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    [–] Comment your favourite dialogue ('s) from the series. Frontpagefan 2 points ago in SiliconValleyHBO

    I edited my post, then as an afterthought went to the playstore. I just might go for it. Thanks!

    [–] Comment your favourite dialogue ('s) from the series. Frontpagefan 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in SiliconValleyHBO

    Ok, feel free to downvote me, but where can I watch this? My only chance to far has been on an airplane and I didn't stop laughing! Edit: For free that is. ;-)

    [–] How can someone make your day? Frontpagefan 10 points ago in AskReddit

    See? You just made my day! :-)

    [–] A giant mirror illusion. Frontpagefan 15 points ago in woahdude

    Whoa! Now that I see the side view, I hope that mirror is 100% secure.

    [–] I just found John and have ordered the other two Freddie’s. Frontpagefan 2 points ago in queen

    In the US? Are they online as well? And if so, could you share the name please?

    [–] My client is probably going to die today Frontpagefan 5 points ago in CaregiverSupport

    I'll second that. You truly are a hero. So many countless families rely on you and other caregivers like you. You provide an invaluable service to the patient as well as their families. Stay strong. And yes, please do grieve afterwards. You are only human after all.

    [–] 64 pounds down 124 days! Frontpagefan 1 points ago in keto

    Wow! This is really helpful. Thank you. Could I trouble you as well for the smoothie recipe? (You probably saw that coming), but you're an inspiration. :-)

    [–] 64 pounds down 124 days! Frontpagefan 1 points ago in keto

    Great job! Would love it if you can share those few recipes that you enjoyed.

    [–] Father wears a mobility harness so his son with Cerebral Palsy can play too Frontpagefan 18 points ago in aww

    His smile is infectious! It reminds me of this gif where the dude is so happy and has an amazing smile.

    I remember this one and it surely made me smile. I recall that the reason he's smiling, and this being recorded, is that he's trying on a shirt that has magnetic closures behind the buttons. And he was thrilled to be able to finally put on a button down shirt with little effort. :-)

    [–] I bought nearly every variety they had at Voodoo Doughnuts last night! [OC] Frontpagefan 18 points ago in FoodPorn

    Tell us more... Are they just tasty or are they decorative like Voodoo? And how's the coffee? ;-)

    [–] Appreciation post to my fantastic mom! My brother and I go to college college far from home, so every time we drive up my mom creates these frozen crock pot meals for us to take back to college. Just a little something to remind us of home. Love you,mom! Frontpagefan 3 points ago in MealPrepSunday

    Came here hoping to see this. Concentrated bouillons (powdered Wyler's is decent too) go way further, taste way better, and take up waaay less space than all the carton broths you see out there. I can only assume this would definitely be a game changer for your average college student.

    Herb Ox is a game changer. The real star of the show. They come in a round plastic jar color coded for what's inside. Green for Chicken, Red for beef and Blue for Vegetable. And inside the jar you'll see individually wrapped cubes so each one stays fresh.

    [–] NRA Heavyweight Wanted Access to Putin: Leaked Email Frontpagefan 2 points ago in politics

    The real problem is that Trump really believes whatever Putin tells him. It's as if Putin was his top aide. Kind of how he believes everything on Fox News. Trump doesn't seem to know right from wrong and just wings it. I'd go so far to say that secretly Trump thinks he's best friends with Putin. And the worst of it all is that we're stuck watching everything happen before our eyes until either Muller's team is ready for him, which won't be till after his term, assuming he won't be reelected. Or, if and when he ever gets impeached. Not that there isn't still others out there in compliance that need to be dealt with as well. God help us and our country. It'll take years to undo all the damage.

    [–] Is 300$ a month doable for 3 adults and two teenagers? Frontpagefan 76 points ago in EatCheapAndHealthy

    Please don't forget that a food bank and/or food pantry are a great resource as well. They are there to help. Also, it helps to plan out what you will eat each day, to see where you will be towards the end of February. Good luck!

    [–] My dad is struggling financially and asking my siblings and I for money. Need advice Frontpagefan 2 points ago in personalfinance

    I read once that it's ok to help, but only on your terms.

    You would need to see what his expenses are and set up a budget. If that includes him moving and reining in some of his extra expenses like cable or a landline. That's good, as he needs to figure this all out to pay for his retirement as well.

    With all that done, you all might find that he can do well for himself with minimal, if any assistance.

    [–] [Homemade] Spaghetti and Meatballs Frontpagefan 0 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in food

    Enjoy! But watch out for that evil looking meatball over on the left. ;-)

    Edit: lol, and his friend with the funny ears that's above him.

    [–] [OC] Threw my sister a surprise birthday! Delicious old school beef tacos! Frontpagefan 1 points ago in FoodPorn

    Thanks! And I love the crock pot idea. Though, could the foil tray filled with ready made tortillas be kept warm in a low temp oven until ready to serve or would that dry out the tortilla itself?

    [–] Need some suport. Frontpagefan 5 points ago in CaregiverSupport

    Yes, you count. You deserve to live your life. And it seems you spent enough years taking care of each other. And you should be free to go and live your life.

    Now is the time to let everyone know that on a specific date, you are moving on and that someone needs to fill in. Also, I'll add that if family can't go and help out grandma, then it may be time for grandma to move in with them, or bring in a categiver. But it shouldn't all be on you.