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    [–] Imagine if the Needle Drop reviewed Adum's upcoming album? Gaunter_O_Dimm 1 points ago in YMS

    Fantano? Alt-Right?

    A vegan democrat who has a black girlfriend and gave TPAB a 10/10? Yeah sure he's alt-right

    [–] The Seer, To Be Kind, or The Glowing Man? Gaunter_O_Dimm 10 points ago in swans

    To Be Kind, the pure wrath and the droning noise of the album along with my favourite song ever, Bring The Sun, makes it hard for it not to be my favourite

    [–] 16 year old music connoisseur informs group about true music Gaunter_O_Dimm 4 points ago in iamverysmart

    You just ain't looking enough man, more good music is being made then ever before

    [–] J.R.R. Tolkien Gaunter_O_Dimm 1 points ago in Libertarian

    Can we stop posting these shitty quote memes from 2009 facebook for one fucking day?

    [–] We are Crows Crows Crows and Squanch Games, creators of ACCOUNTING+ for PS VR. Ask us anything! Gaunter_O_Dimm 9 points ago in Games

    Hey guys, love your work, was just curious if the way you lay out and plan your projects is any different from your average developer. Is there a secret spice as to how you make such funny games?

    [–] "Friday Night At A Park In Europe Starter Pack" Gaunter_O_Dimm 3 points ago in starterpacks

    This is stupidly acurate. Every park i've been to in central europe has one of these things. You take 5 steps in and it smells and sounds like the worlds shittiest party

    [–] What Have You Been Watching? (Week of November 12, 2017) Gaunter_O_Dimm 1 points ago in TrueFilm

    Was only able to watch one film sadly Tetsuo: The iron man (1989).

    This film was fucking insane. The visual style and editing of it all felt like the hardest most chilling fever dream i had ever experienced. It's honestly hard for me to explain how engaging this film is because of how much of audio visual marvel it is. The way the iron molds and sounds along with how harsh and rough the editing is brings the vison of director Shinya Tsukamota forth so well even with its short run time of just an hour and 17 minutes. It's a brutal experience i highly recommend

    [–] What are some films every aspiring filmmaker should watch, and why? Gaunter_O_Dimm 5 points ago in TrueFilm

    Synechode New York, Adaptation, The Holy Mountain, Anomalisa, The white ribbon, Cache, Amorres perros, Birdman, Ran, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, Resevoir dogs, The Last King of Sctoland, It comes at night, The Dance of reality, Airplane!, Pink Floyd - The wall, Every monty python film, Brazil, Antichrist, The Devils, Lawrence of Arabia, The lord of the rings films, I could go on but all of these films are fantastic and to just dissmiss them because they don't have 100% is silly. RT is a silly scale to use. It means how many percent enjoyed it now how good it is

    [–] LiL PeeP reported overdosed at Tuscon show Gaunter_O_Dimm 3 points ago in hiphopheads

    Go fuck yourself you wretched sack of human shit.

    [–] Anti Toxicity Starter Pack Gaunter_O_Dimm 4 points ago in starterpacks

    Bright monitors have been found to decrease melatonin levels in the body which is a drug the body produces to help you sleep. Flux dims your monitor over time so that you can use your monitor but keep your melatonin levels steady

    [–] Valgresultatene staten ikke vil at du skal se Gaunter_O_Dimm 1 points ago in norge

    Jeb Bush ble en slags vits etter han droppet ut av 2016 valget så folk lagde sånn komiske bilder som viste at han vant valget med alle statene i gul med det fjeset han har i bildet

    [–] What is something you wish you had? Gaunter_O_Dimm 145 points ago in comedynecromancy

    Ok that was great and made me laugh. First time this sub has gotten more then a chuckle out of me

    [–] Growing up in an Ex-Soviet State Gaunter_O_Dimm 7 points ago in starterpacks

    Most of those links are broken which usually means that they find that the piece is redacted and these are opinion polls, this does not show anything of the quality of life under these regimes. They are also asking elderly residents. If you asked elderly people if it was better 50-60 years ago in X country they will usually say yes

    [–] Who is the artist or musician you completely wrote off at one point but then came to appreciate? Gaunter_O_Dimm 2 points ago in Music

    Kanye West. At first i thought he was just an overrated jackass but then i went and listened to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Now i realise he is an exceptionally talented jackass.