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    [–] Podcasts on Native American myth and philosophy? Ghitit 2 points ago in podcasts

    I'm listening to this now and I love it.

    Very interesting and thoughtful, but it also has humor and those brothers have personality.

    They alternate between Iroquois legends and myths and, history.

    [–] Do ya’ll have any blinker fluid? Ghitit 12 points ago in funny

    I was about eight years old and my mom told me to use elbow grease when I was scrubbing out my bathtub.

    I went and put Vaseline on my elbows. She looked at me and sadly shook her head.

    WTF mom! I was eight!

    [–] I made a cute hate Ghitit 2 points ago in crochet

    It is cute and I don't hate it.

    [–] Visiting my parents. I come by my yarn hording naturally. Ghitit 2 points ago in crochet

    I congratulated myself to my husband a couple of days ago because I went out and didn't come back with any yarn.


    [–] Why do people wear shoes in the house? Ghitit 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    It's not that you asked, it's the "it's so gross!" that probably got people irked. Calling an entire nation gross and cringe worthy is rude. You could have left that part out and not had to deal with people with thin skin.

    [–] 2nd Night on CPAP, feeling discouraged Ghitit 3 points ago in SleepApnea

    I told my sleep specialist that I was feeling claustrophobic with the face mask and he gave me a nose mask to try.

    It was the greatest difference for me and I am happy with my cpap now.

    So, yes, checking with your doc or sleep specialist and letting them know your problems may make a great difference in the quality of your experience with CPAP.

    [–] Biting teeth together in rhythm with a song in your head? Ghitit 1 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    My friend chomps her teeth while driving, at every pole on the side of the road.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. Ghitit 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Haha! I had a wee crush on my kids' pediatrician. And, the same - I never in a million years would have said anything.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. Ghitit 226 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Doesn't matter which career you've chosen, you'll still get harassed.

    Since you have to look into people's eyes really close with that scope thingy and look up their noses and stuff I guess they probably get turned on and feel as if they have to say something.

    I'm actually glad I'm an old, fat housewife now, because I never get harassed anymore. I'm a ghost in society and sometimes it's a blessing.

    [–] Single color, single crochet, single guy Ghitit 9 points ago in crochet

    I love single crochet. I would love to make a blanket in SC. I love the weight and drape.

    Maybe not all in one color, though. I'd probably use a variegated in greens and blues.

    Great job!

    [–] Forgot my water at the store: a revelation. Ghitit 2 points ago in CPAP

    When I first started, in December, I think, my mouth was so dry. I ripped off the full face mask countless nights.

    But then I got the nasal mask and my sleeping world changed. I was fine on the humidifier for a while, but several nights I felt nearly drowned from it. So I emptied out the reservoir and haven't had any problems since. No dryness at all. Maybe it's because it's been rainy here, I don't know. If I need to, I'll fill it up again. It's nice to have if I want it. But I'll keep in mind your strategy of hanging it.

    I find it easier to just use distilled water so I don't have to deal with cleaning with vinegar. It's cheap and easy to store so I'm good there.

    [–] What is a universally accepted pain that most people know the feeling of? Ghitit 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I guarantee it's broken. I've broken my toes so many time I literally can't remember. Over twenty for sure.

    If it's your big toe, go to the doctor. I broke a big toe once and it healed so I can't bend it.

    Other toes I just tape to the next one over and wait a couple of weeks for the pain to go away.

    P.S... I'm not a doctor so use your best judgement.

    [–] Forgot my water at the store: a revelation. Ghitit 0 points ago in CPAP

    Minerals in the water clog up the machine.

    I always use distilled because we're on a well and it's super hard water.

    Stopped using the humidifier because I always ended up with water dripping on my nose at four in the morning.

    [–] Accurate. Even if It’s just a conversation with myself. Ghitit 2 points ago in crochet

    That's basically what I said to myself when I was out today. I only bought two fer goodness sake!

    But man, such soft goodness! Some stuff called Berroco Summer Silk.
    I have no idea what to do with it - I got a dusky pink and a darkish grey. Can't wait 'til I figure it all out and make something.

    [–] Its official. I'm addicted to making fly bonnets. Ghitit 13 points ago in crochet

    OH! Now I get it!

    I thought they were sexy undies for dudes.