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    [–] Who is the artist or musician you completely wrote off at one point but then came to appreciate? Gaunter_O_Dimm 2 points ago in Music

    Kanye West. At first i thought he was just an overrated jackass but then i went and listened to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Now i realise he is an exceptionally talented jackass.

    [–] ussop will die bravely on battlefield Gaunter_O_Dimm 3 points ago in OnePiece

    Oda knows how to write, that's the thing

    [–] What polarizing movie do you defend? Gaunter_O_Dimm 2 points ago in YMS

    Probably Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    [–] "I don't watch mainstream news" starterpack Gaunter_O_Dimm -5 points ago in starterpacks

    Lauren is retarded but she is not a white nationalist

    [–] Zero Punctuation : Outlast 2 Gaunter_O_Dimm 5 points ago in Games

    "Objectively" You keep on using this word, i do not think you know what it mean

    [–] Zero Punctuation : Outlast 2 Gaunter_O_Dimm 9 points ago in Games

    "YOU SUCK FOR LIKING SOMETHING I DON'T LKE" is what you're saying here. You sound like a 5 year old

    [–] WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS WORRRLD?! Gaunter_O_Dimm 1 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    One on the is cute, one on the right is weird

    [–] La La Land - Renegade Cut is not a fan... Gaunter_O_Dimm 1 points ago in YMS

    Anomalisa made the symbolism pretty obvious which i liked for me (The average scum-fuck movie goer) to understand and made it enjoyable yet there was still a deeper meaning there. There's a good middle ground whihc i think Kaufman found there

    [–] When you see a ton of positive comments about Indiana Jones 5 on r/movies Gaunter_O_Dimm 8 points ago in RedLetterMedia

    If its a movie you like and want to see the director and producer work on other projects than i can get hoping it does well