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    [–] TIL a student at the University of Michigan changed his official preferred pronoun to "his majesty" in order to protest the policy. Friscogonewild 1 points ago in todayilearned

    "SJW" is a term used by people to mean anything from "you disagree with me" to "you think we should be able to marry carrots". If someone seriously uses the term "SJW", I immediately know they're retarded. Anti-SJW people are as fucking annoying as any person they've called an SJW.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 1 points ago in news

    Racism exists, therefore it exists on police forces. It's as simple as that. To posit that police do not treat blacks differently is to assume that either racism doesn't exist or that racists do not become police officers. Neither of these can seriously be put forward as being true, so that's the lens through which we need to look at police brutality. When the anecdotes support common sense, we don't need to be looking for zebras to explain it. Occam's Razor.

    I noticed that lovely "subconscious racism" you tossed in there, would you like to brainwash people to kill this demon only you can see?

    Brainwash? I don't think teaching people to recognize their own biases and try to overcome them is brainwashing. I also don't think most people have the will or capacity to do so, anyway. Which is why we need different ways to hold police accountable, at least. Like body cameras.

    Ignore all the studies on the brain's predisposition toward prejudice and stereotyping if you like, but there's no need to refer to science as "demons". This isn't the 1400s.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 1 points ago in news

    No, it's not a moment of clarity. Numbers can hint at the amount of racism we experience, but there's no possible way to know exactly how much violence is due to race, since the only way we could possibly know is through honest self-reporting. And not even just honest...most racism is subconscious. But just because there's no possible way to measure something doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. As the saying goes, if you hear hoofbeats, don't look for zebras--look for horses. We know there is a lot of racism out there in the U.S. We also know that the type of person who goes into law enforcement tends to be more conservative/lower/middle class, so the chances that they're less racist than the general population are slim. And then to assume that some of them are not subconsciously or consciously acting on those prejudices...well, that's looking for zebras.

    If you want to write off logic as "feelings", and then stick to your feelings based on the same lack of evidence, that's your prerogative. But I've lived in this world a long time, and to believe that there are no police officers treating people differently based on their race seems like willful ignorance to me. It's just not possible.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 3 points ago in news

    I can't imagine that you're seriously arguing that every police shooting is justified (for any race) or that all instances of excessive force or downright brutality are, either.

    Trouble is the narrative has become all or even most are bad shoots.

    I don't think that's the narrative at all. The issue is with police escalating violence where no escalation is necessary. 4 officers choking a man to death for allegedly selling loose cigarettes. Shooting them in the back while they're fleeing. That sort of thing. I don't see anyone suggesting that there's no right time for an officer to fire a gun at an armed criminal.

    I know you want facts, but there is really no way to accurately quantify racism (or lack thereof) and to what extent that it increases severity of police brutality or your chances of being subjected to it.

    That doesn't mean it doesn't exist. You can blame it on police being more afraid of black people because they commit more crime, or you can accept that police officers are just as racist as the general population. Personally, having known many racist officers over the years--and being related to a few--I think that pretending that a uniform and a badge magically relieve one of racial prejudice is more than a little naive.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 0 points ago in news

    I notice you left out how likely you are to be shot when ARMED by police is left out of your stats, is that because you know it happens disproportionally against your narrative or just didn't see it?

    No, it's because I'm not questioning police response to armed criminals. If there's a reason to use deadly force, do so.

    The issue arises when they are using more force than is necessary, and in a disproportionate number of these situations, blacks are getting treated more harshly.

    [–] ‘The Orville,’ ‘Once Upon a Time,’ 5 more shows double in week 2 broadcast Live +7 ratings Friscogonewild 7 points ago in television

    Same. Family Guy got stale really quickly for me, and I couldn't even stand to watch Ted all the way through. But I can't wait for the next Orville. Probably going to break down and sub to Hulu for it (mostly).

    [–] LPT: Think someone is following you? Take 4 right turns. If they're still behind you, You're being followed. You just drove in a circle Friscogonewild 6 points ago in LifeProTips

    People tend to think their lives are more like Hollywood movies than they really are. They keep a gun under their pillow, check their brake lines before driving, and always assume there's a good reason they might be followed.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 1 points ago in news

    You're doing is intentionally conflating multiple issues in an attempt to seem reasonable. I've seen that trick before, and it doesn't counter anything I've said.

    The NY Post article doesn't do anything but try and deflect from the issue we're talking about. It's worse than bad--it's an intentional red herring.

    The Post link does show that a unarmed blacks are killed at a higher rate than whites, so I don't know how you thought this was a source that backed you. If excessive force and brutality are skewed the same amount toward blacks, which I can't imagine they're not, this is a huge issue.

    So refusing to stand for a flag that treats its Black citizens differently. The numbers don't back that accusation

    That is infuriatingly untrue. Do I seem like someone who is going to be convinced by outright lies or willful ignorance?

    Why should I put forth any effort beyond this post to convince someone who is unwilling to have an honest discussion?

