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    [–] I fucking love reddit GallowBoob 33 points ago in u_GallowBoob

    Of course. I just found it hilarious. That person probably lost a fuck ton of $ but at least they have karma and a few years of reddit gold now.

    [–] I fucking love reddit GallowBoob 18 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in u_GallowBoob

    I am a pleb on a plebby ass forum. Karma is imaginary and god is dead.

    [–] I fucking love reddit GallowBoob 54 points ago in u_GallowBoob

    Your reply to my reply also made my day.

    Checkmate ✔️

    [–] I fucking love reddit GallowBoob 90 points ago in u_GallowBoob

    Seriously who is the madlad that did it lmao

    [–] This is honestly the best fb group I’ve found in my time. 11/10 would recommend GallowBoob 56 points ago in u_GallowBoob

    I just have my feed on most social media saturated with groups and pages that post new stuff daily. Often find stuff by simply scrolling my feeds. Other times imgur, or some viral tracker websites/addons, or bookmarked sites with niche content. I just sometimes log on and off reddit during the course of a day (mobile app) and just post or check my posts and the front page. Not organised in any way shape or form tbh

    [–] Trying to stop the person from filming their ride's photo GallowBoob 2712 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in whitepeoplegifs

    This is more energy efficient. The planet is dying. Any small actions go a long way.

    edit - it was a joke lighten the frick up reddit