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    [–] Seems alright Gerdle55 26 points ago in TownofSalemgame

    And then the mafia calls you out and you get lynched before them

    [–] Always Gerdle55 6 points ago in PrequelMemes

    There's never a better resolution

    [–] Payday 3 leaked box art Gerdle55 8 points ago in paydaytheheist

    I was hoping it to be a real leak but this is much better

    [–] Gone Fishing Gerdle55 3 points ago in evangelion

    I think it's from Girlfriend of Steel 1

    [–] When there are sea bears around Gerdle55 77 points ago in PrequelMemes

    Due to being nervous about the sea bears, Obiwan forgot that you never mine straight down and fell into the lava.

    [–] PAYDAY 2: Update 196.2 Gerdle55 7 points ago in paydaytheheist

    They are still searching for a pterodactyl

    [–] Literally just a Bullet kin Gerdle55 2 points ago in EnterTheGungeon

    Yeah but that would take effort

    [–] I made the marine to look like Samus Aran Gerdle55 1 points ago in EnterTheGungeon

    It is but this is a social experiment to see who would fall for it

    [–] At that moment i knew i was one of them Gerdle55 1 points ago in EnterTheGungeon

    With the yellow chamber I charmed one of those enemies anda when I cleared the room he stayed there. I looped around 3 or 4 rooms and when I came back the beams where floating so I stood in the middle and took the screenshot

    [–] [Steam][Mic] Looking for Decent Crew [USA?] Gerdle55 1 points ago in PaydayTheHeistOnline

    i sent you an invite :P (I'm Blaziken Nugget(VII))