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    [–] Björk and Anohni GhoulishMan 10 points ago in bjork

    Somehow I doubt this is true... Björk misgendering Anohni sounds more like a punchline to a joke than something actually happening lol. It is strange that they unfollowed each other on insta tho. I'll have to follow up on this.

    [–] What was the first Bjork song you heard that hooked you GhoulishMan 2 points ago in bjork

    Army of Me was the first song of hers I listened to and I was instantly hooked. Kind of ironic because I don't listen to that song all that much anymore. Still an amazing song

    [–] In this QNA with Björk she says she hás á cat allergy GhoulishMan 22 points ago in bjork

    The imagery of björk with a beard and tail is pretty frightening...

    [–] wow, i love selmasongs 😍 GhoulishMan 2 points ago in bjork

    Ah makes sense, I've only heard the title track from The Sweet Escape lol

    [–] Would some of u be interested in a björkheads reddit GhoulishMan 1 points ago in bjork

    :( You're one of my favorite contributors. I hate to see people leave just because one mod was rude. The whole situation really wasn't a big deal, 99% of the rest of the people in this sub are very pleasant.

    [–] Extremely cursed image GhoulishMan 12 points ago in bjork

    That thing looks like an Ewok and a Gremlin had a child

    [–] Fanmade Utopia Album Artwork: 2 of 3 GhoulishMan 1 points ago in bjork

    Good stuff man. I love the use of the Cornucopia artwork

    [–] Alternate Utopia Tracklist (Utopia Edited) GhoulishMan 1 points ago in bjork

    Hey, make sure to PM me! These edits have piqued my interest

    [–] Something you'd see Björk doing GhoulishMan 2 points ago in bjork

    Whether its in new york or iceland, no one would bat an eye lol