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    [–] Mom Screaming at Daughter autism, cerebral palsy, a growth hormone deficiency, seizures, and is legally blind. Ghostly_Writer28700 2 points ago in abusiveparents

    (His Reply) I don't want the police involved or anything because I know my mom can be a nice person when she needs to be and is very manipulative. This is why I made it anonymous but, I plan to gather more evidence in order to make sure she can't say this is a one-time event because I have brought these problems up to authority before but, they won't take my word on it.

    [–] Filmed Ghostly_Writer28700 1 points ago in OCPoetry

    This translates into real life. It seems that someone is being cheated on and the lead knows it. The one who stars is the girl who is being cheated with. The lead fills as though her life is a Rom-Com, she smiles at the other people in her life to make everything seem alright. Very moving. At least this is what I pulled from it.

    [–] The Ticket Ghostly_Writer28700 1 points ago in OCPoetry

    what I'm getting off this poem is 'Life of a Credit Card.' However, the meaning is that of being used one too many times. Just my thoughts.

    [–] just started writing poetry recently... want to know if it's trash or not.. let me know.. this one is called Disappointment Ghostly_Writer28700 1 points ago in OCPoetry

    I feel like this is a poem about conformity. It looks simple on the surface but has a deeper relatable meaning. If I were to say anything to critique it would be to put the sentences together a bit more, instead of having two words on each line.

    [–] An Artist Escapes Ghostly_Writer28700 1 points ago in OCPoetry

    I like it but, I feel like it can be longer

    [–] Strange Dream about End of The World Ghostly_Writer28700 2 points ago in Dreams

    land on campus? plus would you know who the discord character would be