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    [–] I took my minions to see the Grand Canyon today. Ginger_Snaps_Back 2 points ago in Chihuahua

    Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in MOST national parks. At the Grand Canyon though they are allowed only on the Rim Trail, the one that does not go below the rim of the canyon.

    [–] Where can we park overnight in San Diego? Ginger_Snaps_Back 1 points ago in VanLife

    I stayed at the rest stop just north from Oceanside on I-5 several nights ago. It was busy, many vehicles parked for the night, including obvious dwellers. No one enforced the 8 hour parking rule that was posted, and I slept very well that night.

    [–] New sling for Primrose 🌷 Ginger_Snaps_Back 1 points ago in Chihuahua

    Great choice! I’ve tried a few different styles of carrying bags for my little boy chihuahua, and he absolutely prefers to be swaddled in a sling.

    [–] Any tutorials on how to convert minivans? Ginger_Snaps_Back 3 points ago in vandwellers

    I’m about to move into a ‘03 Grand Caravan, and I’m keeping it very simple: cot with storage underneath, no insulation, no indoor sink. I’ll make reflective panels for the windows, and hang some battery powered Christmas lights. Simple. I’ll be mostly boondocking, so my kitchen and facilities will be setup outdoors. This is my first van, learning as I go. If this works out I’ll get a cargo or conversion van next and do a ‘real’ buildout.

    [–] She’s not pretty, but her price tag sure was. ‘03 Grand Caravan for $850 Ginger_Snaps_Back 2 points ago in vandwellers

    It’s running well now, after some new spark plugs and miscellaneous things.

    The dent is from the previous owners; an elderly couple, the wife stopped driving after she ran it into a post at the gas station.

    [–] She’s not pretty, but her price tag sure was. ‘03 Grand Caravan for $850 Ginger_Snaps_Back 3 points ago in vandwellers

    I know someone with a ‘04 Caravan at 260k miles, they’ve had no issues with the transmission. The headliner is falling off, and the AC compressor just went out on his though, that does seem to be a common trend for Caravans.

    [–] She’s not pretty, but her price tag sure was. ‘03 Grand Caravan for $850 Ginger_Snaps_Back 69 points ago in vandwellers

    I’m doing maintenance and having a few things fixed, but overall this van runs and drives well. I was looking for a high top conversion, not a minivan, but sometimes life has a way of changing our plans. I’m feeling confident that this is a good first van for me, and I’m keeping it simple for now.

    [–] Best places to search for a van? Ginger_Snaps_Back 2 points ago in vandwellers

    I am also currently looking for a van. I watch Craigslist like a hawk, with a search radius of about 200 miles, though I'd be willing to go further for the right vehicle.

    I also search the Facebook MarketPlace (it's only available on the app for now), it's really become a popular place to post items. The search options are basic, but easy to navigate.

    eBay is an option. There's a wide selection, but the downside is that you're bidding on an item that you don't get to see in person before you make an offer, and it's likely to be very far from you in location. Ups and downs.

    I've checked my local newspaper online, and found a very poor selection in the 'for sale' ads. Your area newspaper may be more active though.

    Check out local dealerships! Do it in person, if you can. Often times they have many vehicles on the lot that they will not have listed on their website.

    Good luck!

    [–] [WP] It looked like a horse, but Black as Night and with a mouth like a Wolf. Ginger_Snaps_Back 2 points ago in WritingPrompts

    It looked like a horse, but was black as night, and had a mouth like a wolf.

    The creature dropped its large shaggy head down to mine, and gave me a sniff, its breath curling up as steam in the cold night air. I stood absolutely still. Could it smell fear? I wondered. Father had spoken often about how some beasts could smell strong emotions. I tried to calm my racing heart.

    It sniffed at me again, then lowered its head even further and gave me a forceful nudge to my chest. I nearly stumbled backwards, but instinctively reached out and grasped onto something to keep from falling. I found my hands with fistfuls of its short, coarse mane. Before I could let go, the creature quickly dropped into a crouch beside me.

    I froze. Surely it didn’t mean for me to mount it. There was no saddle, no reins, no way for me to guide or control the beast. Where would it take me?

    It let out an impatient huff, and rolled one grey eye up at me. I could see my reflection in that eye; I looked small, and pale. I held its gaze while I tried to make sense of my situation. The creature looked intelligent, and obviously wasn’t feral. Still, what was it, and who did it belong to?

    It had appeared in front of me suddenly as I was walking home. I had been looking down, trying to keep my footing through a slippery track of mud, and had nearly bumped right into it. I had never taken this path through the woods before; it was a shortcut that the woodsmen used frequently. I was supposed to stick to the main road, but it was getting late…

    A distant howl cut into my thoughts. More voices joined the first, and they melted into a harmony that was hauntingly beautiful. The beast beside me shifted uneasily, and let out a low growl.

    Up.” The word was spoken directly into my mind. “Now.”

    I gasped. Telepathy?! “I can’t, I-”

    The howls died down, and suddenly shrieks and screams filled the night air. They were coming from down the path ahead of me. The village.

    We go. NOW.”

    Somehow I was on the creature’s back, clinging desperately to its neck, trying to keep my seat as it pivoted and started a full out gallop back the way I had come from. Away from the screams. Away from my home, my family.

    “No!” I shouted. “Go back! Please!”

    Too late. Too late. We run.”

    I could still hear the screaming as we raced on, and I continued to plead with the beast to turn around. Tears filled my eyes and blurred my vision. Soon all was quiet, except for the pounding of its hooves on the earth. I buried my face into its neck and sobbed.

    I woke up when the beast slowed down. Everything was white, and still. When had it snowed? I didn’t know where we were, or where were going, but I knew that I had nothing left at home to go back to.

    [–] Class B in Arkansas- not mine, but it looks like a good deal. Ginger_Snaps_Back 2 points ago in vandwellers

    I’m on the hunt for a van, and keep coming back to this listing. It’s a ‘96 Chevy camper van with 128k miles and a solar setup, runs and drives great; owner is asking only $6k.

    I actually went to both my bank and a credit union to see about getting a loan for this, as it’s out of my current price range. No go. Looks like it’s not meant to be for me, but this could be someone’s future adventure-mobile/home.

    [–] Too good to be true? Ginger_Snaps_Back 1 points ago in vandwellers

    OP, did you contact the seller for more information?

    [–] How long, and how far, did you search for your first van? Ginger_Snaps_Back 1 points ago in vandwellers

    I didn’t mean for that to sound like a complaint. Yes, I’m only two weeks in, and I know it’s probably going to take a while.