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    [–] It’s okay buddy she didn’t deserve you Goal1 2 points ago in pics

    Because I saw it happen. It’s my friends friend that got rejected. He presented the flowers to her and she flipped out on him. She was mad because he didn’t reply to her texts because he was out with all of us last night. So when he actually saw her later after drinks early this morning she brought all of that up and she ripped up the bouquet. (This is a piece of the bouquet she initially put in the trash).

    Oh yeah she kept the chocolate box he gave her. She opened it up and shared it with her two friends that were there to meet up with us

    [–] Realistically, I probably can't wear this out[f]it to the gym. Goal1 1 points ago in gonewild

    What’s the best kind of jelly for a peanut butter jelly sandwich ? About to make one for lunch. Suggestions?

    [–] Hands behind my head like a good girl daddy 😘22 [f] Goal1 1 points ago in gonewild

    They aren’t really flat my dude. The way she has her arms pulled back really pulls back on the chest. Making them look smaller and stuff

    [–] [F]eeling a bit down after being ghosted. Make me feel better? Goal1 1 points ago in gonewild

    I feel that a group of squid should be called a squad. Thoughts?

    [–] My sexy ass! (F18) Goal1 9 points ago in gonewild

    Nice ass and all but I got a question? How come eggs get hard when you boil them but pasta gets soft?

    [–] Just a little bored at work Goal1 1 points ago in gonewild

    Awesome bra! Love the pattern. Where did you get it?

    [–] Soekris 1541 and ZMF Eikon Goal1 3 points ago in headphones

    It’s hella good. Suberb clarity and tightness. Imaging is above average. The dac is the shining star in the Soekris. You get a good soundstage that literally makes you cry tears of joy when paired with a good open headphone with good soundstage. ( think hd 800 ). The integrated is amp is also good. It fits somewhere around $400-$600 if id guess. Think chord mojo level or some of the middle end Schiit amps. It’s a good dac / amp and will be a steady contender for a long time. If you are getting this amp/dac just for the dac then you should look elsewhere. The value is lost if you are gonna use a dedicated amp. Look at the Soekris1321 if you want a DAC only unit

    [–] Saving enough to invest and live off of it? Goal1 1 points ago in investing

    $5 million including maxing out ROTH each year. The stock market has averaged 7% since inception a year. Maybe it is better to be pessimistic.