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    [–] I need job advice Fubai97b 1 points ago in ecology

    lol that actually does make me feel better. Right when I was graduating I applied to a seasonal range tech position and heard there were over 100 applicants. Stupid question maybe, but why hire PhDs for something like that? I can’t imagine another 3-4 years of education would make a difference in job performance.

    [–] I need job advice Fubai97b 1 points ago in ecology

    Yeah, I’ve been considering it. Im just concerned about doubling down.

    [–] im from Canada and this is accurate Fubai97b 4 points ago in memes

    Jalisco, Westphalia, Chechnya, and Chiba. Of course neither Russia or Japan have states. They have federal subjects and prefectures respectively. But I'm guessing you just pulled countries out of your ass without actually knowing about them.

    [–] I need job advice Fubai97b 1 points ago in ecology

    Thanks for the advice. Moving will be an option in a few years. I'll keep chasing the temp work and building my resume in the meantime.

    [–] My dad told me this riddle when I was 6 and he hasn't told me the answer for 14 years. Fubai97b 1 points ago in riddles

    My kids wouldn't calm down on a car trip so I asked them "What's green, sits in a bathtub, and whistles?" It bought me 15 minutes of silence.

    [–] I need job advice Fubai97b 2 points ago in ecology

    LOL nice detective skills. I did put in for that one.

    [–] I need job advice Fubai97b 1 points ago in ecology

    Yeah that's what I'm learning. The $9 starting as a range tech is brutal. I'm sure it sounds bad, but with the number of people in my cohort who took unpaid internships and ended up with jobs, I feel like this is a rich kids career path.

    [–] I need job advice Fubai97b 2 points ago in ecology

    I edited the parent for clarification

    [–] I need job advice Fubai97b 1 points ago in ecology

    I edited the parent for clarification

    [–] How hard is it to get a field job in ecology? Fubai97b 1 points ago in ecology

    Based on my last 8 months almost impossible assuming you want to eat. I recently graduated with my MS, have a ton of field and volunteer experience, GIS, and veterans preference. I've put in over 100 applications and gone on 18 interviews as of last week. My last one was for a place I was volunteering with and had references from the people who work there. I'm sure some places are easier, but at this point I'm close to giving up. I'm working through a teaching cert and unless I find a gig by end of summer then I'm done.

    TBF there is contract work at $9-12/hour, no bennies, no PTO, but where I live that's not enough to cover renting a room and ramen. I literally cannot live on that salary.

    [–] Stoner's mix and match guide Fubai97b -14 points ago in DataArt

    This is why I only drink now. Beer before liquor never sicker. I don’t need the guide.

    [–] Why are so many people against the usage of weed, while they are okay with cigarettes and alcohol? Fubai97b 2 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    I don't think most of us have a problem with pot. If you smoke every day, you have a problem. Just like if you drink every day. As for cigarettes, based on no smoking laws over the last decade or so a lot of people have more of a problem with them than you think.

    [–] What are the steps to become a high school science teacher after a B.S. in a science field? Fubai97b 1 points ago in teaching

    I'm working through this with a science degree as well. In Texas, I'm doing an alt cert, self-paced course. It'll take me about 6 months total, but honestly I could have wrapped in about 2 if life didn't get in the way. Basically it's a handful of pedagogue courses, 30 hours observation time, and the subject exam. As everyone else said, results vary by state.

    One thing though, be sure to sign up to sub for some courses while you are going through whatever program you end up in. I started looking at HS bio, but I'm leaning towards elementary now. No way on God's green earth will I do middle school. Nothing but respect for those who do, but those kids are monsters.

    [–] His IQ is too high for university Fubai97b 1 points ago in iamverysmart

    I hope this doesn't come across as iamverysmart, but the same-ish thing happened to me. If the internet existed like it does now when I was graduating HS I would have asked the same question. I never did homework and regularly aced tests and scored in the top percentiles on standardized tests. I graduated with a solid C average. If you asked me why at the time, I would have said I was bored. In my 20s I was diagnosed bipolar. I got on meds and suddenly I was a 4.0 undergrad and then 3.8 grad student (fucking stats).

    [–] Do other people put toilet paper on the seat in a public bathroom? Fubai97b 2 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    I'll either wipe the seat off or just skip it if it looks nasty, but I never put down the tp ring. If you think about it, most people's butt cheeks are probably cleaner than their hands and I still shake.