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    [–] NSFW - Snowboard for sale with extra Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    $250 for a Walmart ride isn't even worth it

    Edit: Oh...

    [–] Absolute legend tonight in the background at the UFC event Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in funny

    Megan still doing UFC? She was doing sideline reporting on NFL games this past season

    [–] Is Maryland Parkway being gentrified? Ghastly_Gibus 3 points ago in vegas

    Gentrification is when poor people are forced to move out of a neighborhood because a more affluent social class moved in and caused the price floor in the area to rise. Tearing down a older strip mall to put in a new one isn't gentrification. That's just called redevelopment.

    [–] Car broke down any suggestions for a good repair shop? Ghastly_Gibus 4 points ago in vegas

    The misfire is causing the other codes. Just change the one spark plug first right there at the auto store parking lot and drive it around a little bit and see if the problem goes away before you buy all the other stuff.

    [–] Car broke down any suggestions for a good repair shop? Ghastly_Gibus 5 points ago in vegas

    Change the spark plug on cylinder 1 and the rest of the codes should clear out after a while. Could be the coil pack on that cylinder too, but the spark plug is cheaper to rule out first.

    [–] Drug lord 'El Chapo' found guilty in US Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in worldnews

    Pretty sure theres already a tunnel being dug under Rikers

    [–] Good IT companies to work for? Ghastly_Gibus -4 points ago in vegas

    Sign on with TekSystems for now till you can find a permanent gig. Its a tech staffing company that companies call when they need temp IT help like system refreshes and vacation coverage and such. Heads up though: If TekSystems places you in a fulltime position, their "finder's fee" is quite steep.

    [–] Strip mall restaurants Ghastly_Gibus 0 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in vegaslocals

    run by 2nd-3rd gen.

    Yes that's why a lot of the places have the westernized "fusion" style menu items. It's getting harder and harder to find older traditional style Asian menus.

    LOL, downvotes from "foodies" that think avocado and cream cheese is a traditional Asian ingredient

    [–] Which resort on or near the strip do you think will be the next to be demolished? Ghastly_Gibus 6 points ago in vegas

    Circus Circus will never be torn down. It's fully paid for so its REVPAR is the highest in the world.

    [–] Good Networking Advice Ghastly_Gibus 415 points ago in funny

    1. SYN

    2. SYN-ACK

    3. ACK

    [–] The real picture of Tienanmen Square people should be posting Ghastly_Gibus 266 points ago in pics

    $150M Chinese investment? Let's see how long this post can go without being deleted

    [–] Are you real human? Ghastly_Gibus 4 points ago in aww

    That dude is waiting for his football team to come home

    [–] Zebra 105sl Needs To Be Power Cycled Every Few Prints Ghastly_Gibus 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in sysadmin

    Pull out the print server module, wipe the contacts, and re-seat it

    Upgrade the firmware on the print server module too

    Replacement print server modules are about $100 on ebay if you need one

    [–] 3 year old girl Arya Griffin drops 6ft halfpipe for the first time Ghastly_Gibus 2 points ago in sports

    First drop in, but clearly not the first time she's riden up and down those transitions. She eventually got comfortable getting real high up to the coping and her dad said "Hey why don't you try to drop in?"

    [–] It’s not all slots and casinos. There’s beauty in nature at the Bird Preserve. Ghastly_Gibus 2 points ago in vegas

    For one thing, the bird preserve has 100% less homeless people so there's less probability of accidentally stumbling across a homeless dude sleeping in the brush.