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    [–] Movement overhaul system FriendoftheDork 0 points ago in Shadowrun

    If you spend two passes just moving rather than shooting you are probably dead, and more so for npcs with less passes.

    [–] Movement overhaul system FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in Shadowrun

    Yeah that's a good point I've had a tendency to go overboard with house rules in the past, and often it's like trying to fix a small bug in the code and instead create 10 new ones.

    My main problem with movement per turn rather than per pass is that I've had problems remembering how much NPC x has moved already when we get to pass 3, as sometimes 30 minutes or more can be lost just in a pass or two. If combat turns were faster to resolve it wouldn't be a problem, but this system is too slow and detailed sometimes. I should use a different one, but due to the established PCs and how poorly they translate to another system, I will have to make do and try to find means to speed up combat.

    My players don't normally dive for cover first, they instead cut down the most dangerous foe and then use total defense, which combined is better than cover. Cover just isn't as good as it was in the old sr3 when target numbers were in use.

    [–] Let us do what China is doing IRL FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in civ

    Not quite the same, but in Civ4 you could gift a civ x gpt and thus raise the amount they were willing to trade. So if Civ X had normally 4 gpt willing to trade and you gifted them 2 more, it could raise to 6. Keep doing so until the gpt for a single resource met the highest value, and then trade one of the resources for all of it. So if Civ X was willing to trade 8 gpt for one luxury, you could then gift another 8 gpt and then trade another resource.

    Why do this? After the deal expired from you you would get your gifted gpt back, but the resource deals would stay put, and the civ would have a negative income paying back your "loans" basically forever.

    [–] Movement overhaul system FriendoftheDork 0 points ago in Shadowrun

    Mainly due to the campaign having lasted quite awhile and that remaking characters to a different system I'm not familiar with takes a lot of work. Maybe a future campaign.

    Not so much problem with the firing rate as most systems are not realistic there either. Also, it would be 6 rounds with semi-auto burst for an average schmuck in my game, with is not terrible for a normal shooter.

    [–] Movement overhaul system FriendoftheDork 0 points ago in Shadowrun

    Sprinting 30 meters can only be done so fast... unless you're a hyped up elf with 11 Agility in which by the current rules you can do so easily in the first pass. If the warehouse is 100 meters long then maybe even in this case it's impossible in a single turn, but one can surely start sprinting and risk getting shot at on the way. You're just as vulnerable to shooting behind the crates as you are on the sprint anyway.

    [–] Movement overhaul system FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in Shadowrun

    That's probably the best argument against the changes. Of course, someone having twice the number of actions than another isn't very balanced to begin with, one is clearly superior.

    [–] Movement overhaul system FriendoftheDork 0 points ago in Shadowrun

    Sounds like maybe the best solution, although do you differentiate between very fast and slower characters, the use of augmentations etc? And how would that interact with passes?

    [–] Movement overhaul system FriendoftheDork 0 points ago in Shadowrun

    I guess it can look weird for people not used to D&D, WH or similar system with action-based movement, but I think those rules work well enough, and I want to see if the same can be done in SR. Varying action phases will indeed matter, but is it that far fetch that people with supernatural or technological speed enhancement that makes them react and do things much faster also allows them to actually run faster? As for the melee character the "fix" is the Charge action so that he can do exactly what he does already under the current rules - which would be Free action Run+Complex action melee. I just remove the free action requirement and let him slow down the next pass rather than strangely "running" in place the rest of the turn using all free actions (no talking for you Samurai!). The limit for moving on a charge is exactly the same as before, if anything everyone will be moving further in one combat turn (but not combat phase) than before. Will that affect balance in other ways? I would like to know objections to that.

    Is the rules for movement in D&D really more complicated than in SR just because running 10 meters in a turn/phase is an action?

    [–] Movement overhaul system FriendoftheDork -1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in Shadowrun

    That is pretty much what I just did - the only difference being the calculations and that the "walk a bit" aka "5-foot step" in a certain game does not cost an action. If I can make it as simple as 3.x it's simple enough in my book.

    The reason I am wary of just using Agility (which was my first thought) is that the scaling is extreme - Ag 1 character vs ag 3 alone is 3 times movement, and that's without the super elf with ag 11. I already have rules in place to smooth out the differences a bit, so for my own game I would use those rules halved (round up) so the players don't have to recalculate everything right away.

    Most of these will not be calculated in combat anyway, and if they do there are tons of other factors that need the same treatment.

    Also for the Run aka Sprint action I think dropping the dice roll is good, I hate making rolls that have little or no consequence just to add a meter of two for a pass. I think retaining the str+running check only for sprinting competitions, chases etc where it will be a simple opposed test so each meter does not matter. Having to remember penalties for running in the previous pass is also something I want to avoid, instead if you run and shoot you get the penalty.

    Why these rules? Well, overhauling everything takes too much time for too little reward, and I'd be better off playing Karma in the Dark or some such. So I'd rather take out or change the things that slow combat down, and one of them is calculating meters moved, keeping track of movement of all the NPCs and what they did in the last few passes, and letting people running around everywhere still get full actions with minor drawback.

