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    [–] Sword of Punishment by Leon Lee Galthrojh 2 points ago in ImaginaryTechnology

    So that’s where it’s from. I heard the name mentioned in an anime called K Project and it ties in

    [–] I always thought the Desert was safe. Galthrojh 1 points ago in Unexpected

    As he took the jump I said “Oh god, he’s so dead.”

    [–] #Hastag_explained Galthrojh 2 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    You’re supposed to call it a Tic Tac Toe board.

    [–] A Very Clean And Wholesome Prank Galthrojh 1 points ago in nonononoyes

    Dude at 0:55 almost would have dodged the thing even without the clear panel.

    [–] RYDER - by me - made in VR Galthrojh 5 points ago in ImaginaryTechnology


    Also kinda looks like it’s half a Firefly.

    [–] Fixing a flat tire in an original way. Galthrojh 16 points ago in Unexpected

    Your average redditor doesn’t use any sort or deodorant man.

    [–] Knocked the brakes off him. Galthrojh 2 points ago in AbruptChaos

    “Slap”. These competitions are so loosely enforced. It’s mostly palm/wrist swings.

    [–] "Thanks, kid...." Galthrojh -1 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    Camera’s inside the car, dude.

    [–] The best welcome home Galthrojh 250 points ago in wholesomegifs

    Wow. Your neighbor’s awesome for letting you have their cat.

    [–] Is having 2 assassins as the 2 DPS problematic? Galthrojh 1 points ago in UlalaIdleAdventure

    Biggest problem here is that you would have 3 frontline characters. There are some early bosses that target the back line only, and your healer would eat ALL that damage.

    [–] Mystic Realm Help Galthrojh 1 points ago in UlalaIdleAdventure

    I don’t think that’s quite right. The level requirement never goes past 25 to enter or start an adventure.

    That being said, your whole team has to be 25 or up, and you have to have a full group of four. Other than that, if you can clear the boss, you can move up.

    [–] iOS Users - Has 3D Touch gotten TOO sensitive recently? Galthrojh 1 points ago in CallOfDutyMobile

    That’s what I mean. The first one is how hard you have to press, with higher being more pressure. It’s too easy to press right now, even at 100.

    [–] Landing a jet without landing gear Galthrojh 18 points ago in toptalent

    “Holy shit, Bob. Guess what?”

    “What now? We just landed without landing gear, and I’m really not in the mood.”

    “I KNOW. I forgot to press the button.”

    [–] Water pup does an awoo Galthrojh 23 points ago in rarepuppers


    [–] One order of Nop please. thank you Galthrojh 1 points ago in oddlyterrifying

    She’s talking about the medal con pound

    [–] Fuck plastic Galthrojh 1 points ago in ThatsInsane

    Looks and sounds like the Philippines