month originally and the new image from 2 weeks after show no sign of progress. It smells fishy

    And finally the car... It would have killed at least one, if not more, of the people in the car. You state everyone was ok.

    If this accident was real, please post another image of the car and the eyes to me

    EDIT: I saw the pictures and i would like to say i am sorry for this shit and no hard feelings!

    [–] Cursed_mascot Fox_Scoopz 72 points ago in cursedimages


    [–] Remove Tom Clancy's name from the game Fox_Scoopz 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    I do not the whole "Fascist countries' standards" quote. Am i out of the loop?

    [–] Moral berries (OC) Fox_Scoopz 1 points ago in AlignmentCharts

    In australia strawberries are chaotic evil. Fuckin needles

    [–] Losing the Argument Starter Pack Fox_Scoopz 11 points ago in starterpacks

    I like how you are not taking sides here. thank you (legit)

    [–] Abortion legalised in QLD overturning 119yr old law. Fox_Scoopz -52 points ago in australia

    i am somewhat disappointed, yet i cant be fucked because queensland is not me state, nsw is