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    [–] Made 112 cookies dyed with blue food coloring. 100 mg each FriendlyCows 1 points ago in treedibles

    Oh man he wanted to have fun with his cookies! He must be on the side of big pharma and trying to kill us all and poison our water supply!

    You’re just annoying.

    [–] This guy is impressive. FriendlyCows 10 points ago in BetterEveryLoop

    Yeah but what am I going to do, attatch it to my roof and my neighbors roof across the street and just bounce in the middle of the... I’m buying these.

    [–] Madlad orders insane amount of soda, employee chucks it in the oven! FriendlyCows 1 points ago in madlads

    Because it takes driving their car to do their job. Go check out /r/personalfinance You’ll thank me later

    [–] No editing, just makeup FriendlyCows 0 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in woahdude

    Your first comment was funny, your second was dumb. This comment is just sad.

    [–] Fantasy Fulfilled FriendlyCows 5 points ago in funny

    Nice commas.

    [–] We can finally legalise with this information FriendlyCows 11 points ago in trees

    Smoked salmon. A damn good way of preparing fish.

    [–] Accidently ate 900 mg of THC FriendlyCows 2 points ago in trees

    What’s this company and what’s the edible? I am having trouble believing that they intentionally mislabel their packaging.

    [–] I stuffed a King Palm for my own cannagar (3.5g) [9.69] FriendlyCows 13 points ago in trees

    Not really a cannagar.. just a blunt in a banana leaf. Also, 3.5g? How? Which size did you get? When I got one I could not fit more than a gram

    [–] This is what 27 and single looks like... FriendlyCows 4 points ago in trees

    Pet tax has been collected. Please move on.

    ^(P.S. that first picture looks like a movie cover)

    [–] I was hiking in the desert and ran into this FriendlyCows -20 points ago in trees

    You're already behind the curve if you're waiting for a person to teach you how to grow.

    [–] Surgery is just stabbing someone to life FriendlyCows 7 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I don’t know what you mean by “a thrust.” But I’d like to think that surgery tools are sharp enough to slice through your skin by looking at it.

    [–] When you get tired of getting up to pass the joint and ashtray FriendlyCows 0 points ago in StonerEngineering

    Everything is bad for you. Statistically speaking, everybody that has every touched anything has died eventually so far.

    [–] Shaun White 97.75 gold metal run FriendlyCows 1 points ago in sports

    Yeah I’d explain the trick to you but uh... eh.. it’s just really hard!