    I need to fix the Sprinting, my suggested numbers makes it worse than just running twice for some characters. I could change it again and make it StrORAg+Running so that the Running skill becomes more important for everyone that wants to move quickly, and not punish strong orks and trolls vs the speedy elves. It would make trolls the fastest, but in some ways it makes sense (longer legs and more muscle). Ya think Gorillas are slow?

    Edit: One more thing, your suggestions are almost the same as in Warhammer FRPG. I think those rules a bit too restrictive as movement is very slow in that game (usually 3-4 meters for a move action).

    [–] Movement overhaul system FriendoftheDork 0 points ago in Shadowrun

    Simpler to say, but not to execute. And it also means running takes no time or effort in relation to actions. Balance wise dividing movement on number of passes like in SR4 nerfs melee too much, as they will almost never reach their enemies in time.

    Last sentence is too vague to be used as a rule.

    [–] ELI5: How were the prices of recreational drugs, such as Marijuana, created? The prices seem arbitrary, why does everyone tend to agree on average what the price is? FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    That is cheap, although we do have one kind that is about one dollar, but this is really poor quality and mostly air, with no real taste (called after Kneipp, a german priest and "medicine" man. Yet the typical breads are abour 3-4 dollars, with the really expensive ones at 6.

    [–] Japan thinks flying Denmark's flag will throw me off their scent FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in civ

    Japanese swords after the Mongol invasion became a lot better than the older brittle ones, in the sengokou-jidai period swords would generally not break easily due to the smithing technique that part soft, part hard steel (hard is sharp and brittle, soft is flexible). These blade were designed to parry another blade using the back without breaking, so simply cutting at iron armor would not break them, otherwise they would be useless also against other samurai.

    Archers are infantry... and the vikings used bows as well as close-combat weapons. The Japanese probably had better archery techniques, but viking shields would normally protect well against missiles. They would probably struggle against mobile horse archers, but these were less common in this period.

    [–] Japan thinks flying Denmark's flag will throw me off their scent FriendoftheDork 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in civ

    The vikings had access to superior iron, and the japanese armor was not up to snuff to contemporary European armor at the time, so it might not be as much as a toss off as you might think. Also one should keep in mind that armies 500-600 years before the viking age could have defeated vikings as the basic arms and armor did not improve much in that area. Oh and before the cult of the katana arrives, against an armored opponent the viking sword is just as effective if not more - katanas and tachis are not much good against armor.

    If you had a viking jarl or hirdsman against a japanese samurai (which would be equivalent class, training and equipment), the better fighter would probably win the day. If you pit a samurai against an average norse farmer gone viking using only shield and spear and an axe, the samurai would have the advantage in training and equipment.

    [–] Are there any canon physical signs of Magical Phenomena? FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in Shadowrun

    Even in 4th edition spellcasting was almost impossible to conceal - more actually since high spellcasting skill didn't help at all. And some spells had visible effects as well as "weird senses and stuff".

    [–] [5e] Low-Threat Medicine? FriendoftheDork 2 points ago in Shadowrun

    Yeah, but in this case it is replacing the ambulence trauma kit with a small portable fanny pack medkit that a security guard would wear. This would make them lose customers fast, and also would be insufficient for many emergencies. Dead customers don't pay their bills.

    The old 4th ed had rules for medical tools beyond the medkit, including the mobile shop and stationary one - worked as rating 8 and 10 medkits IIRC. Too bad they left that out of Chrome Flesh.

    [–] Monofilament sword irl equivalent FriendoftheDork 2 points ago in Shadowrun

    All good sci-fi is theoretically possible. Graphene blades IRL though are as useful as paper for cutting.

    [–] Monofilament sword irl equivalent FriendoftheDork 3 points ago in Shadowrun

    Short answer, no, it is a science-fiction concept. Even the monowhip and monoswords in SR are explained as "not really monomolecular, but still incredibly thin and also strong.

    Problem with rl sharp items is that they are also brittle, and useless against hard armor.

    [–] Modular Weapons? FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in Shadowrun

    I doubt it was a rule in previous editions, except maybe something in third edition with a higher target number or something (that one had a ton of minor rules).

    To get back to topic, even those rules don't justify the existence of a carbine version, or why you can't just bring an extra SMG etc. if you want a lighter weapon, you won't have time to reconfigure the other one anyway if you need it quickly.

    IF someone wanted to one-hand their smg while dragging a friend I would either just allow it for coolness factor, or maybe double the recoil to keep it a bit more realistic.

    [–] Modular Weapons? FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in Shadowrun

    Probably from certain action movies, or artwork. Smgs are designed for two hands. Even machine pistols are better with two, but it is easier to one hand (recoil is still an issue though)

    [–] Is Macedonia Greek? FriendoftheDork -9 points ago in history

    Just like the Romans.

    [–] what goes into it? FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in Shadowrun

    Terrorists, maybe, but cultist is quite another thing. Although if the fluff is to be trusted what they are is dissidents, that's pretty much it. Maybe saboteurs if you go far enough. It's the SR version of Anonymous.

    [–] Modular Weapons? FriendoftheDork 1 points ago in Shadowrun

    I'd probably increase the penalty for assault rifles at least, and maybe lower pistols etc. to -1. But right now my players think I have enough houserules already.