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    [–] And the Fifth Best Girl is... Friendly_Fire 0 points ago in anime

    Some people think the "best girl" should be an interesting character, not one-dimensional NEET waifu bait.

    [–] [SALE] 8.2 Letter Friendly_Fire 3 points ago in albiononline

    Don't waste peoples time with ridiculous low-balls.

    OP I'll give you 420 rough logs.

    [–] [News] Survey Shows Most Gamers Don't Care About Lootboxes and other Industry Business News Friendly_Fire -4 points ago in MMORPG

    That's because there is nothing wrong with lootboxes. They can be done well or poorly just like almost any other thing in a game.

    [–] Why the hell do you still lose sr with a leaver? Friendly_Fire 1 points ago in Overwatch

    This is not true at all. League, Dota, CS, and every other competitive game have the same ruleset. Leavers on your team (who are not at the very beginning of the match so it's cancelled) do not stop you from losing rank.

    Why lie about this? What "hardcore competitive game" has a feature like this?

    To expand upon what calos said, consider the consequences. You can't have the winning team gain SR without the losing team lose SR. If SR is not balanced, the system will break (this is obvious yes? I don't have to explain it?). Well having someone ragequit right before you win to deny you your SR is even more frustrating to players than having leavers.

    If you continue this path of actually thinking about the consequences instead of just getting mad, you'll see why the current system is the best and why every game uses it.

    [–] A Brief Guide to Faction Warfare - Albion Online Forum Friendly_Fire 1 points ago in albiononline

    The capes are being interated on pretty quickly. Seems good that the martlock cape won't be a must pick for a lot of stuff. Maybe the bridge watch is still too good?

    [–] Two paintballs colliding midair Friendly_Fire 1 points ago in nevertellmetheodds

    Kinda sounds like y'all were just a scenario team and not "milsim" players like I was referring to.

    [–] Two paintballs colliding midair Friendly_Fire 2 points ago in nevertellmetheodds

    I didn't say anything about speedball, though they are generally good players. All the best scenario (or woodsball) teams wore jerseys too. Why? Because that was the optimal clothing. Covers your arms, but is as cool as possible. And since camo is pretty much worthless in paintball, they typically ended up colorful.

    Milsim players use a bunch of gear that is sub-optimal because they want to cosplay their soldier fantasy. Much worse is when they try to play how they think soldiers fight. Now it's just a game and people can have fun how they want. But you aren't going to be good if you focus on trying to look cool over performing well.

    And I read through your other comments, and am highly skeptical about your claims to "eat the fuck out of speedballers". For instance, there is no such thing as a paintball sniper (which everyone who isn't a newb knows). Every gun shoots the same distance, because your velocity is limited (let's ignore the flatline barrel for obvious reasons). My team sometimes brought out pumps too, but as a way to practice with random people on the weekend. Helped balance things out. It didn't make them "snipers". You also mentioned you'd "never see him" which is amusingly one of the exact criticisms of milsim players I have. Some of them will go off, sometimes with a gillie suit, and hide. They might get a couple of people in 20 minutes without being seen. They feel like a real badass, which is great for them, but sucks for their team who is effectively down one player because they are spending 95% of their team doing nothing while hiding.

    [–] Upcoming Balance Changes for Support Heroes Friendly_Fire 4 points ago in Overwatch

    1. Resurrect really isn't all there is to Mercy. She'd still be strong without it. She provides the most healing, it's incredibly easy/consistent, and she is also one of the hardest supports to kill with her rapid regen and super mobility.

    2. "Mechanics that make her fun" do not include her left click mindlessly pumping out insane healing. It's just going back to heal rate it used to have, anyway.

    [–] Two paintballs colliding midair Friendly_Fire 3 points ago in nevertellmetheodds

    Is there even such thing as an accurate paintball gun?

    Nope. You want a nice clean barrel/hopper, and as consistent velocity for your rounds as possible. Even with those perfect, you still have a lot of inaccuracy.

    There's a phase in paintball: accuracy through volume. Realistically, even if you get a lucky shot at distance, often enough speed is lost that the paintball will bounce off any non-hard surface.

