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    [–] Missing hiker found alive but injured after 2 weeks in Maui Forest. Ghastly_Gibus 8 points ago in worldnews

    Hikers have to get rescued all the time from Hawaiian rainforests. City and County of Honolulu will bill you for search and rescue if you get lost on Oahu. Lucky for her she was on Maui instead.

    [–] Building Permits? Ghastly_Gibus 8 points ago in vegaslocals

    "Oh yeah I'm suuuure the 'previous owner' did all this unpermitted work."

    -building inspector, probably

    Building permit remediation is a bitch. Just keep your mouth shut and don't say anything.

    [–] Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two test failure, Sadly the pilot died. Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in CatastrophicFailure

    Virgin Galactic "...should stop, give up. Go away and do something they might be good at like selling mobile phones. They should stay out of the space business."


    [–] New Bill Would Require Agents to Actually Have Probable Cause to Search Electronic Devices at the Border Ghastly_Gibus 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in technology

    I take it you haven't directly interacted with CBP in the past few years and your knowledge is limited to Redditors pretending to be constitutional attorneys. My experience traveling twice a month returning into the US from Point Edward and Victoria, BC is this: You forfeit your device to CBP if you don't unlock your phone laptop or tablet when asked. Period. There is no arguing with them no matter what you believe your legal rights may be.

    [–] LVAC Membership options question. Ghastly_Gibus 2 points ago in vegaslocals

    They have a whole sheet full of membership options, and only a couple of them are advertised. You're going to want to go in person and see for yourself.

    [–] Sweet home Alabama Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in funny

    SEC rivalry is too much 🤣🤣

    [–] Hackers have been holding the city of Baltimore’s computers hostage for 2 weeks - A ransomware attack means Baltimore citizens can’t pay their water bills or parking tickets. Ghastly_Gibus 6 points ago in technology

    Large municipalities usually have many disjointed networks that most likely don't even talk to each other. I know my city's IT infrastructure has over a thousand separate active directory forests, and combining all of them into a single network would take decades of work and millions of dollars.

    [–] Sweet home Alabama Ghastly_Gibus 9 points ago in funny

    Speaking of incest, why is Alabama nicknamed after an algal bloom but their mascot is an elephant?

    [–] Steve-O climbs a crane to protest Sea World, ends up shutting down Hollywood. Ghastly_Gibus 15 points ago in PublicFreakout

    We have one here in Vegas. Their staff keeps quitting due to the horrible conditions the animals have to endure. The Yelp page had to be locked down due to reviews from former employees, and now their Yelp reviews are curated by Sea Quest themselves.

    [–] How the power lines at Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, USA simply and clearly show the curvature of the Earth Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in pics

    Thats only because they used a circular lens to distort the image. A flat square lens would show the entire length of powerlines. Sorry round-earthers, you lose again.

    [–] Ford Will Lay Off 7,000 White-Collar Workers Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in news

    Only the big 3 are passing up the car market and it will bite them.

    The Big 3's car sales have largely been to fleet customers: rental car companies, government agencies, etc. Sales to the general public have been so anemic that they've had to resort to pandering to the sub-prime customers to move cars off the lot. Would you waste a 720+ credit score on a Ford, GM, or Chrysler sedan? Yeah, no one would either.

    [–] All HOV lanes expanded to 24/7??? Ghastly_Gibus 17 points ago in vegaslocals

    Oh please. They couldn't enforce them when they weren't 24x7. They're not going to start enforcing them now, no matter what the press release says.

    [–] What's your 'I finally met my online friend' horror story? Ghastly_Gibus 3 points ago in AskReddit

    Never meet your online friends irl without bringing your other two friends Heckler and Koch

    [–] This is where trust issues begin Ghastly_Gibus 3 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Google Docs don't integrate very well in a business environment with Sharepoint and Teams. Also, the cost per TB of OneDrive storage with an Enterprise Agreement is less per license than Google Drive.

    [–] Caesars cutting corporate jobs to save more than $40M Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in vegas

    Caesars rejected Tillman's offer back in November so he bought 4 million shares instead.

    [–] Tell me about LVAC Membership Fees Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in vegaslocals

    Lots of gyms don't accept credit cards without your name embossed on it anymore. But yeah, back in the day you'd buy a pre-paid card and let the gym debit funds from that card till it ran out of funds so you can easily quit.

    [–] Easy Meal Prep Ideas Ghastly_Gibus 7 points ago in funny

    Lol @ meal preppers. It's just a week of leftovers, no need to give it a trendy name.

    [–] Gov. Sisolak announces bill requiring marijuana tax money to go to school account Ghastly_Gibus 27 points ago in vegas

    Exactly. People are upvoting without understanding how education funding currently works. If the MJ tax goes to the schools, the general fund will stop funding the schools. The schools won't get both the MJ tax AND a share of the general fund. It's going to be a wash, no one wins or loses. This is simply an accounting line item to pacify all the people crying that the MJ tax isn't directly going to education.

    The more important part of the Gov's announcement is a 1/4 cent tax on Clark County residents to pay for education.

    [–] MGM casinos might have free parking again Ghastly_Gibus 4 points ago in vegas

    so people don't abuse it as they did before

    Lots of people were parking at casinos for free and taking the free shuttle to the airport instead of paying for long term parking at the airport.

    [–] Clark County Education Association Votes to Authorize a Strike Ghastly_Gibus 2 points ago in vegas

    Adelson is the poor bastard that Mark White used to get the Raiders to Vegas. He used Adelson and his Review-Journal platform to gain support for the Raiders then tossed him to the side like a used Kleenex after he got what he wanted. Rumor is that he had promised Adelson partial ownership.