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    [–] This is fine, please bring me treats from time to time GallowBoob 1 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in thisismylifenow

    Reddit doing what it does best: Creating new subs stemming from comment threads.

    If you care for such content you can subscribe to: /r/PupsOnSwings

    It was created after this comment here.

    [–] My brother is missing after the attacks last night. Long shot, but keep your eyes open on footage/images/updates if you can. GallowBoob 1 points ago in manchester

    I am very sorry for your loss. I took the liberty of stickying my comment redirecting to your update for the sake of this thread's discussion. If there is anything we can do as moderators of this subreddit please let us know.

    Here is u/turkboy's latest comment update

    [–] My niece came to visit. My dog resigned herself to her fate. GallowBoob 722 points ago in thisismylifenow

    I took the liberty of having fun with it. Thanks for the good post!