    Paintball is a game played at close/medium ranges, but with a lot of people who are afraid to get hit sitting too far back to actually do anything.

    [–] Two paintballs colliding midair Friendly_Fire 78 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in nevertellmetheodds

    Pro-tip kids. The 30+ year olds in mil-sim gear are only marginally better than newbies. It's the teenagers wearing colorful jerseys that you should watch out for.

    [–] Obama Criticizes Leftist Shutdown Culture Friendly_Fire 11 points ago in neoliberal

    This is a strawman. I've never seen anyone try to force a university to let someone talk. The issue is when a university has agreed to have a speaker, usually at the request of student group, and people physically stop them. Pulling fire alarms, blocking areas, using sirens, etc.

    [–] [Spoilers] DARLING in the FRANXX - Episode 20 discussion Friendly_Fire 1 points ago in anime

    So I just finished this show and am dying reading these threads. People trying to be as absurd as possible, and didn't even get to the level of what happened.

    [–] Guy in r/communism claims that the 9/11 attacks were valid, and that the passengers, firefighters and volunteers were just collateral damage. Drama ensues Friendly_Fire -8 points ago in SubredditDrama

    I'm certainly not saying all US wars have been justified, nor that consequences of these wars have not limited food/water to some people. However, there is no country facing mass starvation today because of the US, and the vast majority of countries with hunger problems have never been invaded. 3 million people per year is a ridiculous number, a huge chunk of the total number of people who die from hunger every year.

    It's simply an insane "blame everything on the US" jump in reasoning with no evidence.

    [–] Guy in r/communism claims that the 9/11 attacks were valid, and that the passengers, firefighters and volunteers were just collateral damage. Drama ensues Friendly_Fire 30 points ago in SubredditDrama

    1. In the last couple hundred years, the amount of people without adequate and reliable access to food has decreased drastically. We've seen a steady trend down. We have a system where vastly more progress towards solving hunger has been made than under any other in human history. To attack it for not being perfect is ludicrous. Guaranteeing food for billions of people around an entire planet is not some trivial task.

    2. Enough food is produced, but not in the right locations. It doesn't matter how productive North American farmers are if there is no one who will ship it, or pay to ship it, to other continents.

    3. Finally, are we discussing imperialism or capitalism? Because they are clearly not the same thing.

    [–] Buying Albion on Steam Friendly_Fire 1 points ago in albiononline

    ? You'll get gold/premium for your beta account as it was all wiped on release.

    [–] Guy in r/communism claims that the 9/11 attacks were valid, and that the passengers, firefighters and volunteers were just collateral damage. Drama ensues Friendly_Fire 57 points ago in SubredditDrama

    Collateral damage. 3000 people are nothing compared to the 3 million that die of starvation every year because of first world imperialism.

    Yes. This is all America's fault. Before 1776, no one starved to death. Now we go around with our soldiers burning crops in poor countries.

    [–] When 2 Blizzcon Bastions meet for the first time... Friendly_Fire 0 points ago in Overwatch

    Of course do what you like. You probably aren't trying to be a pro-Overwatch player, so it doesn't really matter. However, I can basically guarantee your sensitivity is high to the point it impacts your play negatively. You could still have it higher than normal (like if you dropped it to 10), but get better aim/tracking without it being SO high.

    I just like to point it out when I see it. Because I'm never sure who isn't aware that it is something impacting their performance, and who simply doesn't care.

    [–] When 2 Blizzcon Bastions meet for the first time... Friendly_Fire 2 points ago in Overwatch

    I think you should turn down your sensitivity (unless you used a hotkey to swap it for these sort of situations).

    [–] Some deep graffiti I found Friendly_Fire 10 points ago in pics

    Am I missing something? How is that more "technically correct"?

    [–] The welfare state needs updating: Its designers did not foresee ageing populations, mass immigration or the gig economy Friendly_Fire 7 points ago in neoliberal

    Interesting idea. I think the most serious problems with cheap credit would not happen because, for low-income people, they don't have to actually "pay it back". If they pull 1/12th of their annual NIT every month, they are even.

    Kinda seems like optional UBI. Where you don't get it unless you go request your check. Then you possibly pay money back based on how much you took and your income.