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    [–] I Finally Beat the Blood Starved Beast!!! FreakyLatexMan 3 points ago in bloodborne

    As the dumb, impatient bastard that I am, I died the most to Rom but didn’t stumble too much against BSB

    [–] I dread 9/11 every year FreakyLatexMan 2 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    I was born on September 11, 2001 and I feel the same way

    [–] Triple ingrown toenail removal FreakyLatexMan 6 points ago in MedicalGore

    That’s what happened to me, I honestly wish I got that nail bed procedure done from the start. It would have saved a lot of pain.

    [–] I dont want to see any 9-11 jokes tomorrow FreakyLatexMan 11 points ago in darkjokes

    I was born 9/11/2001 but I’m in Australia so not as interesting

    [–] These guys actually have alot more personality than the monstrosities of BFV FreakyLatexMan 4 points ago in Battlefield

    I'm not necessarily calling bullshit but I ain't ever heard of a vet who likes to fuck his VR waifu

    [–] The body of Jack The Rippers Final Victim, Mary Jane Kelly FreakyLatexMan 3 points ago in MedicalGore

    Others say to Brisbane, Australia and is now buried in the Toowong cemetery

    [–] the tale of an orifice FreakyLatexMan 9 points ago in trippinthroughtime

    Who was your favorite host?

    [–] the tale of an orifice FreakyLatexMan 20 points ago in trippinthroughtime

    Can you please do an AMA

    [–] Cat. FreakyLatexMan 1 points ago in CatsStandingUp


    [–] Gatekeeping potatoes FreakyLatexMan 2 points ago in gatekeeping

    Hot chips, chips and chips

    [–] Careful not to get your shit Rocked FreakyLatexMan 5 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    It's like saying cunt in Australia, I'm sure if I went up to an American and let out an ol' "g'day cunt" they wouldn't be too happy.

    [–] CMV: The one handle method of temperature control for showers and taps is vastly inferior to the two handle method FreakyLatexMan 1 points ago in changemyview

    You make a good point about getting used to the overall position of the right temperature but that is not really applicable where I live in Melbourne. Down here the temperature varies between like 10 degrees and 40 with often only a day or two in between. I probably should have specified where I live in the post though.

    [–] See the problem here? FreakyLatexMan 1 points ago in Conservative

    Sounds about right mate, whenever a conservative is too stupid to understand something it's always blame the damn leftists.