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    [–] Language based homocide Galthrojh 5 points ago in MurderedByWords

    Glad for it this time though. I didn’t catch the original and this sub has been lacking in proper posts.

    [–] Get out of my room. Galthrojh 14 points ago in imsorryjon

    Damnit dude, I am browsing in the dark past midnight. Lol.

    [–] Maybe maybe maybe Galthrojh 1 points ago in maybemaybemaybe

    I wish I knew.

    [–] Being a new player sucks Galthrojh 1 points ago in mobilelegends

    Yup. The biggest difference I feel is soloing a buff at level 1/2. Like whether I can or I’ll get killed by jungle.

    [–] Being a new player sucks Galthrojh 3 points ago in mobilelegends

    Watson, I agree. Emblems when you just start are weaker than level 60 emblems. Is this game breakingly unfair? Maybe, if you’ve got a full 5 team of low emblems and you’re fighting another 5 team.

    But in actual practice and gameplay for people as a whole? It’s not really the reason you win or lose.

    Mino’s been nerfed to hell and you had a terrible team. No level 60 emblem was gonna stop your teammate from picking Miya or prevent that Moskov from dying 10 times because your team had no peel. You might even have been better off with a Chou or Guinevere for multiple sets.

    Complaint valid, sure. Send your complaints and suggestions to the official subreddit, r/MobileLegendsGame, and the mods can typically send it up higher if it gains enough traction.

    [–] Being a new player sucks Galthrojh 3 points ago in mobilelegends

    You’re being whiny.

    If only you had “just that much more damage” then you could have either gotten the jump earlier or farmed/rotated better. Rarely is this game a boxing match.

    You died 8 times as Minotaur. It looks like your engaging poorly, or your team really sucked. If you’re doing solo Q in Epic, most of the time, you’re better off with another extra (2nd or 3rd) fighter with some CC so that when you disengage you can still be useful and push or farm more.

    You might wanna play aggressive and invade early, for which there are great heroes to use, but you’ll need the appropriate team and that’s not easy to find solo in low ELO games.

    With that attitude, as far as you might get, it sounds like you’ll still have something to be sour about.

    [–] You cant trust anyone in Solo Q Galthrojh 1 points ago in mobilelegends

    Go to the official Discord and find someone to rank with. It’s ugly in Solo Q, and unless you’re playing for shits n giggles, it’s not fun.

    [–] Being a new player sucks Galthrojh 1 points ago in mobilelegends

    OP, from your post and replies here, it looks like you’re actively looking for an excuse that you’re not climbing rank.

    Multiple people have replied and said they’ve hit Mythic with low emblems. It’s definitely an advantage, but it’s not a brick wall, as you’ll be able to tell from the tons of players you’ll be playing with in Epic with max emblems and 2000 games at 50% WR.

    [–] Do your worst Galthrojh 1 points ago in RoastMe

    It’s like there’s not enough space on your face for your face.

    [–] blursed selfie Galthrojh 2 points ago in blursedimages

    Trump’s one of those faces that’s really easy to make cartoonish, but this one barely makes it.

    [–] Vicious Pitbull Galthrojh 11 points ago in Eyebleach

    Used properly, they’re a mediocre and outdated tool.

    [–] I really should be studying mechanics right now [Humor] Galthrojh 6 points ago in MobileLegendsGame

    This is the true counter. You can bait out everything else, but a no buff Fanny is a walking Fanny.

    [–] We lost that match but I always wanted to make this play. Galthrojh 3 points ago in mobilelegends

    Don’t stress. That’s what happens on this unofficial subreddit. Specially since no mods exist. If they haven’t posted their gameplay, don’t worry about it.

    [–] Soviet "power juggling" Galthrojh 1 points ago in nextfuckinglevel

    So Zach Galifianakis is pretty buff.

    [–] Region lock feature? Galthrojh 1 points ago in MobileLegendsGame

    Yeah. Unless you notice that your ping is way off, you’re probably with people from your region.

    [–] HEROES HEROES Galthrojh 1 points ago in mobilelegends

    Watch a lotta videos (recent ones, like Gosu Hoon) on YouTube. Copy the top builds and adjust as you like.

    Keep an eye out for how they rotate and ambush.

    Before you even take him to classic, go to vs A.I. and make sure you’re comfortable with his skills and the timing.

    [–] Please tell me how to counter kaja and grock Galthrojh 3 points ago in mobilelegends

    I meant ban Kaja if your team doesn’t have one.

    Grock is a good, super aggressive tank. If you come against a team that knows to follow up when he initiates, it’s tough. Top 2 tanks you should beware of are Grock and Khufra.