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    [–] Are Realtek and Nvidia the only brands I need to be cautious of when purchasing a laptop for Linux? FryBoyter 9 points ago in linuxquestions

    Nvidia should be avoided when the Optimus technology is used. If a normal Nvidia graphics card is installed (which is rarely the case), then this is less of a problem for notebooks.

    Broadcom is much worse than Realtek. If I were you, I would avoid Broadcom like the devil avoids holy water.

    As far as compatibility with Linux is concerned, Lenovo Thinkpads are generally recommended. If they are too expensive when new, you can see if there is a dealer somewhere in your country that buys Thinkpads from leasing returns, refurbishes them and sells them again for relatively little money. I just recently had to replace my used X230 (manufactured sometime between 2012 and 2014) with another notebook. Many notebooks from other manufacturers do not last that long even when new.

    [–] Arch Linux security & maintenance FryBoyter 1 points ago in archlinux

    If you don't do this manually on a regular basis or use a hook, you will at some point run out of memory because the package cache will occupy it.

    [–] Linux programming laptop? FryBoyter 2 points ago in linuxquestions

    I can only confirm this. I used a used Thinkpad x230 for years and recently bought a new Thinkpad E14 Gen 3. Just install Linux and it works.

    [–] Continued development of Jörg Schilling's tools (cdrtools, star, smake, sccs, ...) FryBoyter 12 points ago in linux

    No problem. It has also happened to me that I did not have time to configure correctly or simply forgot to set a check mark in the right place. I just wanted to point out that it may be easier to find collaborators if the read access is enabled. :-)

    [–] Continued development of Jörg Schilling's tools (cdrtools, star, smake, sccs, ...) FryBoyter 24 points ago in linux

    The current archive is accessible only to the subscribers of the list.

    Is there a particular reason for this? Usually a read access to the archives of other projects is possible. This would possibly also encourage one or the other to contribute to the discussion if he can read in beforehand. Simply registering on suspicion and then realizing that you have nothing to contribute would be out of the question for me.

    [–] Good and easy to use FryBoyter 1 points ago in linuxquestions

    I would not recommend Manjaro, as in my opinion the team responsible for it is not too trustworthy ( If it has to be an Arch-based distribution, I would rather recommend EndeavourOS or Garuda Linux.

    [–] Good and easy to use FryBoyter 1 points ago in linuxquestions

    OpenSuse. Either Leap (regular release) or Tumbleweed (rolling release).

    [–] Is ArcoLinux just Arch? FryBoyter 2 points ago in linux4noobs

    but what I meant is if I could install Arch from the Arco ISO with some tool like Archfi and then have only Arch

    Since April this year, an installer ( is an official part of the Arch Linux iso file. An installation with this also has official support in the official forum of Arch or in /r/archlinux. An installation like you are considering, however, does not.

    [–] Multiple Samsung SSDs dying, all on Linux (multiple machines). FryBoyter 2 points ago in linuxquestions

    The QVO series do use NAND with a shorter life compared to the EVO series.

    Samsung guarantees between 360 and 2280 TBW (Terabytes Written) within 3 years for the 870 QVO depending on the model. Even that would mean a very high amount of data that would have to be written every day. Most end users are unlikely to generate this amount of data.

    [–] Multiple Samsung SSDs dying, all on Linux (multiple machines). FryBoyter 4 points ago in linuxquestions

    I use various normal SSDs and NVMe under Arch Linux. Besides some models from other manufacturers, I also use some 860 EVO from Samsung. I have not had any hardware damage to any SSD (regardless of manufacturer), although quite a lot of write operations happen.

    [–] Will updating to Win 11 cause any problem in dual boot ? FryBoyter 1 points ago in linuxquestions

    Windows likes to overwrite boot files blindly.

    This was the case in the days of Bios and MBR partitions. Nowadays with UEFI and GPT partitions rather not.

    [–] Gnome 40 vs KDE Plasma 5.2 stability FryBoyter 2 points ago in linuxquestions

    Immediately after booting (KDE Plasma 5.23, systemd, pipewire etc.) about 550 MB of RAM are occupied on my computers.

    [–] The Linux ecosystem is absolutely unrivaled! FryBoyter 55 points ago in linux


    In the sense of free of charge? That is not correct. The GPL, for example, even encourages developers to charge money (


    In the sense of problem-free? If that were the case, there would be no updates that fix bugs.

    Secure (So far, none of my devices have been infected with viruses)

    There are regular updates under Linux that close security vulnerabilities. Some of them remained undiscovered for a very long time although the source code is openly accessible. Dirty Cow or Heartbleed, for example. Apart from that, I haven't had a virus or anything similar on Windows for years. In many cases, the problem is not the operating system but the user.

    Easy to debugging and solving any problem

    If you're lucky. I've had bugs where the developer asked me for a complete strace.

    Updates don't change or break anything

    It's been ages since I've had problems with an update on Windows. But it can't be ruled out. Regardless of the operating system.

    Large community support

    This also exists with other operating systems.

    What do you think?

    I think you are looking at it a bit too much through rose-coloured glasses. Don't misunderstand. I prefer Linux to Windows as far as possible. But Linux is not the holy grail.

    [–] What was the first thing you did when you started using Linux? FryBoyter 1 points ago in linux

    What was the first thing you did when you started using Linux?