    I'll post a source showing why I think it demonstrably false that black men are disproportionally killed by police. If in fact you can refute it, I'll thank you for the knowledge.

    The WP link (the one you think proves your point) shows this. Blacks are 12% of the population and are 23% of those killed by police. Whites are 63% of the population and only 48% of those killed by police. Same disproportionate rate for those killed who were holding toy weapons. You're 2-3 more times as likely to be killed holding a toy weapon if you're black. It gets even more disproportionate when you look at unarmed victims. Blacks are 12% of the population, but are 28% of the unarmed people killed by police. Whites are 63% of the population but only 44% of the unarmed victims of police shootings. You're more than 3 times as likely to be shot by police while unarmed if you're black.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 3 points ago in news

    Look, man, one thing I have zero patience for is people who insist that racism isn't a thing anymore. It's not "flagrantly false" that blacks are disproportionately the victims of police violence, punished more harshly for the same crimes as members of other races, and get longer sentences when they are punished. The criminal justice system in this country is all sorts of fucked, and as we should know, in some ways fucked on purpose by our own government.

    Compared to your feelings about what the anthem should be (spoiler, nobody on the field or in the stands cares a whit more for "common bonds" after hearing the anthem. They're still going to punch you in the face if you jiggle their beer and happen to be wearing the opposing team's hat), this protest is far more important. And kneeling is just about the smallest thing that could possibly be construed as disrespect. In any other situation, it would be seen as paying respect. And you compared it to fucking burning the Koran. It's far less disrespectful than what most people in the stands and who are watching at home are doing at the exact same time, but nobody cares about that shit.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 2 points ago in news

    [buncha bullshit about my fee fees, then blatant untruths]

    Aah, gotcha. Didn't realize I was talking to a Trump supporter. Carry on with your fantasy world.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 2 points ago in news

    Ok, sure, I guess your analogy wasn't a good one. You can be telling the truth and still be offensive, of course, but the burning of the Koran is explicitly offensive to Muslims.

    On the other hand, kneeling for the anthem isn't inherently disrespectful. Maybe less respectful than a lot of people would like, but it's not as if these people are standing with their hands over their hearts at home in their living room when the anthem plays, so they should understand that it's more about bringing attention to an issue than attempting to show hatred for their country. The guy who takes the opportunity to get up and grab a beer when the anthem plays doesn't hate his country, does he? Or the one who flips over to Everybody Loves Raymond until kickoff?

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 3 points ago in news

    Even if you're being genuine here, which I'm not sure I believe, I don't have time to give 200 years of history lessons at the moment. I can't imagine that you're not aware that one can be racist and not dress in sheets and lynch people, so I have to assume you're fucking with me right now.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 3 points ago in news

    No facts will please you. You are already changing the argument to "hardcore" racists. In another comment, you said that racists can't even stand to look at black people, which shows me that you have no idea what racism or a racist even is, let alone know enough about the subject to have a knowledgeable discussion on the subject.

    Anyone naive or willfully ignorant enough to think that there aren't millions of racists in the U.S. is not someone I have a burning desire to argue with, anyway.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 3 points ago in news

    And I doubt most racists want to even see another race.

    You are by far either the most naive, ignorant, or disingenuous person I've seen posting today. Racists wouldn't want to see a member of another race? What planet are you from?

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 4 points ago in news

    Keep burying your head in the sand there, Trump supporter. I'm sure that will prove once and for all that racism stopped existing in 1865.

    I think two thousand hardcore racists is a big number.

    That's what we call "moving the goalposts", son. Your argument tactics are shit.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 4 points ago in news

    There are tens of millions of racists in the U.S. And likely millions of racist NFL fans. I do not claim to have data on the exact number, other than my own personal experiences, but I think 2 million would be a conservative estimate.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 9 points ago in news

    I never said most fans are racist.

    Also, watching black athletes play sports for your entertainment doesn't mean you're not racist. That's even less convincing than the shitty "I have a black friend" defense.

    [–] Trump offered a grieving military father $25,000 in a call, but didn’t follow through Friscogonewild 5 points ago in politics

    The fundraiser will be starting soon, I imagine. Trump on the White House lawn selling lemonade, but it's really urine.

    [–] Goodell: NFL Not Changing National Anthem Policy Friscogonewild 14 points ago in news

    "Anti-US" suggests that he's pro-something else. Is every one of us who thinks that America could improve in some areas "anti-U.S."?

    As for why he's protesting during the anthem, it's because that moment is one of few in daily life where we specifically take time out to brag about how great the country is. And it has the potential to raise awareness of the issue to millions of people. Can you think of a better opportunity for a protest?

    Police departments are government institutions. Aiming a protest at the flag isn't disrespecting troops or veterans any more than it's disrespecting schools or the DMV. I can see how some people might have their feelings hurt because they either don't know why he's protesting, or feel that any protest of the flag is a protest on the entire country, but when is a protest not going to hurt some feelings? Seems like the more people who get offended over a protest, the more necessary it is. Police brutality and and lack of accountability for it are big issues the country faces. It's not going to magically solve itself if we pretend it doesn't exist.