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    [–] It’s just basic anatomy... GlitterberrySoup 29 points ago in badwomensanatomy

    But does it watch Rick and Morty? That is the true test.

    [–] Lunch. Not pictured: water! GlitterberrySoup 3 points ago in EDFood

    I live on these things. I didn't realize they came in packs of 3 so I ordered a heinous amount of them (because who can actually go to a grocery store ugh). I probably ate nothing but these for 3 weeks? Didn't die so that's gotta be a ringing endorsement 😂

    [–] Asshole verbally abuses airport employee to tears GlitterberrySoup 6 points ago in fuckthesepeople

    Me too! I too have the "so angry I'm crying" response and I hate that it makes me look weak to bullies like this. I wish that I could say I'd yell in his face and tell him to fuck directly off but I know I'd react exactly how she did with all those people staring at her. God, that poor girl. I hope someone bought her a drink (or whatever her preferred poison, coffee, whatever).

    [–] When the gates are down, don't crawl under them GlitterberrySoup 26 points ago in TalesFromRetail

    I will never understand the logic of the door-jigglers. Like, you are pulling on a door that has the hours posted on it. It's past that time. Who exactly do you think you are that I'm going to open up this store, let you wander around, start all the systems back up, and process your transaction just because you want me to? Does the rest of your world revolve around you in this manner?

    Retail pharmacy was the worst for this... "I just called it in! I guess I'll die." It's been sitting on the shelf for a week. Please be more proactive in scheduling your death next month.

    [–] I like to drink warm water. GlitterberrySoup 1 points ago in unpopularopinion

    I keep all my bottled water in my laundry room. I have to remember to put some in the fridge if company is coming over because my whole family drinks it at room temperature.

    I also drink soda at room temperature. I have a cabinet that I keep it in. Do not bring me a glass with ice to pour it into. I want it like that.

    The beer is in the fridge. I do let it sit for a few minutes before I can drink it. Cold stuff is just weird.

    [–] Redefining mildly GlitterberrySoup 11 points ago in Dogfree

    This is mildly infuriating? What is actually infuriating? Would the dogs have to set his house on fire? FFS

    [–] Roommates Family Comes to Stay for A Whole Month Without Warning GlitterberrySoup 5 points ago in badroommates

    Oh wow. So the first fight I ever had with my ex husband was over the dishes. We would take turns doing them, but I'm the kind of person who can't sleep if there are dishes in the sink and he's... not. So he lets them pile up and pile up and finally there are no more. I casually asked him if he planned on washing them today and he was like, "I'll get to it."

    The next day he came home from work with a huge dollar store bag of paper plates and plasticware. Ok, I was gonna be the bigger person and not say anything even if it killed me. (I was 21 and in love. It was not my best decision.) So we blow through all of those. I mentioned we were running low on dishes and his response?

    "My mom is coming by to do those later."

    And she did.

    [–] Appeared on inner bicep, what is it? GlitterberrySoup 2 points ago in DiagnoseMe

    Did you have an itch there that you scratched? I get this exact pattern when I scratch too hard.

    [–] Pulled strings, got the "impossible" reso--now you want...what? GlitterberrySoup 8 points ago in TalesFromYourServer

    The person in the wheelchair? Don't they prefer to be "parked" at the same table as the rest of their party?

    [–] Hey! I'm Demi and you're watching Disney Channel GlitterberrySoup 4 points ago in funny

    That's a pretty harsh judgment considering you don't know me

    [–] What have you been smoking? GlitterberrySoup 2 points ago in facepalm

    She don't eat meat but she sure likes the bone?

    [–] Hey! I'm Demi and you're watching Disney Channel GlitterberrySoup 22 points ago in funny

    It's not that it's not ok to poke fun. It's the spirit and the timing, I guess, that struck me as really un-funny. To each their own.

    [–] Hey! I'm Demi and you're watching Disney Channel GlitterberrySoup 36 points ago in funny

    I can't really comment on that guy. I didn't know who he was until after he was dead. He didn't look like a model citizen.

    But the rest of what you said is absolute bullshit. Addiction is a disease. And sure, she's famous so more people might be aware of her circumstances but that doesn't make her any more or less deserving of sympathy than a "homeless junkie". Both deserve sympathy and support and it's people like you that make it so hard to reach out and get help.

    Have a wonderful night.

    [–] Just your regular Tuesday nonsense spewing GlitterberrySoup 2 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Lol right. Which is why I said agree to disagree and all that. I was genuinely curious for a minute since this was a new thread of crazy to pull on but I lost interest pretty quickly.

    [–] Hey! I'm Demi and you're watching Disney Channel GlitterberrySoup 92 points ago in funny

    Well, Demi Lovato just overdosed and nearly died a few weeks ago. So it's not in the best taste.

    [–] Just your regular Tuesday nonsense spewing GlitterberrySoup 7 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    So like, you didn't even read that part? Cool cool. Agree to disagree and have fun with your essential oils or whatever. I'm going to put my trust into science and research.

    [–] Just your regular Tuesday nonsense spewing GlitterberrySoup 7 points ago in insanepeoplefacebook

    Bayer, based in the western German city of Leverkusen, said Cutter continued selling the older version because some customers doubted the new one's effectiveness, and because some countries were slow to approve its sale. It said there were initially concerns that heat-treating might make the drug less safe or less effective.

    "Bayer has always behaved responsibly, ethically, and humanely to provide lifesaving products for the global hemophilia community," the statement said.

    "Decisions made nearly two decades ago were based on the best scientific information of the time and were consistent with the regulations in place. They cannot be judged on the information available today."

    Ok I read your 15 year old article.

    [–] Facebook page fakes tragedies for likes. GlitterberrySoup 8 points ago in fuckthesepeople

    Ok I have to say that I don't get this at all. Do these people make money off the likes they accumulate? Or is it like a Reddit karma thing? Like what is the endgame?