    I tried something that resulted in not being able to boot properly and therefore I reinstalled. This went on for quite a while until I had gathered enough knowledge to be able to repair an installation. Or even better, with which I didn't have to repair anything at all.

    [–] Can anyone help me FryBoyter 5 points ago in archlinux

    That doesn't help to help you either. Read the linked website carefully. Then spend a few minutes thinking about what information might be useful to help you. In order to get help, you have to put in some effort. That's just the way it is. Help vampires are fought rather than helped.

    And no, this is not a personal attack against you. It's just that we can only help you if you help us.

    [–] Can anyone help me FryBoyter 7 points ago in archlinux

    In order to be able to help you, you need to provide more detailed information. Please read this website and update your contribution accordingly.

    [–] PSA: clear your pacman cache. I freed 40 GB by clearing mine FryBoyter 1 points ago in archlinux

    I asked precisely because of this statement. So far I have only very rarely had to downgrade, so (regardless of who is right) the previous version was always available in the cache.

    Hence the serious question on my part. Which, for whatever reason, has received downvotes. I did not mean to make the statement that /u/abbidabbi is wrong. Every now and then a question is just that. A question.

    [–] PSA: clear your pacman cache. I freed 40 GB by clearing mine FryBoyter 3 points ago in archlinux

    A bit aggressive only keeping one package version...

    Why? This is the version that was installed before an update and therefore usually worked. Why should you keep older versions?

    [–] Should zram swap be accompanied by a swap file on the ssd/hdd? FryBoyter 1 points ago in linuxquestions

    There was a long-term test a few years ago in which several petabytes of data were written to different SSD before they failed. It is therefore much more likely that most users will replace the SSD with a model with more storage space than replace the SSD due to a defect. Of course, you should still back up your important data regularly.

    [–] Should Linux desktop users be worried about malware? FryBoyter 1 points ago in linux

    One should always be cautious. No matter which operating system you use. For example, a few years ago there was the incident with Waterfall Screensaver ( Or in Arch's AUR several PKGBUILD files were compromised some time ago (

    However, you should not rely on software like a virus scanner either. There are enough examples under Windows where the operating system was infected despite an installed virus scanner. And programs like a virus scanner can (like any other program) itself contain security vulnerabilities that make the system more vulnerable.

    The best thing is still to update updates promptly, install software only from trusted sources and, above all, think before you act (for example, do not open the invoice you received by e-mail from mobile phone provider A if you have a contract with provider B). Because exactly these points are the main problem why compromised installations occur under Windows again and again. Therefore, Microsoft has introduced forced updates for the Windows versions that are mainly used by end users.

    [–] Pamac, Manjaro's package manager GUI, has been blocked again from accessing the AUR due to it flooding the servers with requests FryBoyter 4 points ago in linux

    I've been using Arch since 2010 and I honestly understand when users want to install a distribution easily with a few clicks. However, in this case it is better to use EndeverOS than Manjaro. The team responsible for Manjaro has simply made too many avoidable mistakes.

    [–] Why is there a Linux version of Powershell? FryBoyter 37 points ago in linux4noobs

    Let's take a Windows administrator as an example. This person will almost certainly use the Powershell. Now, he may also need to perform tasks on Linux servers from time to time. If he can continue to use Powershell, he will achieve his goal faster than if he has to learn Bash first.

    And even though I wouldn't use Powershell on Linux myself, I have to say that the object-oriented approach of Powershell, for example, does have its appeal.

    [–] What are plusses on Linux compared to Windows? FryBoyter 2 points ago in linuxquestions

    Lighter in what way? When I compare the performance of my Arch installations with that of Windows 10, I notice almost no difference. Or do you mean the amount of storage space needed? It also depends on what you install. In short, I can't agree with this general statement that Linux is generally lighter. It can be lighter, but it doesn't have to be.

    In the same way, you can also have a performant Windows 10 installation. If you want to use a virus scanner, for example, the Windows one is sufficient. Likewise, you don't have to leave every single tool in the autostart.

    [–] InstantOs is an `out of this world` distribution based on Arch FryBoyter 12 points ago in linux

    Maybe the problem is you? I am using Arch Linux since 2010 and when I had to fix something it was basically always due to a layer 8 problem.

    [–] Do you think Linux desktop could break past 5-7% over the next few years? FryBoyter 3 points ago in linux

    5 percent of what? Without knowing the actual figures behind the percentages, that says nothing at all.

    Let's assume that there are 5 percent Linux users in January. In February, there are only 4.5. Nevertheless, it is possible that there are more Linux users in February if the total number of tracked users has increased accordingly.

    In addition, in my opinion, the recording of user numbers is always only a rough estimate. Let's take as an example. The user numbers are generated by a tracker that is installed on more than 2 million websites. It is estimated that there are 1.7 billion websites worldwide. So chances are good that you are not visiting any of these 2 million websites as a Linux user. Or the spam filter blocks the tracker. For example, many of my Linux installations only run on a LAN. This will definitely not be tracked. Or the capture of Linux users under Steam. I use the Steam client since the beta version. Since then, I have been asked exactly once if I want to participate in the statistics collection. And that was a few weeks ago.

    In short, percentages by themselves simply mean not enough in my opinion to care about it.