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    [–] Nobody cares if you get banned when you can make unlimited reddit accounts. Oh yea, your moms a fat ugly bitch..... GirlsInaGif 1 points ago in ModSupport

    Yes, it does. And the VPN ip addresses don't change. And I think you are wrong about your router. The majority of internet providers seldom change IP addresses. You'd have to cancel an account and get a new account to get a new ip address on every major internet provider. And as a former mod at Imgur, I have witnessed first-hand how banning IP addresses have completely shut down VPN abuse and harassment from alt accounts. You're just repeating something you've heard the admins say to try to offer an excuse not to ban ip's.

    [–] Casual Russian roulette GirlsInaGif -62 points ago in IdiotsNearlyDying

    What do you mean fake? If it's a bullet, it still shoots.

    [–] We need to be able to mute people permanently. This is ridiculous. How many times do we have to do the same song and dance of muting people over and over, and reporting them to the admins over and over, until something is done-- then they switch to an alt account and do the whole thing again. GirlsInaGif 10 points ago in ModSupport

    Hey op, join the club

    [–] She's Knotty. GirlsInaGif 26 points ago in GirlsInaGif

    I forgot to hit the gif box when I uploaded. I got sound muted on reddit so I had no idea it had audio :(