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    [–] Lunch box: Homemade Korean Bulgogi, Kim Chi, & Kale. [OC][1080x1080] Gawd-Dammit 22 points ago in FoodPorn

    Bulgogi was super simple, got a beef roast, cut it into thin slices, marinated overnight in a mixture of soy sauce, honey (or sugar), and minced garlic, then pan fried. You can cook a variety of veggies with it like onions, peppers, etc. Kim Chi was storebought (my job is mostly on the road so no worries with offending anyone with its smell), and the Kale was boiled in chicken broth.

    [–] The Titan (2018): Reviews and Thoughts Gawd-Dammit 10 points ago in movies

    I kept thinking... is that Claire Foy? Wait, no, she looks like Radha Mitchell but not really... [after checking IMDb]... woah, she's from 'Orange Is The New Black'

    [–] [USA][FL] Jaywalking pedestrian gets nailed by speeding car Gawd-Dammit 8 points ago in Roadcam

    Angry woman at 05:40-06:40, a couple of cops notice but don't bother with it.

    [–] American Lego minifg on his mobile scooter cart Gawd-Dammit 5 points ago in lego

    Saw a picture online of a custom minifig labeled "American Lego" and because it made me LOL, I had to make one for myself.

    [–] Lego Rollercoaster Gawd-Dammit 5 points ago in lego

    YouTube source video More frightening in action than in the gif.

    [–] [META] User feedback thread for October 2014 Gawd-Dammit 3 points ago in legotrade

    No problems with /u/beaverbanker Panda Guy and Abraham Lincoln. Excellent trade.

    [–] Toronto Canada Showtimes? Gawd-Dammit 2 points ago in GODZILLA

    Wed Oct 12 and 19; Mon Oct 24; Yonge/Dundas, Scarborough, Vaughan; all 7:00pm showtimes. Yonge/Dundas all showings sold out.

    [–] [META] User feedback thread for November 2014 Gawd-Dammit 2 points ago in legotrade

    Great trades with the following users:
    /u/tubbyfett - Hazmat for Bunny
    /u/Tuffguy69 - Hazmat, Lone Ranger for Dino, Programmer, Welder, Sax

    [–] And this is why I don't mind being stuck behind a streetcar. Gawd-Dammit 1 points ago in toronto

    I live just under 9km from my work. Travel time by... Motorcycle: 6-7 mins Car: 9-10 mins TTC bus: 30-45 mins I want to like public transpo but when it takes over 3x a car or 5x a motorcycle... blah... I could cycle to work but the end-sweating prevents that.

    [–] [H] Various CMFs [W] CMFs 15 Gawd-Dammit 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in legotrade

    Large, clear, multi-level, wall display case. Holds like 80 minifigs with baseplate. Closest picture I could find online is on Pinterest

    [–] February 2016 Trader Feedback Gawd-Dammit 1 points ago in legotrade

    Good trade with fellow Canuck /u/drevill :)

    [–] Apple Cinnamon Rose Buns my coworker made me [2236x2236] Gawd-Dammit 1 points ago in FoodPorn

    Sorry no, and she's gone to nights so I don't see her often now.

    [–] January 2015 Trader Feedback Gawd-Dammit 1 points ago in legotrade

    The holidays delayed shipment in our pre-Christmas trade, but got Chicken Suit Guy from /u/BrickBuddy a couple of days ago, good stuff.