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    [–] Passive aggressive coffee shop signs FriendlyCows -11 points ago in standupshots


    can't just move on and need to tell everyone they dislike it

    make their own snowflake comment

    [–] (17F) Summer Internship paid off good and now I want to put that money into good use. FriendlyCows 8 points ago in personalfinance

    Credit cards don't cause bankruptcies, bad financial planning and/or very extremely terrible luck does.

    [–] What does "up and forward to the starboard..." during gq mean? FriendlyCows 2 points ago in navy

    Track suits are comfortable as hell. I love all the little vents and ankle-zippers. I'm not sure how the old ones are so I don't know what to compare them to. I do know that I was the last training group to get the phased out coveralls.

    [–] Ads FriendlyCows 1 points ago in catsthegame

    Bad bot.

    [–] I power washed a garden bench the wife gave me 16 years ago. FriendlyCows 2 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    I only pointed it out because the person who said "young Redditor" has only been a redditor for a year. That's like an 18 year old calling a 21 year old a youngster.

    [–] Recent Purchases - May 28 FriendlyCows 4 points ago in malefashionadvice

    Wow size 42? I only wear size 13!