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    [โ€“] Body of Smash Youtuber, Desmond Amofah: Aka Etika, found in East River Frocharocha 2 points ago in smashbros

    I hope he's in peace. I also struggle with suicidal toughts, so i understand how horrible he was feeling.

    [โ€“] Rest in peace Etika Frocharocha 1 points ago * (lasted edited 32 minutes ago) in NintendoSwitch

    Rest in Peace.

    I also struggle with suicidal tendencies and mental issues, so i probably understand how terrible he was felting and how it felt to have nothing to keep going.

    [โ€“] Nezuko loves demon slayers Frocharocha 3 points ago in Animemes

    He would notice she was different and probably ignore her. But if she atacked him, yea, he would kill her.