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    [–] PSA: Seven Magic Mountains was mostly funded by donors. Not "your tax dollars". Ghastly_Gibus -1 points ago in vegas

    Maybe because MGM was the biggest donor and people are still pissed about the whole paid parking thing? idk

    [–] Just wanna play some sports Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in vegas and ClubWaka

    Clark County won't place individuals in teams. You'll already have to be part of a team to register.

    [–] R.I.P. Sky King Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in videos

    Would that plane still be airworthy after that loop?

    [–] Reminder that CCSD starts today Ghastly_Gibus 9 points ago in vegaslocals

    The u-turn fine is a statutory $250 that ticketbusters won't be able to help you with. Also, the cops watching the school zones will be in unmarked units so be extra careful if you regularly make u-turns in school zones.

    [–] Airport workers need fun, too. Ghastly_Gibus 5 points ago in funny

    Fuel remaining and number of souls on board?

    [–] Name a Black Superhero who doesn't have the word 'black' in their name = MALCOLM JENKINS Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Misty Knight

    Wait hold up. Misty becomes a superhero? I just finished watching the episode where she got her robot arm.

    [–] Need Some Things to Do Ghastly_Gibus 2 points ago in vegaslocals

    Inconsistent members?

    [–] But it’s dry heat! Ghastly_Gibus 9 points ago in vegaslocals

    Ill take our 117 degree dry heat over 85 degree 100% humidity any day. You haven't experienced a miserable climate till you've visited Central Florida or Houston.

    [–] Problems With Republic? Ghastly_Gibus 1 points ago in vegaslocals

    Only time was last week when they delivered the blue trashcans. Missed the whole neighborhood but they eventually 10:00pm.

    [–] Have ~$4,000 for a Christmas Party for 130 people. Have any suggestions? Ghastly_Gibus 5 points ago in vegas

    $4,000 for 130 ppl? All the venues in that low end of the price range probably have already been booked.

    Holiday party planning is like having an abortion: It gets more expensive the longer you wait.

    [–] Bars/clubs for early 40s? Ghastly_Gibus 0 points ago in vegas

    He's saying that the AARP crowd isn't a strip casino nightclub's target demographic.

    [–] TIL A man was arrested during layover flight in Dubai for possession of 0.003g of marijuana detcted in his shoe Ghastly_Gibus 10 points ago in todayilearned

    I see you too have had the pleasure of experiencing Ninoy Aquino international airport. Those shitbags got my mom and dad for 10,000 Philippine pesos.

    [–] Antifa Coward Sucker Punch's Innocent Man Ghastly_Gibus 7 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Dang that's a Dog The Bounty Hunter-sized industrial grade mace dispenser

    [–] What do you think of "referral networks" in the age of Meetups and Hangouts? Ghastly_Gibus 8 points ago in vegaslocals

    paying $340 per year

    Tell them to go kick rocks. Las Vegas and Henderson Chamber of Commerce sponsors networking events regularly.

    [–] What do you think of "referral networks" in the age of Meetups and Hangouts? Ghastly_Gibus 6 points ago in vegaslocals

    You shouldn't have to pay for networking events. Networking events should be like "Hey we have a thing in common. Let's all meet up somewhere where we can discuss our common interests and possibly create new contacts".

    [–] Looking for Nunchucks... Ghastly_Gibus 3 points ago in vegas

    There's a knife vendor at the indoor swapmeet on decatur and oakey. Sells all kinds of ninja shit: blowdarts, throwing stars, sai. Don't remember if he actually had nunchucks but chances are high that he does.

    [–] New owners betting on south Las Vegas Strip location Ghastly_Gibus 5 points ago in vegas

    Yeah across the street from PH where that Travelodge sits now. Was gonna be called the London Thrill and be part of a London-themed thrill park.

    [–] Need advice on buying used car Ghastly_Gibus 5 points ago in vegaslocals

    People destroy rental cars.

    I took a rental Toyota Yaris out to Nellis Dunes