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    [–] Otw 🙂 Glaucaa 22 points ago in flacko

    We can only pray to YAMS! Let Flacko drop Babushka already.

    [–] Woman dumps off her dogs and leaves Glaucaa 5 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    It's not staged. The women who dropped off the dogs turned herself in.

    [–] Travis and Tory Lanez almost get in a fight (2018) Glaucaa 5 points ago in travisscott

    This happened like 11 months ago. Why are you posting it?

    [–] New Flacko Snippet Glaucaa 3 points ago in flacko

    He's not an insider or anything special. He got it off of a discography collection from the Rocky discord. It's helpful to have on YouTube; yet aside from a few snippets. Most are rather old!

    [–] Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Nintendo Direct 2.13.2019 - Nintendo Switch Glaucaa 8 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    I wonder how the game will look with more development time. It looked like they needed to polish up some more things. I was stunned to see the release date pushed back. Yet, I want to hear more about the story! It's somewhat intriguing so far.

    [–] [Manga Spoilers] Attack on Titan Chapter 114 (discussion) Glaucaa 3 points ago in attackontitan

    Levi is either dead or critically injured. We all know that. Zeke absolutely survived by utilizing the technique Reiner used to survive being slammed by Thunder Spears. With all of his Titan research, we know Zeke stumbled upon the ability. Sorry Levi lovers, I'm a fan of Levi; but our guy is likely gone.

    [–] [Manga Spoilers] Attack on Titan Chapter 114 (discussion) Glaucaa 17 points ago in attackontitan

    Come on, we all know "Merciful man" is implying Zeke. He did the same shit that Reiner did to survive getting hit with Thunder Spears. We all know Zeke survived. Levi is either dead or out of commission.

    [–] [Manga Spoilers] Attack on Titan Chapter 114 (discussion) Glaucaa 8 points ago in attackontitan

    I pretty sure it's betting on Levi. Denial is a real thing. Remember, Reiner survived getting shot by Thunder Spears by transferring his neurological functions to the rest of his body. With Zeke's intelligence on Titan research, you know that's how he survived. Levi is definitely dead or critically injured.

    [–] [Manga Spoilers] Attack on Titan Chapter 114 (discussion) Glaucaa 7 points ago in attackontitan

    He probably did the same thing Reiner did when he got hit with a bunch of Thunder Spears. Zeke is fine. Levi is either critically injured or dead.

    [–] Must be the most beautiful river in the world. Glaucaa 4 points ago in OopsDidntMeanTo

    They could put they're hand in the river, grab some rocks, take out the lame ones, and still have their title stand. Also, it could imply they did it multiple times.

    [–] StoryTime about my Girlfriend. Glaucaa 10 points ago in travisscott

    Chief. We are here for you. Introduce her to some old good Travis. Make her love LA FLAME!