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    [–] Do Canadians have a constitutional right to magic mushrooms? QZ Fuyuki_Wataru 2 points ago in shroomstocks

    Do you just go down on the trip, see where it takes you or do you tackle it on with some sort of plan to simulate yourself to start thinking about weight loss?

    [–] Cook & Hookers it is boys. Update on old 500K BYND long. Fuyuki_Wataru 2 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Actually, I've been doing this for many years. This is not my first rodeo. I figured it'd be a funny thing to do, giving back to our autistic community.

    [–] Cook & Hookers it is boys. Update on old 500K BYND long. Fuyuki_Wataru 559 points ago in wallstreetbets

    plat for you bro

    shit I cant give plat because I already gave you gold oops

    [–] Cook & Hookers it is boys. Update on old 500K BYND long. Fuyuki_Wataru 6 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in wallstreetbets

    Who said I don't donate to charity already?

    [–] Cook & Hookers it is boys. Update on old 500K BYND long. Fuyuki_Wataru 483 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in wallstreetbets


    unsticky this thread please?

    EDIT: Please, someone make a bot that automatically gives new comments gold. I will hook you up with platinum and you'll be a legend tho. I still have so much to give out, I can't click anymore.... Maybe when the market closes I'll do another run.

    [–] Daily Discussion - August 3, 2019 (GMT+0) Fuyuki_Wataru 5 points ago in CryptoCurrency

    Price being kept stable by bots trading back and forth. Would be interesting to see what the true value of BTC is if Grayscale and co could turn their bots off for a few days (like last year December). Anyway, keep your eyes on the US market. If there is only a slight down-turn, large institutions will buy up BTC to try and create a ''Bitcoin is a safe bet against a falling economy''. After having successfully branded it to digital gold.

    [–] Does Novogratz not understand or is he purposefully misleading Fuyuki_Wataru 4 points ago * (lasted edited 23 days ago) in ethtrader

    He got lucky. Got fired from his job cuz extremely bad performance. But was roommates with Lubin, invested 1 million into Lubins project cuz he's a friend. Goes on vacation to India, doesn't look back at the investment (already written off as a failed investment) only to find out that its around 800 million worth now. Buys a private jet. Then thinks Shit, time to delete this off the internet because I want to create a fund and it looks retarded if investors find out I got lucky.

    Then decides to become the crypto lord, saying this is the top and then selling all his coins under market price, saying this is the bottom, buying it all up above market price. Then gets his friend Lubin to do it once his credibility is destroyed.

    Anyway, his fund lost like - 60%. Guess that's what happens when you try to manipulate the market to your own hand. For some reason they invite him every time on TV to talk about other stocks he has absolutely nothing to do with. Tilray, Beyond Meat, stocks that are in hype mode but he missed out on. Stocks many traders and myself took risky bets on and worked out, and then you find this guy talking about said stock like he's already been in those stocks.

    [–] Who’s holding BYND through earnings? Tell us your positions or why you’re not holding through earnings. Fuyuki_Wataru 19 points ago in wallstreetbets

    700K Long. Expecting profit taking Monday from pussies, but will hold.

    If earnings are beat or even if they aren't beat, stock will go up.

    Welcome to the game

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread - July 26, 2019 Fuyuki_Wataru 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    If BYND announces a partnership on Monday, all those who went short will be obliterated.

    Think twice before selling your shares.

    [–] Unpopular Opinion: You should sell at 11-50% gains Fuyuki_Wataru 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Wow. Hit the nail on the head. Went through this. Please tell me the book name.

    [–] My launch is set guys anyone is invited 😎 Fuyuki_Wataru 1 points ago in shroomstocks

    Cool stash! But this not really the right subreddit to show your stash off at. You may want to post it to /r/shrooms

    I've locked this post instead of removing it, to remind other users!

    [–] Here we go again... cook & hookers or coca-cola & tinder? 500K long on $BYND Fuyuki_Wataru 23 points ago in wallstreetbets

    we need more risk-takers in this subreddit.

    If this works I'll make it rain gold in here like never seen before.

    [–] A Meaning of Life Fuyuki_Wataru 2 points ago in philosophy

    Somethings in life are in our control, and other things are not in our control. Focus on the things that are in your control. Focus on the process instead of the outcome.

    My life has value if I try to have a positive impact on other peoples lives and try to avoid the same mistakes that older generations have made. Ever read what the biggest regrets are of those who die?

    [–] A Meaning of Life Fuyuki_Wataru 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in philosophy

    Honestly, I believe hero's or alike are often created by society itself due to the desire to look up to someone. Look at soccer players, what added benefit do they truly give to society besides kicking a ball?

    Don't compare yourself to others around you. Compare yourself to your past self to look for the progress you've made, and your future self to look for things you want to work on.

    Life isn't all about materialistic achievements. Or at least it isn't for me unless I create it to be. And if I do create it to be, I'd be miserable.

    [–] A Meaning of Life Fuyuki_Wataru 17 points ago in philosophy

    I struggled with this question so much when I was younger! When I was around 18/19 I went on a solo trip to Namibia. This, empty landscape far away from civilization made me wonder, think even more about life and what makes me as a person happy. As well as what I want to achieve in the future.

    What I learned in the desert of Namibia, I'm willing to share in the hopes that it might benefit you.

    • The purpose of life is... it's really up to you.

    The beauty of life is that you are the one who chooses what lifes purpose is. This is scary because it's a decision that you have to make yourself, all by yourself. You are the one who has to find the 'why' in life. But it's also beautiful as you have complete freedom to choose! Live your life, and you will find your why within.

    • Second, it's OK.

    I believe that when you die, you never really go away. Everyone is in a sense everyone (we're all connected on a different layer). Dying is therefore not much a problem (at least not for me, and no I'm not depressed). This helps to appreciate the small things that we usually don't take for granted. For example, ever paid attention to the touch of your fingers rubbing against the surface of your sandwich? Or the birds chirping outside? By accepting death, you will start paying attention to the small things in life.

    • Third, don't measure happiness through the use of capitalistic society norms

    Don't look at others materialistic wealth. Society often portraits that you can only be happy when you drive the most expensive cars or own the most luxurious brands. It often seems as if everyone's purpose in life is to earn money, to drive a bigger car, to impress people they don't even like... And now with the rise of social media... You might feel lost quicker than before because you're measuring yourself with others (unintentionally).

    • And fourth; emotions

    Almost the same as number two. Pay attention to your emotions. Fuck expensive cars, yes to amazing emotions and memories. Even sad and negative emotions are ok, as they are part of life and one day you will no longer be here. Your pain is not infinite. And neither is your happiness. So spend your thoughts and time wisely!

    Life is one big house party. There are different rooms and different groups, but in the end, it's our party. Once the music stops, it's time for you to leave the party forever. So, what will you do at your last party?

    [–] Iranian woman posing for a photo in 1960, 18 years before Iran's Islamic Revolution Fuyuki_Wataru 1 points ago in pics

    Highly recommend to visit. Beautiful country and very friendly citizens. Grew up with Iranians and never had any problems. Will go in a few months.