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    [–] Marx when you call him cute FuckMyAssOniichan 2 points ago in Kirby

    Yeah, sorry. I might be posting here a bit too often. I just really like Kirby art. I’ll limit my posts to once or twice a day

    [–] Kirby FuckMyAssOniichan 136 points ago in rimjob_steve

    I’m a huge Kirby fan, I’ll be posting there a lot.

    [–] tell me more google FuckMyAssOniichan 27 points ago in Animemes

    Holding onto my oniichan’s back while he fucks me senseless

    [–] anime_irl FuckMyAssOniichan 590 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in anime_irl

    Ask and you shall receive.

    Edit: Wait guys this is hentai be careful

    Double Edit: 203250 is the sacred number, I removed the link cause I don’t want to get in trouble by the scary mods

    Triple Edit: Marked NSFW. Apologies to the poor weebs who saw this in public.

    Final Edit: Weebs have been sending me lots of OwO and UwU, this makes me happy arigatou