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    [–] This will change your life for the better if you seek it Fuyuki_Wataru 15 points ago in infj

    I just finished it. It's ok. Meditations and Man search for meaning are both A LOT better than this book, and in my opinion both tackles on the same thing.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread - January 15, 2020 Fuyuki_Wataru 6 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Whoever was following my ACB position, I closed it for a small 1K profit. What a lame trade. +40K to -40K to 1K profit close lol

    [–] U/futuretrollshark steals BYND play. Fuyuki_Wataru 13 points ago in wallstreetbets

    mods are no longer gay

    gj search team, keep finding these traitors, they dont belong here

    [–] YOLO $23k to $271k with BYND 85c Fuyuki_Wataru 1 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Nice. Welcome to the club. Now hand us fags gold

    [–] **EVERYTHING INFJ (PART 2): On INFJ Flaws, Weakness, Disadvantages, Struggles, Hardships, and Dark Side** [2 / 2] [LONG POST] Fuyuki_Wataru 3 points ago in infj

    Stop the let-down. Put your head up, and keep moving forward.

    Now, GO out of your comfort zone. Stop this negative thought pattern and do something you usually don't do, like giving presentations or going to meet-ups. Get out of your comfort zone and go explore yourself.

    [–] Nearly 40% of U.S.-listed stocks are loss-making Fuyuki_Wataru -4 points ago in stocks

    Already said it months ago when Tesla was being called worthless by analysts. Tesla brand is the most valuable brand in the world, more than Apple. It actually surpassed Apple last year. Tesla brand has a story, the other ones don't (there are many more metrics to measure when a brand is valuable or not, you can follow that of journalists or spend hours to make your own as we did, and it worked out).

    What users are forgetting is that Tesla has a major network of charge stations, something the competition does not have. On-top of that Tesla wants to become more than just a car company.

    [–] ACB Drift cancelled Fuyuki_Wataru 18 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in wallstreetbets


    My take: Aurora found out that the announcement wasn't really an announcement. The shit they 'released' they already 'released' a few months ago. What a joke, it's almost like someone at this company wants to run it into the ground.

    [–] Rockets Hit Baghdad’s Green Zone Near U.S. Embassy: Sky Arabia Fuyuki_Wataru 4 points ago in worldnews

    By requesting IRAN general to come and talk in IRAQ, and then blasting him to pieces, makes the US look like a total fool.

    Besides, this has now damaged the US influence in the middle east further. Perfect day for Russia, no doubt. But this is a perfect day for Erik Prince, who said he wanted to start a hedge fund focused on rare minerals, some which are mostly situated in IRAN. If a war breaks out, guess who gets rich? Yeah Erik Prince, the old CEO of Blackwater (mercenary corp) who wanted the US to go to Afghanistan so he could get rich. And he did.

    [–] 250K ACB long Fuyuki_Wataru 2 points ago in wallstreetbets

    no need, I am still in profit on this trade

    [–] 2019 1st Annual Wallstreetbets Awards Winners Fuyuki_Wataru 772 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Let's take a moment and pray for our fallen soldiers u/analfarmer2, and u/1R0NYMAN

    In 2020 new individuals will be born to take up their spots, let's pray for them as well lmao

    Thanks for the award!

    [–] The “tape” in “measuring tape” contains the letters for “eat”; coincidence? Fuyuki_Wataru 1420 points ago in gifs

    Yes, it is an advertisement, and all scripted. This post will go to the front page in the next few hours.

    [–] Update on 300K PTON long Fuyuki_Wataru 11 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in wallstreetbets

    I picked up bot activity around 30, someone was trying to exit their position but didn't want to decrease the price. Anyway it'll go up whenever that hedge fund is done dumping and goes long again.

    EDIT: With bot activity, I'm referring to spoofing guys

    [–] Update on 300K PTON long Fuyuki_Wataru 20 points ago in wallstreetbets

    This position was exited 2 days ago. The loss I made only sets me back approx 1 week ago, it's ok.

    [–] Update on 300K PTON long Fuyuki_Wataru 27 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Everyone has their own tactic when it comes to trading. I played BYND going up, and down. Same for TLRY. I'm a swing trader, don't do buy & hold

    [–] The 80/20 of entrepreneurship - how did you make the shift? Fuyuki_Wataru 5 points ago in Entrepreneur

    When you start a business, you need to make roughly 10-9x. Basically, if you sell a product or service all costs to make the product or service (marketing, employees, rent) need to be $20, and not higher. You then sell it for roughly $200. If you can't find a product or service that will allow you to 10x, you will forever be chasing dreams.

    It's a harsh truth and maybe will say that it's not how it works. Sure x5 could work, but it's 10x you want to strive for. It is possible, but too many users focus only on x1 or x2. And that profit needs to be reinvested to grow, so you are not truly profiting. And some companies are even able to go x100.

    [–] Moving from Etsy to Shopify. Fuyuki_Wataru 1 points ago in shopify

    This company has no brand. That piece of paper with water colors on it most likely does.

    [–] Moving from Etsy to Shopify. Fuyuki_Wataru -2 points ago in shopify

    Honestly, why would I spend $149 to get a piece of clothing hanging on the wall? It feels like it's a $20 item is being sold for $149.

    [–] Here we go again... cook & hookers or coca-cola & tinder? 300K long on $PTON Fuyuki_Wataru 2 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Just exited position! approx: -30K loss. Will post tomorrow screenshot once IB updates positions.

    Sad, I expected better. Every market opens it's been getting dumped.