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    [–] [S01E13] Wow. What? Geovicsha 6 points ago in TheGoodPlace

    Yeah, I thought he was laughing at the absurdity of Elanor's claims. I thought it was just going to be a gag. So, it felt like a betrayal because we thought we were laughing with him. But he was laughing at us.

    [–] [S01E13] Wow. What? Geovicsha 12 points ago in TheGoodPlace

    For sure. And I just started a rewatch of Season 1. Now we know Michael's true nature, you can easily see how the initial character was a contrived version of his demonic side. Ted Danson was playing two characters at once. What a refreshing show.

    [–] The more I meditate, the more I see the toxicity in other people, the more I spend time on my own Geovicsha 8 points ago in Meditation

    I'm really glad to read it resonated with you!

    I am a huge fan of Joseph Goldstein for both mindfulness and metta. Here's a guided metta meditation that starts around 08:30. I hope it helps! :)

    [–] [S01E13] Wow. What? Geovicsha 26 points ago in TheGoodPlace

    Yep. Just finished Episode 8. What a great show!

    [–] Whether left or right I think we can all agree he was a nutter Geovicsha 3 points ago in australia

    I agree. If memory serves me correctly, I remember how Latham made no appearances following the 2004 defeat. There was media speculation about his future, and an extended period of Acting Opposition Leaders.

    The guy was unhinged (look at the handshake with Howard), and I think the loss pushed him over the edge.

    [–] The more I meditate, the more I see the toxicity in other people, the more I spend time on my own Geovicsha 140 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Meditation

    Practice metta/loving kindness meditation. Be aware of the fact that, for instance, your dad's reaction likely come from a place of intricate suffering. He has a private universe inside his head, as complex as your own -- it's rich in emotions and reactivity, in good thoughts and bad thoughts. To make overarching assessment's about someone's character/outward presentation towards you fails to recognise the totality of their being. To assist this, sometimes I practice a visualisation technique and imagine living inside their head -- seeing the world outside of their eyes. This gives me a clear recognition of my understanding of their entire mind, independent of my own ego. There's likely inaccuracies in my understandings, limited by my intelligence and brain chemistry, but it seems more conducive and accurate than assessing someone as a reaction to your ego -- i.e. understanding someone insofar from its influence on me.

    Still, if your cognitive empathy/theory of mind skills are good (which I think meditation can improve in as you attenuate your ego), you may be able to truly understand someone else, and may conclude that some people are inherently toxic. So, if you have sufficient mindfulness meditation skills, you'll be able to discern that there really isn't a "controller" of thought. Even our feelings of intent and volition seem to arise out of nothing. We do not intend our intentions.

    How do you react: again, metta meditation. People are bound by the limits of their biology, and did not choose their personality and toxicity. And when we realise this, and offer space and forgiveness to both ourselves and the other, we no longer associate with them. We avoid toxic people, sans agency, like we would avoid a tornado. For those of whom you cannot avoid, likely your father, let's assume he's a toxic person rather than complex/having a bad day: here you can truly meditate on how your reaction to other people affect you. Feel the negative emotions that he brings out to you. What are they? What thoughts do they bring? Why? Usually for me, my resentment and reactivity to someone's toxicity comes from a place of control and wanting them to be someone that they are not.

    But that doesn't mean you should live a life of alienation. We're social creatures, and we need to interact. There are 7.442 billion in this world. For arguments sake, let's conservatively estimate that only 1% of them are good people. That's 74,420,000 people! Find the others!

    [–] The Right Side of History Geovicsha 15 points ago in australia

    Weird. I thought Wayne Swan retired around 2014-2015.

    [–] Post Episode Discussion: S21E10 - "Splatty Tomato" [Season Finale] Geovicsha 3 points ago in southpark

    I think that was their intention originally; Garrison didn't appear until halfway in this season. Ultimately, it was just too tempting.

    [–] Does anybody know if Sam has any plans to write another book? Geovicsha 2 points ago in samharris

    Though other people are saying he's writing another book, Sam has mentioned a few times now he thinks podcasts have an advantage in reaching more people with a lot less effort.

    [–] Porn star Riley Reid really is a big fan of Sam. She's a regular podcast listener, has read his books and was even in attendance for his talk in San Francisco yesterday. Geovicsha 15 points ago in samharris

    "He was great! I don’t want to give too much away bc it’ll make for a great podcast I’m sure he’ll put up but it hit topics of free will and religion. Deff wish there was backstage access for a meet and greet. I’ve got a few questions for him. 😈"

    I wonder..

    [–] Tony Abbott has abstained from voting on SSM Geovicsha 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in australia

    What happened to him being the guy that put this in motion?

    [–] Xpost - I think it is one way to visualize how thoughts can interrupt meditation Geovicsha 9 points ago in Meditation

    And here's my own take: thoughts come and go. Only when we react to them and get lost in the train of association -- thinking without knowing we are thinking -- do they interrupt meditation.

    To me, the stoic guy in OP's GIF isn't getting interrupted by thought at all. He's meditating.

    [–] Flinders Street & Flinders Street railway station - circa 1900 Geovicsha 6 points ago in melbourne

    Ballroom dancing. Some say they can faintly hear a haunting waltz, circa 1930s, when Flinders St is quiet.

    [–] #107 — Is Life Actually Worth Living? Geovicsha 43 points ago in samharris

    As someone who is obsessed with death and its implications, I'm loving these latest podcasts.

    [–] It's the /r/melbourne random discussion thread [Wednesday 06/12/2017] Geovicsha 2 points ago in melbourne

    I'm feeling pretty bummed I missed out on Paul McCartney. At the time I wasn't too fussed since he's not my favourite Beatle, but now I feel I missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. :(