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    [–] Excuse me, is that seat on your face taken? [OC] Gar1986 1 points ago in paag


    Please post more. Some gifs please

    [–] Asian bimbo cake Gar1986 1 points ago in paag


    [–] My grandparents, circa 1960's. Gar1986 2 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Wow your grandmother is absolutely gorgeous

    [–] [Image] Create without fear 💛 Gar1986 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    This is fantastic I saved it on my phone. Thanks heaps I suddenly feel so much better 😊

    [–] What would you do to an ass like mine? Gar1986 2 points ago in paag

    Nice long oil massage followed by a good shag

    [–] (Serious) I thought my neighbours dog used to yelp when they got home, turns out the dad is a monster who beats the dog, what is the best thing to do in this situation to help the poor dog? Gar1986 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Thanks everyone. I just sent and anonymous email to the local animal protection guys who are only about a block away.

    I did it anonymously as I fear he may come after me if he knew it was me.

    I am worried too because he has children, I sure hope he isn't hitting then too.

    [–] Like it in white???(f) Gar1986 1 points ago in paag

    Ohhhhh my god yes more please!!!