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    [–] Server Boosting GeneralMitch 1 points ago in discordapp

    Can we have the ability to boost using the mobile app

    [–] New Merch? GeneralMitch 6 points ago in fuslieandedison

    Hello! Welcome to our subreddit! Leslie showcased a piece of her upcoming spring merch launch on stream recently.

    Here's a clip :)

    [–] Scamslie? GeneralMitch 3 points ago in justfriendshome

    Prob cause your not a sub LULW

    [–] Congratulations on your engagement! 💕 GeneralMitch 7 points ago in fuslieandedison

    wow have you tweeted this at her/posted on insta/discord. This is incredible

    [–] EDISON PARK & LESLIE FU THE PROPOSAL GeneralMitch 3 points ago in fuslieandedison

    Just checking in, this is my 50th time watching this. That is all

    [–] I can't find out how to join fuslies discord server and I'm a sub GeneralMitch 5 points ago in fuslieandedison

    If your a sub User Settings > Connections > Connect with Twitch. Once connected, a join button will appear for the server on the Connections page. (Doesn't work on the mobile app.)

    [–] Did edison quit after 514 hours or did it end? GeneralMitch 1 points ago in fuslieandedison

    Edison is looking to push past 540 hours. He ended his stream for day and will be back tonight to stream up until the end of the 30 day marathon

    [–] bushBrush GeneralMitch 2 points ago in fuslieandedison