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    [–] Please no GABiusz 1 points ago in Cringetopia

    It's litteraly a less darker combination of kill la kill and harry potter.

    [–] [spoilerless] Buff Erwin has appeared GABiusz 20 points ago in ShingekiNoKyojin

    I still don't know how aot is considered shounen (beside fact it was relased by shounen magazine).

    [–] God this is dumb on so many levels GABiusz 4 points ago in fatlogic

    Also this body "smartness" was used for times where people had very limited amount of food and didn't predicted something like that.

    [–] Very sad story GABiusz 2 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    I mean, there was an experiment that tried change boy into girl by force and it ended tragically.

    [–] Types of masturbation GABiusz 1 points ago in virginvschad

    The wizard onlyfans.

    [–] 𝅘𝅥𝅮 One of these things are not like the others𝅘𝅥𝅮 GABiusz 7 points ago in Otonokizaka

    Bruh, this looks like an alternate universe where Nozomi has access to man.

    [–] Future bad GABiusz 4 points ago in PhonesAreBad

    Bruh it's not sad.

    [–] You want sauce? Go on Rule 34 you lazy pieces of crap GABiusz 1 points ago in cursedjojo

    Bruh, I'm even better, because not only I'm a minor but that things are legal in my country exactly at 15.

    [–] Am I a normal female? GABiusz 1 points ago in masturbationquestions

    Holy shit i'm so jealous, I'm a man and I'm so tired after 2 times.

    [–] Is it weird that I feel bad when jerking off to young pornstars? GABiusz 1 points ago in masturbation

    Men just like young women becasue they're the best to breed, if you're not a pedo then everything is ok.

    [–] Nobody: ...subs on this subreddit: GABiusz 1 points ago in gentlefemdom

    Diane and king from "nanatsu no taizai" in nutshell.

    [–] the haha GABiusz 17 points ago in coaxedintoasnafu

    That depends on which site you choose, /pol/ is probably the most popular place in the internet where you can be racist, /b/ probably the most popular of all of them is (probably for now) almost only filled with porn but as I know there were the most fucked up things, category "misc" has a few other like that but I don't know exactly what's going on there. The rest are mostly anime, porn and hobbies.

    [–] What a cutebee GABiusz 1 points ago in wholesomememes

    Everybody gangsta, until bee get in your hair and its automatic reaction is to sting you.