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    [–] What is the grossest thing you've seen in public? GibsonWich 1 points ago in AskReddit

    There’s also the fact that any artificial route, especially one artificially accessed with a prosthesis, is very very not sterile. These patients can get colonized UTI’s with some of the worst bugs imaginable.

    [–] The price of 12 pieces of chalk at Target vs my college bookstore GibsonWich 10 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    Hey since EIGHT different people needed to answer the question, went ahead and compiled their responses for you in one easy to read comment:

    I guess you can mark the fabric where it needs to be cut or whatever and it rubs off afterwards unlike a marker or pen or something.

    They use it to mark temporary lines on fabric

    It's how you mark measurements on fabric in an erasable, non-damaging way.

    They draw on the fabric/garment in chalk because it washes off.

    Not the person you asked the question to, but I’ve seen tailors use chalk to mark lines on the fabric for their measurements and such. I’ve also seen white chalk used on wedding dresses as an emergency when they get dirty.

    When marking fabric where you want to make a cut, you wanna use something that won't stain and can easily be washed off.

    I assume for marking the cuts on cloth since it wahdes off easily

    Dude how do you not know?

    [–] What are some cliche things that people do in real life only because they've seen it done before in movies? GibsonWich 385 points ago in AskReddit

    My sister got in a fight with her husband while drunk at a bar one time and tried to storm out. Ended up going up a flight of stairs, but there was no second floor and she ended up in the DJ booth. She made awkward eye contact, went back down and had to walk past her husband and his friends again on her way out.

    [–] Medical offices have a lot of nerve asking you to show up 15 minutes early but then not getting to you until 45 minutes after your scheduled time. GibsonWich 6 points ago in Showerthoughts

    I work in the OR, and I cannot believe how often patients will no-show surgery! It’s less common than in the clinic setting, but a lot more expensive each time. I have literally had women no-show a scheduled C-section.

    [–] Yes GibsonWich 1 points ago in gaming

    It’s a fascinating series. The typical “leveling up” is there, but only provides microscopic improvements to the numbers. But your skills improve so steadily and you learn to fight each enemy and make steady progress. The real level up isn’t just for the character, but also the player.

    Then you get to Bed of Chaos and you’re like “fuck this game.”

    [–] [Red Dead Redemption 2] Horse strafing GibsonWich 4 points ago in GamePhysics

    This was the fate of 90% of my horses in Skyrim.

    [–] I have a wolf inside me GibsonWich 3 points ago in iamverybadass

    I take back my explanation, I like this more. Voiced by Mr. Feeny himself!

    [–] I have a wolf inside me GibsonWich 31 points ago in iamverybadass

    It’s the traditional Japanese blade, the katana, combined with KITTENS

    [–] What was one of the most mysterious post found on Reddit? GibsonWich 23 points ago in AskReddit

    I read that last sentence as ‘Not too bad of an ending, Jesus.’ High fives Jesus.

    [–] How would you describe a typical incel GibsonWich 405 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    TL;DR: Jeffery Katzenberg (co-founder of Dreamworks) allegedly based the character Lord Farquaad on Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney at the time of release.

    The two were previously responsible for Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and the Little Mermaid. When Disney’s No. 2, Frank Wells, dies in a helicopter crash in 1994, everyone thought that Katzenburg would replace him. Instead, Michael Eisner fired him.

    Katzenburg sued Eisner and Disney. Eisner was quoted as saying “I hate the little midget” in reference to Katzenburg. The matter was settled out of court, but when Shrek came out the character Farquaad was short, selling famous fairy tale characters into slavery, running his kingdom like Disney, and even looked like Eisner.

    This shit goes so deep.