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    [–] UCP won GLAMOROUSFUNK 28 points ago in Edmonton

    I live overseas and was considering moving back. After this result I'd rather stay where I am.

    [–] Nearly 700,000 votes cast in Alberta election advance polls GLAMOROUSFUNK 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in Edmonton


    Edit: nope it was the Notre Dame

    [–] Everything is German GLAMOROUSFUNK 1 points ago in fdroid

    Yeah, I had German as a second language installed. Removed it, reinstalled, it's all English now.

    [–] This is NOT No Man’s Sky all over again GLAMOROUSFUNK -5 points ago in AnthemTheGame

    That's sad if you think they've even come close to what was originally pitched

    [–] Wait for it GLAMOROUSFUNK 11 points ago in WTF

    As was I though the anesthesiologist spooked the shit out of me when he put me under. Instead of doing any count down or anything he just leaned in close and said "You're going to dream town". Next memory is waking up in a different room.

    [–] Daily Discussion - March 27, 2019 GLAMOROUSFUNK 3 points ago in omise_go

    What's a good place to grab lunch?

    [–] Yare Yare Daze GLAMOROUSFUNK 212 points ago in gaming

    Even worse is that 80% of the revenue is coming from 20% of the players (roughly)

    [–] Daily Discussion - March 20, 2019 GLAMOROUSFUNK 11 points ago in omise_go

    Aren't you tired of complaining just as much?

    [–] Redemption GLAMOROUSFUNK 0 points ago in gaming

    It is not

    [–] Redemption GLAMOROUSFUNK 1 points ago in gaming

    Too bad it's still shit