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    [–] WTF, the bots are getting suuuuuper edgy... GoatSorry 18 points ago in SubSimulatorGPT2Meta

    I mean those jokes are suprisingly not that racist, given the usual awful shit those bots can say. A black man who works with dogs is technically a black man with a job

    [–] Doc has no clue who Hasan is GoatSorry 3 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Background is different than how you're getting known. He did start on the platform by gaming, even if he was averaging 50 viewers for months

    [–] “No one saying Larry’s name is the same as ignoring black person’s murder” GoatSorry 7 points ago in daverubin

    Wow, this is bad, even by Dave's standards. Holy shit.

    We have everything here: the racism, the downplaying of police brutality, the conspiracy theories that contradict themselves ("they don't want you to google his name"... even though "there are only hit pieces if you google his name"), the repetitive cultural references ("David beat Goliath and my name is David" for the 3504th time). Dave is starting to make even less sense than Alex Jones.

    Definitely going in the clips hall of fame.

    [–] Morning Anjunafam, I thought I'd just remind you that this beauty exists... GoatSorry 2 points ago in AboveandBeyond

    I'm a huge fan of everything Jody does, including this track, but I find the Shur-i-kan remix even better. One of my favorite anjunadeep tracks of all time

    [–] Insane Misleading Photo Used to Smear Larry Elder as Media Gets Desperate | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report GoatSorry 2 points ago in daverubin

    Yes it is. OP is just the Dave Rubin youtube bot, posting all the youtube clips from the show so we can keep track of Dave lunacy. All the clips are usually downvoted to oblivion

    [–] Rule GoatSorry 122 points ago in 196

    Average both sides enjoyer

    [–] Favorite Genix Classic GoatSorry 1 points ago in AboveandBeyond

    Moments, Aura & Run

    [–] Maor Levi - Constellations GoatSorry 3 points ago in AboveandBeyond

    Decent but not a huge fan. Kinda expecting more from Maor

    [–] Ivermectin kicking in GoatSorry 1 points ago in JoeRogan

    What's your proudest then

    [–] anthony fantano is invited to the cookout GoatSorry 153 points ago in Kanye

    Yeah that's ridiculous, Peppa's Adventures: The Album is way better than CLB

    [–] Hachu encounters GachiHYPER IRL GoatSorry 6 points ago in LivestreamFail

    That's in front of the Gare Montparnasse, pretty safe area but like every train station there might be some weirdos

    [–] Hachu visits Hasan's new house GoatSorry 72 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Yes, I'm Parisian and can confirm. We can actually be paid €600/month by the Ville de Paris city council if we agree to participate in this program. Of course we have to meet the targets to get paid - at least spit on 3 tourists and insult 10 tourists each month. There's also a leaderboard, the top 100 spitters get a bonus at the end of the year