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    [–] What is JustFriends? GeneralMitch 2 points ago in justfriendshome

    JustFriends is a collective of streamers they just don’t live together. This subreddit is pretty lenient on what we allow here. If JustFriends officially ended I’m sure the subreddit would change but not that much.

    [–] Winslie the AWP Goddess GeneralMitch 1 points ago in justfriendshome

    peep the top fragger Kapp

    [–] The Greatest peepoRun GeneralMitch 7 points ago in justfriendshome

    What a pleasure it was to administer this wedding LMAOO

    [–] Edna and Leslie take their First Selfie fusUwU GeneralMitch 4 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in justfriendshome

    Mom and Daughter : ^ )

    [–] I think I've found future Fuslie GeneralMitch 10 points ago in offlineTV

    Take a shot everytime this meme is posted on this subreddit

    [–] So uh, Who is the girl next to Kimi? GeneralMitch 4 points ago in justfriendshome

    We try to avoid the "shipping" stuff here. No comment

    [–] EDISON BEING AWKWARD AF GeneralMitch 5 points ago in justfriendshome

    I can't watch... oh no

    [–] fusle minecraft cemetery ... GeneralMitch 2 points ago in justfriendshome

    Edison streams. The greatest loss :(

    [–] Let's Go Faster -Edison GeneralMitch 4 points ago in justfriendshome

    She went flying lmaooooooooooooo

    [–] Anyone know exactly how fuslie does her movie nights? I've never participated. GeneralMitch 14 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in offlineTV

    Should post this is in /r/justfriendshome/ instead . However in short her movie nights are on Tuesday at 7 PM PST and are SUB only. We host the movie on and watch together on discord. If you need any help feel free to hit me up.

    [–] Send Edison your energy UwU GeneralMitch 10 points ago in justfriendshome

    Edison too good looking to die :(

    [–] Edison just got owned... GeneralMitch 32 points ago in justfriendshome

    Normally Edison wins arguments, this time, he got Clapped LOL

    [–] Streamer camp reddit? GeneralMitch 6 points ago in justfriendshome

    This subreddit is for "Just Friends" members, and content that involves them. Any content involving Streamer Camp specifically also is fine. Any content that is JUST from the individuals and not concerning streamer camp specifically I encourage be placed on their respective subreddit (if they have one). As far as them having their own subreddit, not at this time.

    [–] Lewdslie is Back GeneralMitch 2 points ago in justfriendshome

    Did she ever leave?