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    [–] No_irl FussyShapeshifter 3 points ago in furry_irl

    I know. That's why I wanted to ruin it. Thanks, had fun too.

    [–] No_irl FussyShapeshifter 3 points ago in furry_irl

    Found it, that was quite an adventure. obviously yiff.

    [–] The answer is still no. FussyShapeshifter 1 points ago in Cringetopia

    huhuhu, this ones goes to my collection

    [–] Furry_irl FussyShapeshifter 8 points ago in furry_irl

    Hater: says literally anything

    Me: cringy roleplaying 0w0 huggie wuggies mode activated, hater either confurting into One Of Us or self-annihilates

    [–] Consent_irl FussyShapeshifter 16 points ago in furry_irl

    *terrified sergal noises*

    [–] Гопники FussyShapeshifter 45 points ago in Pikabu

    Ты точно из лиги добра?

    [–] excuses_irl FussyShapeshifter 7 points ago in furry_irl

    Bloodbending? Naisu.

    [–] Why god why? FussyShapeshifter 10 points ago in dankmemes

    It's not about hole placement, it's about functionality. You can hump it and you can rub it, 2 in 1. Still stupid imo, would be better to grow balls and finally find someone.

    [–] Why god why? FussyShapeshifter 448 points ago in dankmemes

    foot music steps

    [–] Damn Furries FussyShapeshifter 2 points ago in Animemes

    But that works for both traps and non-traps.

    [–] Damn Furries FussyShapeshifter 3 points ago in Animemes

    To the loli lovers: furries can be smol too

    [–] Damn Furries FussyShapeshifter 5 points ago in Animemes

    That's the way I played undertale without looking at it's community, had great time.

    [–] wat the hecc FussyShapeshifter 1 points ago in memes

    Ofc ur not, ruler choking brodah.

    [–] yo boys I'm gonna run into Peanuts cell with a blindfold on anybody wanna join me? FussyShapeshifter 14 points ago in DankMemesFromSite19

    Checked the sub too, nothing special, but damn, drawing 173 not in it's original form? With "attachments"? I call this heresy.